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The Adventures of Bitey Dog!

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Trip to the Pet Store

June 30th 2007 11:27 pm
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Today was the day that Geordie discovered that the pet store has toys. One of the things on my list was a new loofa dog for him. The display for them was at the check out. I picked out a blue one that I liked, and a cream one that looked like the one he had before. I held them both up for him and asked which he wanted. He took one look at the cream one and started that "oooooh" cry they have when they see a friend. Ok, we'll get the cream one. The woman in line behind us just laughed and laughed.
At the checkout, Geordie stood up on his back legs, trying to be as tall as he could to see what was going on. After ringing up the toy, the cashier handed it to Geordie. He was SO happy that he trotted out of the store with his head high and his new toy weiner dog (that's bigger than he is) in his mouth. He got a lot of "Awww"s today.


Trip to the Pet Store

June 30th 2007 11:46 pm
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Today started with the hot water heater breaking. I decided to take Geordie with me to the store to keep him out of the way in case the plumber came.
First, though, was a trip to the bank. At the drive through, the teller sent FOUR biscuits to Geordie through the tube. She thought he looked cute with the wind blowing in his fur. (I had the vent fan on.)
Our first pet store stop took us to PetSmart where we got a new Bobo. He was such a happy little cutie. He was adorable carrying his new, super-sized toy to the car. (See other diary entry)
After that, we went to PetCo. where he met a spotted weiner dog. The man with him said that the dog was a silver dappled dachshund (sp?). I'd never seen one before. He and Geordie hit it off right away. The Folks were surprised that they got along so well since they are both guys, but the pups didn't seem to care. They both did that polished-floor-backpedaling that pups to so well at stores.
This was also where he really noticed that pet stores have toys. I squeaked a few, just checking them out, and he went nuts sticking his nose into those wire bins to get at things. He'd look up at stuff with his "You're going to give me that, aren't you?" look. I realized that the only time he sees a toy, it is when we are giving it to him. In his mind, every toy he sees is his. I'm not quite sure how he processed the experience.
Next we stopped at the Pet Warehouse. Geordie has only been there twice, but he recognized the place as soon as I pulled into the lot. He had a great time walking by all of the bins of raw hide and sniffing them. I know he loves raw hide, but he gets so sick when he gets any. As much as I'd love to indulge him, I know it makes him stinky and sick.
He wanted to go over to the aquarium section, so we did. I lifted him up to see the fish in the tubs, but G seemed more interested in the "bath tubs" than he was in the fish. I had tried showing him birds at PetSmart, but he just wanted to gaze at all the displays. (I'm surprised because of his feelings toward birds in general.) At PetCo, there were cats in cages at one end of the store. The cats glared at him with venom in their eyes, but Geordie was blisfully unaware that the cats were even there. He doesn't seem to notice cats much anyway.
The toys there were reasonably priced, so I chose a couple and set them on the floor. I asked Geordie which one he wanted. I didn't even get the sentence out when he had lunged for the toy seal. OK, we'll get the seal. When I told Mrs. B. what I had done, she said that she never thought to let Geordie pick out his own stuff. I like to let him so that I can see how his mind works. He has lots of opinions, and he's not shy about sharing.
So, four biscuits, two new toys, a ride in the car and a walk around the neighborhood. Not a bad day for a little puppy. If this is a dog's life, it ain't too bad.


Happy Surprise on the 4th of July

July 4th 2007 9:53 pm
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So many people tell you of how terrified their dogs of fireworks and loud noises. I wasn't sure what to expect from Geordie when a fireworks holiday finally came along.

I was so surprised that not only wasn't Geordie afraid, but he LIKES fireworks! If seemed that every family in the neighborhood bought some this year, and Geordie dragged me outside to go look at them. He ran from one corner of the yard to the other so he could look at what all the neighbors were doing. By the time we came in, he was an exhausted but very happy pup.


Poopy Dog Conspiracy?

July 5th 2007 10:01 pm
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I took Geordie to Obedience Class today (we're working toward him getting his CGC). Anyway, when we got there, the bull terrier in the class had messed on one side of the room. So, I took Geordie to the other side for warm-ups. Then he poo'd too! Geordie has never poo'd indoors before. While I was cleaning that up, a huskie came in and messed too. I was wondering, do dogs synchronize these things? Is it like humans who can feel sick from the smell of someone else being sick?


Good Neighbors?

July 6th 2007 11:21 pm
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Yesterday at Obedience School, Geordie was introduced to wheelchairs and walkers so that he would be better prepared to meet folks in hospitals and the like. While he was fine with the wheelchair, he was afraid of the walker.

Today, there was a lady walking down the street, using a walker. I called Geordie over the the front door and pointed it out to him, saying there was nothing to be afraid of. We waved and went about our day. A couple of minutes later, a very worried nurse went running down the street. Here, the lady with the walker was a patient with Alzheimers from the nursing home down the street. I felt bad, like we should have realized and done something to help instead of just waving.


The Blackout

July 12th 2007 10:01 pm
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Geordie had his first blackout recently. We lost our electricity for a few hours. He was so excited, you would have thought I took him to Doggie Disneyland. He loves to chase reflections and shadows to begin with, and with everyone having to use flashlights, he was in heaven.

Since there wasn't anything else to do, we went out in the yard and watched fireflies. When bedtime came, he didn't want to come in, and he complained when he had to go to his kennel. Between this and the recent holiday, Geordie is going to think he is supposed to be out all night in the summer.


Get A Toy

July 13th 2007 10:03 pm
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Today I was on the floor playing with Geordie. He climbed up on my lap and started chewing on my fingers. I told him, "No bite! Bring me a toy." He got off my lap and poked me with his nose, giving me a look that clearly said, "I have a toy - YOU!"



July 14th 2007 11:38 pm
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Geordie has been in the mood to talk lately. In addition to "Oh man!" "Run around" and the ubiquitous "Rrr-ooo" he now says "R'uh R'oh" like Scooby Doo!


Let Sleeping Moms Lie

July 18th 2007 11:24 pm
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I fell asleep watching TV and awakened to see a concerned little face peeking over the edge of the chair. Geordie was tapping my arm gently with his paw to wake me up. I smiled at him to show him that everything was OK and sat up. When I did, I found a big mound of toys around my feet. He must have been bringing them to me for quite some time and wondered why I wasn't answering him. No rest for the tired in this house.


Bad Dog in School

July 20th 2007 12:26 am
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Mommy is making me write this today. I was a very bad boy in class. I rushed a bull terrier and almost got hurt. She is very disappointed in me and said I can't take my CGC test next month. In fact, since I am consistently the worst dog in each class I take, she really doesn't want to take me back to school for any more courses. She says she loves me, but I make her very tired.

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