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Lacey's "Say"

Watching from Above!

May 30th 2008 6:21 pm
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Hello! I'm up here! See me, I'm on this big white fluffy cloud! Annie, I'm watching you! Thank you for keeping my spot warm. I noticed sometimes you sleep there. It's a great spot isn't it? Right there beside the bed, you can see everything. I'm doing great up here. No pain! I can sit down and it doesn't hurt anymore. I can get up quickly and chase anything! It is great up here with my friends. I miss you biting my tail! No one does that here. That was your special thing girl! Please give mom a kiss for me. I noticed the other day she was thinking about me while she was cleaning the bedroom. Funny how certain places, things, and smells trigger memories. Put your nose up close to her chin and kiss her softly. She'll know it's from me. Oh Annie, you are doing such a good job keeping those cats in there place! Tell Alley and Bob hi for me too! Tell them I'm waiting here to pick up where we left off! Tell everyone I'm watching and waiting for the day we will all be together again. I love you, Lacey


Moving Slow

February 16th 2008 12:16 pm
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Sometimes a girl just gets tired and can't get her back paws to work well with her front. That's kinda where I am in life. The front of me, my mind and my heart want to play and run and be a regular dog. Then there is the back of doesn't want to do anything. Sitting down is impossible and laying down...well, it is kinda like the old lady who has to get her getting in go to put it in the rocker. Finally, I get there.
In my dreams, I run and chase squirls, chase the ball, run to get the birds, and splash in the creek (oh those were the good ole days),and I pounce on that goofy, Golden Puppy for biting my tail. ( I know she is just playing, but that is my slow part, geesh)!
There are those wonderful afternoons, like today, when I lay peacefully on the front porch and watch the fluffy clouds float by ocassionally lifting my nose to smell the freshness of the day and the hint of spring in the air.
I may be moving slow, but I am still enjoying each day for what it is, a gift from above, and then I smile and take a nap.

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