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Even Better Now!

April 16th 2011 11:34 pm
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Mom just got home from being away at work for ten hours and found me even better some more! So it looks like I won't need to see the vet again about this and I will make a full recovery. Thank you to all of my friends for caring about me and supporting my Mom through this very frightening ordeal.


Had my walk ...

April 16th 2011 1:09 pm
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... and am doing better. Mom talked to our vet clinic and I don't have to go in today. We will let them know on Monday if I continued to improve or not. But I am much better than I was last night. So I guess it just is taking longer for the poison to get out of my body than expected. We still have our fingers and paws crossed that I will be okay. Thank you everyone for rooting for me!


A bit better this morning!

April 16th 2011 8:59 am
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I am a bit more solid this morning. I did the stairs better when coming in for breakfast. Now Mom is trying to decide if I am good enough to skip the vet visit today. She will call and see what they have to say. If it stops raining and snowing she will take me out for an off leash walk and observe my condition as compared to yesterday. Our vet is booked solid today so we are all hoping that I don't have to go in. We all expected I would get better quicker, but at least I am getting better slowly! Mom has to work tonight so she is glad I can get around better now.


We were hoping I would be 100% today ...

April 15th 2011 5:20 pm
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... but I'm not. I'm just a tiny bit better than yesterday evening. Mom had a chat with the vet and he said that as long as I am not getting worse, we will give it one more day. So I will take it easy for another day. I can go up and down the few steps that lead to our front door without too much trouble now. So we are still hoping for a full recovery and that it was a tick that caused this. Thank you all my friends. You have given Mom and I a lot of support. Hopefully we will have good news tomorrow.


I am home and the whole neighbourhood knows it!

April 14th 2011 6:23 pm
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It is looking like I suffered from tick paralysis. We aren't 100% sure, but 95% sure. If that is the case, I should be back to normal within a day. Weird isn't it? Mom brought me home and used the neighbour's driveway (again) to unload me. Then she played with me a bit in the yard. I am still wobbly and very thirsty. Then, I made a big, loud fuss in the back yard so she decided to let me try the stairs to get into the house. I fell a few times but made it. All the neighbours thought she was killing me because I made such loud noises. I was just so happy to be home and giving Mom shit for leaving me at the vet all at the same time. That amounts to super loud German Shepherd noises. Once in my living room, I ate a hearty meal and am now snoozing on my mat. Mom won't let Kitcat cuddle with me because the medicine they put on me to kill the tick is poison and it would not be not good for her to rub against me for a few days. Mom is glad to see that Kitcat has no interest in cuddling with me while I smell like chemicals.
When I was going through this, Mom was way too upset to take video. Now that she knows what it probably was, she wishes she had so that she could post a video about what it looks like when your dog is suffering from tick paralysis. Mom describes it as if I was walking like a drunken sailor. When she was searching the internet last night, for what might be wrong with me, she could not find anything that would have helped her figure it out. She would love to have found a video or information to help diagnose this possibility. She wishes she could have produced one so others could see what this problem can look like. My vet said most calls that he gets about tick paralysis are from people who are positive that their dog suffered a stroke or their dog was poisoned. That is exactly what Mom thought at first.
But, maybe we are counting our chickens before they are hatched? We will let you know tomorrow if I am back to normal. If not, I will have to go to the vet again. I don't like going there but he sure is a nice vet. Dr. Ken Gummeson. He totally gets me.


I sure scared Mom ...

April 14th 2011 2:31 pm
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I'm at the vet clinic right now and under observation. Mom is supposed to pick me up in a few hours. I didn't just scare Mom, I was scared too. I will let her tell the story:

