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Adventures with Annie

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A Wonderful Day In July!!!

July 29th 2007 1:48 pm
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Today was a beautiful, sunny, July, Sunday! Mommy figured we didn't have many more days for me to enjoy my pool, so out we went. Don't tell Dr. Fran cause I'm not suppose to be running around (go figure, I'm a golden).
Dr. Fran said no chasing after the stick in the back yard! So we didn't!!!! hehehe!!! Mommy got out my big Smiley Face ball and my Little Mermaid ball. They use to be too big for me, but as I've been telling you, I'm a BIG girl now! I got in the pool and chased after the balls, I really like the Little Mermaid ball. I can get it in my mouth now. I had a great time getting it out of the water. It didn't take me long to realize I could push it up to the side of the pool and get a good grip on it that way. Us Goldens are Sooooo smart. Don't tell Dr. Fran this part, then I got the ball, looked around to see if Dr. Fran was any where and then, jumped out of the pool and ran down the hill in the back yard. I was running around and then the ball fell out of my mouth and rolled down the hill into the woods. Mommy got worried and yelled for daddy...poor daddy, she does that to him all the time. The ball kept rolling down the hill, mommy was afraid it would roll into the street and even across the street into the creek...mommy had not told me about the creek until today, and I'm still not sure where it is...mommy said thank God!!! Anyway, I got the ball and came back, a little muddy, but very happy. I played some more in my pool because and then mommy put these funny glasses on me. I think she thought it made me look cool. It sure changed the way things look! My pool water got real dirty cause when I would jump out and go in the back yard, I got dirt on me which of course became mud, but me and the Little Mermaid ball had one great time! Remember don't tell Dr. Fran, you never know what tree she's hiding behind. I like her, but she has more rules then mommy! Mommy posted pictures to go with this entry. PS, Daddy came out but mommy I'd already come back up the hill. You're the best dad!!! Lots of Licks Annie


The rug no more!

July 29th 2007 1:36 pm
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Mommy was a good girl today, she went to church and Lacey and I stayed home. I don't have a crate anymore, cause I'm a BIG girl, in more ways then one. while mommy was gone, I went up stairs to Kayann's bathroom and got her bath rug. Mommy found it out of the bathroom yesterday and yep, she should have know what was coming, but I didn't tear it up yesterday, so she figured it would be ok...hehehe! Well, I got the rug and let's just say I ENJOYED it a lot. Kayann got home from church before mommy and daddy, but when mommy came in, Kayann said, "go look at what Annie did while we were gone", (tattle tale), Mommy looked, it was the rug. Lets just say, it can't be used in any way manner or form. It really is the first thing I've torn up, that wasn't mine. Anyway, Kayann said her boyfriend wanted to hear all about the beating!!!! What was he thinking? Of course that was a joke, they knew mommy wasn't going to hit me! Kayann thought I should have been scolded but mommy said it was too late. She thinks I wouldn't know what she was scolding me for...she right, or at least we're gonna pretend she is BOL!!! Kayann and Suzanne think mommy should get on to me like she did them when they were little. Maybe they weren't as cute as I AM! Don't tell them I said that! BOL Annie


I got tagged by Sammy!!! (Thanks Sammy) :)

July 20th 2007 5:15 pm
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Here is how the game is played: Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I love marshmellows.
2. I don't swallow live frogs.
3. I give mommy sweet kisses and snuggles in the middle of the night.
4. I love chasing and sniffing out my stick when it is thrown.
5. I enjoy a good TV commercial and daddy's laptop screensaver.
6. I can catch my tennis ball in my mouth after it is set on my nose.
7. I'm scared to death of the Cherioes box.

