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Stormy's Musings

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Off To College

March 16th 2011 1:14 pm
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My last therapy visit was called Pet A Pup To Destress. I attended OIT College in Klamath Falls Oregon. The program allowes the students to come and relax with us therapy dogs. The college doesn't allow dogs on campus so the students that live there are without their fur babies. That's where we come in. My therapy group Angels In Whiskers are invited every semester during final week. The students come and relax between studying and taking finales. It's such a wonderful program.

We get so much love from these kids. They are missing their own babies and just enjoy hugging, petting and rolling on the floor with us. I don't mind all the attention and the massages. Humans pay for such things.

Mom enjoys talking with the students about their pets at home. It helps them to tell stories about their babies. They light up while talking about them.

The students thank us for coming and sharing our time with them. We sure enjoy it as much as they do. What a wonderful way to spend a day.


The New Kid In Town

June 25th 2010 10:45 am
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Mom finally found us a new sister. We got her yesterday. Her name is Kaylee. She is a Mini Aussie. We are all excited about having her in the family. She won't be much larger than I am. I hope we will be the best of friends. So far she has been here one night. She slept all night long and didn't get up until 8 this morning. Mom was happy about that. We like to sleep in late. Our Dad works nights. Kaylee has her own page also. Please go over and take a look at her. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy


My Sister Rosie Went Over The Bridge

March 1st 2010 11:27 pm
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Things haven't been the same around here since Saturday. My sister Rosie was very sick and had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Mom and Dad took her to the vet and they had to make the best decision for her. We are all so sad. Summer Breeze, who is Rosie's daughter, walks around the house crying, looking for her mom. Such a sad sight to see. She doesn't know what's going on. She keeps looking at the doors to see if she's going to come inside. We all have been quite. It happened last May with my brother Nicholas. But he was young. Rosie lived a long life . She would of been 12 in June. Rosie had several litters of pups. Breezy is one of those babies. She loved her babies. She had lost four. So now she is running up there at the bridge with her babies she didn't get to know. She will be so happy to be able to mother them after all this time. Rest in peace my sister. I will always love you. Our hearts are breaking. Your loving sister Stormy


You Can Tell Fall Is Here.

November 12th 2009 3:59 pm
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This time of year is so different. One day it can be very warm and the next, very cold. I my self love the cold weather and can't wait for change. This past weekend was such beautiful weather. My brother who is a photographer decided to have mom, me and Apollo meet him at the park. We were so happy to go. The leaves had all change and the park was full of color. I enjoyed a long photo shoot. I was happy to be out in the warm sunshine. The sunshine didn't last long. We have had dark weather ever since. I refer to it as dark not stormy. My name reminds people of dark days. Any ways, yesterday mom walked outside and told dad she could smell snow. By evening it started. Big , white, fluffy flakes started floating slowly to the earth. The outside gets very quite at this time. The snow kept coming down all evening. The ground was to warm for it to stick. So this morning when I got up and looked out there was still huge flakes floating to the ground. I will be excited when the ground is cold enough for a nice soft blanket of snow. I know when this happens it will be around for a while and won't melt until another change of seasons. So I will wait until then. I hope where you live the seasons are changing and the trees are getting all ready for a long winters nap. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy


Beautiful Fall Day

October 12th 2009 4:38 pm
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Today was such a nice day. It's cool out and cloudy. I like cloudy. My name is Stormy. The air outside is fresh and crisp. The wind is blowing just right. Not to hard for our area. I got all dressed up for a therapy visit and was happy to be able to where clothes again. I love to be dressed. The drive to the visit was by one of our big lakes. From the road you could see that the trees are all in beautiful colors. The reds, golds, yellow and orange mingled amongst the green pines. The lake was a dark stormy blue. This is my favorite time of year. Mom enjoyed seeing every thing changed. The yards and the houses are all decorated for Halloween. Everywhere you looked it was like Halloween Town. It won't be long until the streets are filled with Ghost, Goblins, Witches and Devils. I will be dressed and ready to hand out candy to them all. What a wonderful time of year. Stormy


I'm Featured On A Website

October 8th 2009 11:00 am
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This week I am the featured dog of the week on the website called K9 Kourier. I'm so excited and honored. Mom wrote to them about me and told them what a blessing I am to her. Since I'm a Service/Therapy Dog they featured me right away. They even used all the pictures mom sent them. We thought they would use just one, but they chose everyone. I hope others will go turn in their stories. Let me know if you do. I'll be waiting to see you featured someday. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy


The Guest From _ _ _ _!