I got home from work around 7:30pm. Lobo & I had had our normal morning hike around 8am but after that, I was at work all day. I heard him whining, as usual, as I parked our truck. I then ran into the house to quickly feed and pet the cats. Then I turned on the hockey game and waited a bit, so the cats had a chance to eat their treats before letting Lobo in the house. He came in stumbling like a drunken sailor. He didn't pick up his head and look me in the eye, like normal, and staggered all over the place before falling on his mat. His face was covered with mud. I thought maybe he had dug a big hole and was feeling guilty? Thus explaining him not looking me in the eye and the mud on his nose? The staggering, maybe because he had just got up and his limbs were asleep still? But, another terrible thought crossed my mind. Maybe someone poisoned him? So I went out into the yard to search for clues. He followed clumsily behind. I found nothing. He was able to follow me back up the stairs, with some difficulty. He wasn't interested in his supper until I sprinkled grated cheddar cheese on it. Then he wolfed it down while having a very hard time standing. Moments later, my neighbour knocked on my door. I answered with, "What happened to my dog?" She said, "I don't know, I was going to ask you what was wrong with him?" She had noticed him falling all over the yard and called me at work. I was already on my way home when she called. We were both puzzled and I thanked her for keeping an eye on him and having made the call. We both decided it would be good to keep him inside and keep and eye on him. She said he already looked a bit better than when she had seen him. But he was just laying down at the moment so hard for her to tell.
He seemed comfortable while laying on his bed so I did some thinking. Stroke? Brain tumour? Bad fall down the stairs and concussion? Broken neck? Tick paralysis? Of course, I researched all of this on line but could not come up with an obvious answer. I spent the night beside him and he slept quite solidly. The next morning, he tried to get up and fell like a ton of bricks. Getting him down the 4 steps to go out my front door was horrible. He fell and hurt himself 3 times. He managed a pee between stumbles. I took him carefully into the back yard and watched the poor guy try and move around while whining the whole way. It was still 2 hours before the vet clinic would open. He drank water and ate breakfast like a champ. I tried to get him into the back of the truck, with the ramp, with no success. Impossible. I sat out in the back yard with him in almost freezing temps. I got his favourite frisbee and let him have free reign with it (it is normally a guarded prize). I praised him and told him what a good boy he is. The whole time I was thinking that I was going to lose him today. But, for the moment, he was comfortably laying in the grass with his favourite toy. The vet clinic opened and I called. I made an appointment for him ASAP. The lady on the phone asked if I had checked him for ticks. I said I had but it was an impossible task given his thick fur. But I grabbed onto that glimmer of hope that it was a tick causing all of this. I moved my truck to a place on the street where I could position his new ramp so that the incline was almost zero. I managed to get him in the truck using his frisbee as a lure. Then I took him for a drive, like we always do. Despite the cold, I opened the sliding back window so I could talk to him while I drove. I found a place where he could get out without having a steep ramp to negotiate and let him just do what he wanted to do, off leash, while I secretly said goodbye, just in case. He fell on his face several times but did take the time to roll around in the grass and seemed to enjoy the sensation. I knew then that if whatever was going on with him was not reversible, he was not going to be coming back home with me. He weighs 125 pounds and I cannot carry him. There would be no future for him in that condition. So, off to the vet clinic we went. The vet helped me unload him and examined him. Right off the bat the vet suspected a tick. That sure gave me more hope and stifled my tears. He said strokes like I feared were rare in dogs. The brain tumour, a remote possibility. Trauma, from a fall, he ruled out with his exam. He is almost positive it is tick paralysis. He and 2 vet techs searched Lobo from nose to tail to try and find the offending tick but could not. But, he said, that doesn't mean it isn't there and/or it could have dropped off him. So, they gave him a shot of medicine that will kill any tick that might still be on him. They are keeping him for observation just in case the paralysis gets to his lungs before the medicine does its job. I am very cautiously optimistic that Lobo will be okay. I know one day I will have to face losing him but hopefully this won't be today.
While I was waiting, two people had their beautiful 19 year old Siamese kitty put to sleep. They stayed with her for the procedure and left with tears in their eyes. My heart goes out to them. It was the same room that I had Tasha put to sleep in almost 2 years ago now. I thought I was going to have to do the same with Lobo today. Bless those people and their kitty.
It has not been a fun 19 hours but it looks like my Lobo will be okay.

Good story Mom, now come and get me!!!


I Know, I'm a Pushover

April 10th 2011 10:28 am
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Mom and the kitties posted a cartoon and a video today. The video involves me being bullied by Kitcat. She just won't leave me alone at times. She thinks she owns me. Anyhow, here is the video:
Kitty in the Ear
She is a little pest, but I kinda like her.
This is the cartoon posted in our cartoon group:
Door To Door Salesmen Cartoon
The cartoon was based on a true story. Mom took Squirrel for her leash walk last Saturday. There were 2 door to door sales people coming towards them and they laughed and commented on Mom walking "a cat" on a leash and how cute it was. They were still about 50 feet away. Mom said, "Careful, don't spook her, she is feral." Much to Mom's surprise, they respectfully stopped in their tracks and left a pamphlet on our driveway so as not to "spook" the feral Squirrel! That was very nice of them to respect her that way. And Mom was thankful to have avoided a big long sales pitch! So it was sort of a true story!


Getting Older!

March 30th 2011 5:00 pm
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I'm having a bit of a hard time making the leap into the back of my truck. Mom built me a step a few weeks ago and it helped. But, I still found it tough to even use that. So, Mom got busy and fabricated a ramp for me. After a few tests, it is doing the trick. A video and photos are in the works.
So I'm good to go for a while longer.
Kitcat, my kitten friend, has tried to scrap with me! She boxed my muzzle and bit at my front legs! Mom jumped right up and snatched the brat away and told me, "Good Boy! Thank you for not hurting that little brat." I'm good with that. I like that spunky little girl.
The best news of all is that there is a squirrel hanging around our yard. That gives me something to do. Mom knows that so she is trying to encourage this furry little critter to hang around.
Life is good.
Here is the Youtube video of my new ramp:
My New Ramp


It was a very Happy Birthday for me!

January 4th 2011 9:00 pm
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I turned 10 today and many of my friends helped me celebrate. I feel very fortunate for the love you have all shown me. Mom also emailed the lady she got me from almost ten years ago. She sent the photo that my friend Flicka's Mum made for me and my recent winter video to this lady, Kay. Kay emailed right back to thank Mom for keeping her posted on me and my life and said that I am a very handsome dog and that she is happy that I came to live with my Mom. So am I.
Right now, it is late in the evening and I am digesting my supper while laying on my mat. Kitcat is rubbing up against me and being cute. Squirrel is sleeping and Mom is updating my diary. LIfe is good.


I am 10 today!

January 4th 2011 11:52 am
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It is snowing but warm as I turned 10 today. Mom took me for a walk in the light snow and promises to buy me a treat later today.
Being 10 doesn't seem much different than being 9. I feel the same.

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