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I was a good dog today!

July 30th 2008 9:46 pm
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I am proud of my doggies. Especially Lobo. Here is why:
Tasha got lost today. Her and Lobo were working over a stump trying to get at a ground squirrel. I just kept walking for about 5 minutes. After that I stopped and waited. Eventually, Lobo came running, but no Tasha. That is normal as she usually takes her time. Lobo and I waited. The stump was about 1/4 kilometer away. After waiting a long time I figured we would just go and get her or run into her as she tries to find us. On my way there, at one point, Lobo started trying to pull me in a different direction. I wondered what he was up to but figured I would go find Tasha before I let him loose to chase more squirrels. So I went all the way back to the stump. Well, she wasn't there. And I was sure we should have met up with her on the way. So, I thought I would ask Lobo to find her. He was just like those tracking dogs on TV. Head down, pulling me, sniffing what looked like was each of her paw steps. (So he was right the first time he tried to pull me in a certain direction.) Anyhow, through his nose, I got to see all the little detours she took and why I hadn't seen her go by. At one point he kind of lost her trail but I kind of knew she was making her way back to the truck. So I helped him find the track again. As we got near the truck, through her round about way, I didn't see her. So I thought he was wrong after all. Well, she was in the back of the truck (out of sight a bit) waiting for us. So Lobo really did understand what I wanted and for sure tracked her like a real tracking dog. And Tasha was smart to return to the truck after losing us. It was fun. I never got worried or angry because I had a lot of time before I had to be at work and the weather was perfect for being out in the woods.


Lobo - RIP


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