September 7th 2009 12:05 am
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Today we had a BBQ with extended family. It started out as a nice day. I was groomed and got to choose what out fit I wanted to wear. The weather had changed so it was cooler. With cooler weather I get to wear my clothes. My human brother decided to invite a girl he had met last week. I was OK with that. It sometimes takes me a while to get use to new people in our house. Mom had a little talk about how I was to behave today. After all I'm a Service/Therapy Dog. The first person arrived and it was the new person. Now I usually greet them and mom tells me to say hi. That's the command that it's alright to go up to them. I did bark at the knock on the door. I am suppose to do that. The rest of my fur family was out back with my brother watching the chicken getting cooked. So I stopped barking and approached this new person. She looked at me and said " I don't like you." Now really, I hadn't even gotten close to her. My mom was about ready to come unglued. She told my mom that she doesn't like little dogs. Mom informed her that there was three more little dogs in the back yard and two big ones. I thought HOW RUDE!!!!!!! This girl had never met me or even tried to say hi to me. I really was unhappy because mom was upset. This RUDE person went out back and then she found out the the smallest dog of the group is really my brothers dog. She was kissing up to my niece Summer Breeze and carrying her around. Mom heard her tell my brother that she didn't like that dog in the house at all. My brother informed her that I was the most intelligent around here. That I was a service dog. The rest of the company arrived and I was nice to them. I didn't even bark at them. I had done that at the last BBQ and found out that they really like me. They heard what that person said and they weren't happy either. I got so much attention after that. They kept telling me that I was so pretty and beautiful. That I was such a smart girl. After they paid attention to me that Rude Person tried to talk to me. By that time I knew her feelings about me and I didn't want a thing to do with her. I must say she wasn't much nicer to my brother Ozzy. She liked Apollo until her slimmed her. I was so proud of him. I don't think this person will be around here again. Mom told my brother what she thought and so did our extended family. They weren't happy either. I don't understand how people can claim they like dogs and then act that way. At least I know I put my best paw out there. I hope everyone has had a great Labor Day Weekend. Tomorrow should be a better day for me. Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy


The Intruders

July 10th 2009 12:20 am
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Our lives haven't been the same since my Daddy had to leave for six months. It's hard enough to be without him but we had a big problem the other night. I should start off with the 4th of July. The 4th was so much fun. Dad was home for 4 days. We got to see him and he got to see my new brother Morgan. We had a great weekend. Dad had to go back on Sunday so he left in that afternoon. We are always sad to see him go.

Monday morning my brother opened mom's bedroom door and Apollo tried to get him. He quickly closed the door and asked mom if she was alright. Mom said she was alright why. She thought she had yelled out in her sleep. He told her to wait and he would come back and explain. Well, when he came back he opened the door and told mom that we had been robbed. She quickly jumped out of bed and started out the door. My brother had started to go to work when he noticed his car doors opened. He then noticed the side door to the garage was opened. He looked inside the garage and mom's car doors were opened. He told mom her CD's were in his car. She thought it was just the ones in her car. It wasn't. It was the ones from the house. Mom and my brother ran up stairs and started to look around. Mom found that her lap top and cooling pad was missing from the kitchen. They couldn't find anything else in the house missing. The police came out and took their reports and then took the golf club and flash light that were left behind.

Now for the rest of the Story. We have 6 dogs in this house. Not one of us barked. That's right, not one of us. Mom has done such a fine job of training us not to bark at night. My Dad works nights and comes in at all hours. So we don't bark. It's very hard to believe that the British gang didn't bark but they didn't either.

