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The Camping Trip

August 14th 2007 11:30 am
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August 8, 2007
All of us know something is going on. A pile of stuff has been gathering in our livingroom. It smells like nylon, wood smoke and food. Mom filled up the cat food bowls extra full and our water dishes, inside and out, extra high. She took the whole pile of stuff from the livingroom and started to throw it in OUR truck. When she put MY food bowl in there, I knew I was in for an adventure including a lot of driving. She gave kisses to Lucky and Squirrel and Tasha and I could tell she was a bit sad. She said goodbye, then, “Tasha stay, Lobo come!” and we were off.
Mom stopped at all of the usual places we stop at when we go East. She tried to sleep in the front of the truck and later, in the back with me. She didn’t have much luck. It rained most of the time.

August 9, 2007
As soon as it was light, Mom kept driving. We saw these gigantic animals with wood on their heads. I barked real good at them. There is a picture of one of them on my page. After a lot of driving we found my Uncle! I love him and was really happy to see him. He plays with me and teases me a lot. A little while later, my Aunty drove up! Wow, I know now we are going camping together where we went last year. Moments later, we all started the long, bumpy drive up to our new home for a few days. Stuff was unloaded, tarps were put up, tents were set up and then it rained, and rained and rained. When it got dark, Mom put me in our truck and went into Uncle’s van with her sister and they visited. All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of light and a big BOOM! Mom came out and got me and we both went into our tent. Then there was a flash of light and BOOM at the same time and Mom got real scared and so did I. When she got in her sleeping bag I tried to jump on top of her and she said NO LOBO! Instead, I stayed real close to her and she put her hand on my back until I fell asleep. It rained all night but the booms moved farther away.

August 10, 2007
It rained all day and we just visited under the tarps and in Uncle’s van (he let me in with the understanding that I would not jump on his bed). Mom took me for several walks during the day just for something to do.

August 11, 2007
The rain stopped over night and we woke up to a freezing, but sunny morning! We all had breakfast in the sun! Some deer came by and I chased them away. Mom said NO, but I did a chase them little bit anyway. We went for a hike and I carried a pack. It was really hot and every chance I got, I sat in the shade. In my pack was water, my water dish, and some paper that humans use to wipe their bums.
Then Mom, me and Uncle went to find dead trees for firewood. We had a camp fire. I got bored and went to sleep in the tent.

August 12, 2007
Another icy, but sunny morning. We all had breakfast in the sun and when I was dozing, some birds tried to steal my food! Mom called them “whisky jacks”. Aunty and Uncle called them “camp robbers”! So, I had to go and guard my food bowl. Mom will make a Youtube video out of that when she gets a chance. We went for two hikes. One was to a spring to get water. I got to chase squirrels on that walk. We had another camp fire.

August 13, 2007
It was cloudy and Mom started putting things away and taking down her tent and tarp. Uncle snuck away from camp and when he came back I barked at him really good, like he was a bear. Aunt and Mom got scared for a moment. They all talked for a bit and then we started the long drive. I was sad because I will miss them. So will Mom. When we finally got home, I was very excited. I had a lot to tell Tasha and she had a lot to tell me. Mom had us in the house for a late night snack and visit and I fell into a deep sleep.


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