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Adventures with Annie

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Kong Ball

June 18th 2007 5:03 pm
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Oh my got me the coolest toy ever. It's a Kong ball. She puts really cool treats in it and I have to play with it and work it to get the treats!!!!
I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!!!! Oh yeah, I'm learning to kiss instead of bite. I love kissing almost as much a chewing on peoples hands. Love and kisses mommy! Annie


Sticks for scents

June 16th 2007 8:06 pm
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Today, I got to go outside and play. I ran and ran and jumped in the big pile of leaves. They can't be burned right now cause we have a no burn warning in Georgia since we have a dangerous drought. Anyway, my dad threw sticks for me and held on to me until the stick landed and then let me go. I had to go retrieve the stick. Sometimes I could not see it and had to sniff it out with my nose, like Hendrix. I didn't do too good at first, but my dad encouraged me and helped me a little and I got better and better, I got real excited when I found it myself too. Also, my mom signed me up for puppy school. I'm a little nervous about that. What if the teacher is mean or somebody pulls my hair? What if Ihave to sit in a desk all day long, my mom says her students do. She's making me go to school cause I've been naughty, she says I'm a demon dog and my Darren called me a terror. So mom is taking me for help. Hope it is fun. Mom also got me a treat ball casue she thinks another problem with me is that i'm board and need mental stimulation. So this ball has treats inside (Cheerios) and i just play and work my little self to exhaustion to get those things out. Mom has been smiling more since I figured out how to use the new toy treat ball. It s great, I'm much happier and my family is much happier too! I'm so glad I could help out. Nite, nite, it's beddy by time. Love,Annie


Free Run

June 9th 2007 7:03 pm
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Today my mom and dad took me outside to my pool. They took off my leash and let me run in the yard too. I didn't realize at first that I could go very far, but when I caught on...I was off. I leaped into the grass and jumped into the leaves in my back yard and then I found the biggest sticks ever! I love sticks. I'd rather have a stick then an expensive toy. (I think that's cause I played with them a lot when I was a baby and just lived with my biological mom and sister. ) Then, I started digging in the humas. I practice digging in my chair , okay(mom's chair), but I can dig really good outside. I had dirt flying EVERYWHERE. Now picture this, I had been in my pool, I was wet and I got in the leaves and then stated digging....oh did I look good! Yep, had to have a bath after that. But I love baths too! It was a great day, pool, running, sticks, digging and a bath. I pooped now. Gotta go, love Annie


Inspired by Bailey

June 8th 2007 12:24 pm
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Today my mom read Bailey's diary. She decided I needed one too. It is June 6, 2007 and I am 4 months and one week old. I am growing so fast. I love to play with my Lacey. Lacey is my older dog and so she just stands there and play growls at me. I love to run around the dining room table or the coffee table and come back and jump at my Lacey. She growls again and off I go. Sometimes I jump on the couch (that's a NO) and then leap to my mom's chair (another no, but I've taken over it anyway), then one leap off the chair and I'm back at Lacey. ..the adventure continues until I need a drink. I sometimes bite at my Lacey's tail, she doesn't like that and mean barks at me. I back off for a second, wag my tail and I'm right back at it.
Yesterday, I got a new pool. I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do with it. You can see in my pictures, I just stood there. My mom accidently let go of my leash and I was off. I ran around the yard and splashed into my pool. I had a great time and my mom is about to let me go back and play again. I'm off to play! Bye

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