The crooks were in our house. They were by mom's bedroom door. They took the lap top out of the kitchen. So they were walking around while we were sleeping. It just creeps us out. They didn't get away with much because of our new puppy Morgan. Morgan had his second shot that afternoon. It made him have a stomach ache and some problems. Now Morgan started making noises. Mom told him to be quite. That's what scared the crooks. They heard mom tell him quite. Right after that, Morgan went potty in his crate. Mom got up and got him out of the house. The creeps were downstairs in the garage by then. If mom had gone out earlier she could of been hurt. But when she took Morgan out she turned on all the lights and put us all out into the back yard. She then cleaned the crate. We all went back to bed not knowing that things were gone.

Since Monday mom has started teaching us to bark. Apollo has been on edge and guarding mom more. At least we know that he would attack if anyone came into the bedroom. He took my brother right out of the room that morning. We are now all locked up and will have alarms on the doors soon. The only real thing they got was Mom's lap top and cooling pad. They didn't have time to take my brothers Sirus Radio or his CD's. We got off lucky.

We weren't the only house to be robbed. The house two doors down got it also. We are sure watching everything. And learning to BARK, BARK, BARK!!!!!!!!!!! I am Shih Tzu Hear Me Roar!!!! Stormy


My Evening Out On The Town!

June 19th 2009 9:00 am
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Last night I had such a wonderful time. It was suppose to be just a normal night. Our town has a thing called Third Thursdays. The main street through town is blocked off and there are many vendors, dancers, musicians and people. Also the stores stay open very late and serve all kinds of goodies. Our Therapy group called Angels In Whiskers went to the Library to visit the children. It was my first visit there. Mom didn't know if I would do well with children. To her surprise, I was so good. I really liked children around 3. I found them very interesting. I also did all my tricks for them. While I was there one of the Angels In Whiskers Dad had a blood sugar drop. I was sitting with mom and he was next to me. Since I'm a diabetic alert dog I thought I should let him know he wasn't doing so well. So I went over to him and kept sniffing his ankle. Mom found this a strange thing for me to be doing because I'm not really crazy about men and had never really met him. I wouldn't stop doing that behavior. Mom knew he was a diabetic and asked him if his sugars were going down. He looked at his meter and said yes they were. He was amazed at me and so was everyone in the group. Everyone kept telling me how special I was and what a good girl I was. I thought they were crazy because I hadn't done any tricks. After the Library I went on a nice evening stroll with my friend Moose. He's an AIW also. Now moose is in love with me. He's huge. He's a Golden Retriever Mastiff cross. Size of a Mastiff, Brindle in color and looks like a Golden Retriever. We were in our therapy vest and we met so many people. Moose's mom and dad wanted to eat a hot dog so we stopped at a vendor. Well, the vendor loved us and he sat and fed us hot dogs. We each got one. But the man would brake it up in pieces for us. Every where we went together people would stop and pet us and tell us we were so pretty. There were so many different dogs around. If I thought there was one that looked rather mean I would just back up and stand between Moose's front legs and he would protect me. I hated to see the evening end. I was so tired from the excitement, food and my long walk all over town. But the next Third Thursday Moose and I will do it all over again!!!!!!!! Mom will bring her camera and take lots of pictures. Oh I Love Being A Therapy Dog/Service Dog!!!!! Shih Tzu Hugs, Stormy


My Brother Went To The Rainbow Bridge Monday.

May 21st 2009 10:53 pm
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I don't know where to start. But I'll start off with a brother named Nicholas. He was a big goofy lab that was my protector when I arrived at home. I was only 8 weeks old and my yorkie siblings wanted nothing to do with me. It was Nicholas who took me between his huge paws and wouldn't let them be mean to me. I followed him around like a shadow. I know he would get tired of me but never showed it. Nicholas was always there to let me play with his toys. He would give them to me. About a year ago Nicholas's nose looked sunburned. It started to heal and then it would brake open again. It got better and then this last winter it started happening more and more. Nicholas finally was in such pain that mom and dad knew he had to take the trip to the bridge. He had one more weekend with my dad. You see my dad is in the military and they moved all the planes from here to another state. He can't come home very often and will be gone 6 months. Nicholas was dad's best buddy and he will be greatly missed. To my brother, Sir Nicholas. Who died way to young. I will miss you and will be waiting for the gentle breeze and know that your there. I love you. Stormy

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