Pals I've Tagged:
1. Bailey
2. Mimi
3. Marley
4. Kaylee
5. Sandy
6. Winston
7. Ella


A new milestone for Annie

July 20th 2007 2:24 pm
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First, mommy decided it was time to take down my crate. I've out grown it and a new one is just more money then she wants to spend. I'm kinda glad cause I am a Big Girl now and I like staying lose in the house. I'm not a baby any more, even though I'm only 5 1/2 months old, mommy says I'm still a baby, but I'm a Big Girl. Anyway, she was taking down my crate and it made a BIG BANG!!!! I got startled and JUMPED up on mommy's BIG bed. It is very high up and until today, mommy and daddy always gave me a boost up. I've tried to jump up there before, but I could not quit make it without assistance. It embarassed me when I didn't make it and I didn't want to try again. Mommy says I am very close if not right at 70 lbs. She says I'm heavy, what ever that is. Anyway, when I jumped up on the bed and made it, I was SO proud of myself, I just wiggled (haven't done that much lately either) all over, and jumped around. Mommy got excited too!!! We just had a big party and I jumped off and back on the bed. It was a great day for me as a Golden Puppy!


Suprises for my mommy!!!

July 15th 2007 8:01 am
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I have been a very busy girl (even with mommy being sick)! I've been going to puppy school and have mastered many good commands. "Leave IT" is what we are working on this week, here's why mommy can't wait for me to learn it! Bob our (yellow bobtailed cat) leaves presents for mommy! The other morning mommy was taking me out for my walk. She opened the door and I scarfed up something quickly. Mommy didn't have time to know what cause I'M FAST! I went into my lock down routine! Mommy finally got my mouth open and reached into my mouth (throat) to get Bob's surprise out! (You'd think she'd know better by now not to just reach in my mouth, I've had many wonderful tasty things in there.) Anyway, she got it and shreeked!!!! It was a MOUSE HEAD!!!! Slimey and complete with a pointed extension bone (which would have lead to the spinal cord). Mommy threw it ! I keep checking where it was every time we go out, but it isn't there. Hmmmmm !!!! Today, was a great day too! Mommy took me for my same morning walk and as we were going down the driveway, yep, I scarfed something up very quickly again. You know the story, lock down, open mouth, but mommy is getting smarter (must be puppy school helping her out), she did not reach in my mouth this time. She looked and screamed!!!!!! It was a WIGGLING FROG which jumped out. Mommy made me come inside until the frog was gone. She said something about it being like raising BOYS!!!! Mommy has only girls at our house (except for Bob and daddy). I guess I'm a Tom Boy. I hope she doesn't change my name! She said she can't wait until I learn "Leave It", but I think she is going to have to get faster or pay more attention to what I'm doing, cause as I said, I'm FAST!!!! Lots of licks and surprises!!!!!, Annie


Free of all stitches

June 29th 2007 1:02 pm
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Today must have been bring your Golden Retriever to the vet day. There were four there not counting me. It was pretty neat. I love looking in the mirror, so I know what I look like. I kept looking at the other Goldens. They looked a lot like me. Mommy said I had a perplexed look on my face. I kept staring at them. Then the big one, Duke, wanted to smell me. I wasn't sure about that; I ever so slightly tucked my tail and backed up to mommy, Duke kept coming. Mommy said," It's alright Annie he just wants to check you out". I wanted to tell her to lets start with her. Do you think she likes someone sticking their nose up her....never mind. I didn't like that Duke bothering me and I sat down real close to mommy. He was a big boy, come to think of it he was kinda cute. Oh well, I got called into the exam room and the technician and mommy put me up on the big table. That lady just grabbed my foot and started pushing on it, I whinned, so what does she do? She goes and gets this BIG man who comes in and starts using the lovey dovey voice, "Oh you're so cute Annie, such a good girl Annie..." you know the tone. When they start that it's never good. However, mommy had treats, she's so smart. So while this guy loved on me mommy gave me treats, and I while I ate a lot of treats, this lady was messing with my foot. I start to pull it away, but then mommy was showing me the treats and I was eating, next thing I knew, she was rolling me over on my side and looking at my tummy, mommy's still giving me treats, and then everything stopped. I was on the floor and I just shook, wow... NO STITCHES any more. Mommy said now that my stitches are out, I can practice retrieving the stick in the woods, I can play in my pool and get a bath, and Adam is going to take me to the Shoals. You can see pictures of the Shoals on my website. It is the most awesome place to play. There are rocks and waterfalls, and water to swim in. It's great. Well, gotta go. Mommy said we have to have a training session, so that
I won't flunk out of puppy school. Bye, love, Annie


No Puppy Left Behind!!!

