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Long Drive

September 21st 2007 9:56 am
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We've been back for a while, but only now is Mom adding this to my diary. We had to make an unexpected trip back to Mom's home town as her Mom passed away. As usual, she took me with her. I thought we were going for our yearly visit. When we got there, I was surprised to not see Grandma sitting in her usual spot and giving me crackers. I looked all over for her and could not find her. I later figured out that she was gone forever, like Peaches.
I stayed real quiet and behaved very well. Mom still took me for daily walks where she thanked me for distracting her from what was going on. The rest of the time, her and my aunts and uncles were sorting through papers and stuff and talking. It was very boring for me, but I didn't complain. The last few days, I had a bit of cabin fever, but soon we were back on the road. Mom stopped to walk me regularly but she sure didn't sleep much on that super long drive back home. I was glad to get back but then, no Tasha!!!! Tasha wasn't in the yard or our house! I found the cats, but no Tasha! I was afraid maybe Tasha was now gone forever like Grandma and Peaches. But, Mom ran over to the neighbor's house and came back with Tasha. Now I can relax. Mom acted funny for quite a long time after that. You know, not her usual self. But things are better now.


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