June 28th 2007 7:58 am
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After attending my second day of puppy school, I was afraid I might flunk out. So mommy shared what happened at school on Dogster. Calli's mommy asked if Georgia didn't have a "No Puppy Left Behind Act". My mommy just was not thinking. Indeed there is!!!! So mommy said she was going to "modify" my training. First, I get to have shorter work out periods. Then, if I need to, I can take a break. I do not have to do things as many times as the other dogs in the class. I get extra rewards and lots of encouragement. If I want to leave early I can. Bottom line it is the teacher's responsibility to meet my needs and to write a an extensive modification plan that will ensure my success. I don't have to worry, I can't fail or be left behind. Thank you Mr. President for creating such a program so that even a dog won't be left behind and Calli for pointing it out. My mommy should have known better. Now I can go back to chewing my Kong and doing whatever I want. I'm not worried anymore!


School Week 2

June 27th 2007 7:40 pm
[ Leave A Comment ], ha, ha, ha, ha,ha! Yep, my mom, the school teacher got in trouble at puppy school. It was great! Yep, she was suppose to be hand feeding me one meal a day. She did it once and decided that I was not going to growl or bite her EVER, so she didn't do it again. In circle time tonight, the teacher asked mommy how did it go for you? Mommy said, " well to be honest, I only did it once because ...." The teacher stopped the whole class and said, "let me just explain to all of you that dogs mature and when they do, they will be protective of their food or bones or toys, and they will growl or bite....then she went off on some disortation about knowing that some of them (humans) were mother ducks and that the puppy follows them around from room to room and they use cute eyes...this lady went on for forever. Amazingly, after my mom's answer, everyone else said their stuff went great, NO PROBLEMS!!!! Mommy said next week, it would not matter what happened, EVERYTHING with us will be great! Mommy was embarassed. My aunt went and watched, she said that I'm ADHD. All the other cute "little" doggies were sitting and being good, not me, I was belly crawling on the floor, sticking my head out the gate, trying to get everyone's treats. Mommy said I frustrate her. She said she's raised to great daughters and can manage hundreds of kids at one time at school, but she can't manage her Golden Retriever Puppy. Poor mommy. We were both worn out after school. I hope she doesn't get to upset and go back to her school early. I hope I won't flunk out of puppy school. I'm smarter than a 5th grader and Mommy teaches 6th grade, so surly she can help me pass. I'll try to be good mommy, love Annie


Surgery Day

June 22nd 2007 5:09 pm
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What no breakfast? What is up with that? I love breakfast? What do you mean I have to stay in your room with the door closed while you eat breakfast? What is that all about? I'm going to see Dr. Fran!!!! Yea, I love Dr. Fran. Ok, now what is up? I'm sleepy. I don't remember much, mom, I gotta outside. That's better. I have this pink thing on my leg, my leg hurts, I gotta get this off, maybe I'll sleep instead. Where did Dr. Fran go? I guess I'll just sleep this off. What do you mean I look like a Saint Bernard in the eyes. I love you tooooo, yawn, lick, nite, nite. See you tomorrow.......snore


First Day of School

June 21st 2007 3:03 pm
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I went to school last night!!!! It was great, except for the ride down. I live about 40 minutes away from Pet Smart. So my mommy, thinking I would be more alert if I was not hungry fed me about an hour before we left. Just as she drove into the parking lot, I threw up my dinner, all of it on the floor of the back seat. Mommy said it was ok, she had towels and cleaned it all up and me too. I felt much better after that!!!! We went inside and I made lots of new friends. My best new friend is Maxi. She is a little black lab. She sat next to me and I shared my treats with her because she did not have any. I got bored about half way through the class, I wanted to look outside the classroom at the other things so I kept poking my head out and I saw a dog that looked a lot like me. He was pretty and I loved the treats I got for doing stuff I already knew like sit and my name. Mommy got a clicker and everytime she clicked it, no matter what I was doing, I got a treat. She'd say, "Annie" and I'd look at her and bingo a treat. The ride home was fine. Tomorrow is Surgery. Wonder what that is. Mommy keeps loving me and saying "poor Annie". I thought I was rich, I got lots of treats. Oh well, bye for now, Annie

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