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Adventures with Annie

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I've been tagged by Athens

October 19th 2007 4:57 pm
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I've been tagged!!

October 19 2007 7:45 PM

I Have Been Tagged By Athens

Here are the rules of this dogster game of "tag" in case you've never gotten a chance to play. When you are tagged, you post 7 random facts about yourself, compose a "new DIARY entry" along with the rules and put them in your own DIARY. Then you pick 7 furs (kitties or doggies) say something interesting about who you are tagging and make sure you tell them... a simple p-mail will do fine, or a rosette to tell them, but you must let them know that they have been tagged. Post their names also in your DIARY.

1. I turned 8 month old on Oct 1

2. I love swiming in the river

3. I hate getting my ears cleaned or having drops put in them

4. I love when mommy comes home, she says "Hello Baby" when I greet her at the door.

5. I love sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy

6. I love to find the stick when it is thrown in the leaves

7. I love getting a bath in mommy's big bath tub, it is almost like swimming

These are the Pup Friends I am Tagging.

1. Brando, cause his mommy had to change schools and leave her class

2. Sasha, she just got adopted and is so beautiful!

3. Skooter, one of my newest and most exciting friends

4. Kia, cause I think he's funny

5. Lucy, cause she's so nice , beautiful and sheinvite me to the parties

6. Bailey, my BFF

7. Uncle Jackson, he's my protector

Have fun.........


A Survey about Annie

October 19th 2007 4:35 pm
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What is your name? Annie-A Touch of Magic
What other nicknames do you have? Baby, Beautiful Baby
What breed are you? Golden Retriever
Where were you born? Locust Grove,GA
Where do you live now? Ellijay, GA
What is your favorite toy? Treat Ball / Kong Ball
What is your favorite store? Pet Smart
How many toys do you have? Too many
What brand of food do you eat? Exclusive
Wet or dry food? Dry
What is your favorite color? Green
Are you bad when nobody's looking? I didn't use to be, but now I am.
Are you friendly? Very Friendly, I'm a Golden Retriever
Are you overweight? Just a little
Do you eat people food? A few snacks like Cherioes , Cheetoes, and marshmellows.
Do you eat bugs? No, but I play with them.
Do you live with other animals? My Lacey Dog and the Cats, Bob and Alley
Do you like to exercise? Yes
Do you like car rides? I'm liking them better
Do you get into stuff? Yep
Do you like to swim? .Love to swim
What is your favorite treat? Peanut Butter Bones
Do you shed? Not as much as Lacey does!
What's the funniest thing you ever did?
What's the bravest thing you ever did? I jumped off the big rocks into the river
Are you neutered? Spade
Are you a social animal? Very, I love everyone and think they should love me
Collar or harness? Both
Retractable or regular leash? Regular
Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? Metal
Do you sleep in a crate? No, with mommy and daddy
Do you have a dog bed? I ate it
Do you have a doghouse? No
Do you belong to any dog clubs? Dogster groups
How does your owner describe you? I'm a beautiful, sweet, amazing baby


I played my puppy card yesterday!!!!

October 15th 2007 12:43 pm
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I get so confused, mommy tells me I'm a big girl, then she tells daddy I'm a puppy. How am I suppose to know? Well, I'll tell you one thing for sure, yesterday, I played the puppy card and here's the reason why!
Yesterday, while mommy was sleeping off her migraine headache, I was bored. All she did was sleep and it was quiet in the house. Lacey was sleeping and well, I don't have any stuffed toys anymore, and I couldn't find the cats to chase so I had to find something to do. Anyway, while mommy was sleeping, I got the cord to daddy's battery pack that goes to his computer. I practiced my best chewing skills that I have. I did a great job! Mommy had no idea I was doing it. When my human sister came in from Sunday School, she walked in and and her eyes got real big, she asked mommy if she had seen what I'd done. Mommy said there are no more toys left (cause I'd taken all the stuffing out of all of the stuffed ones) so she had no idea. Mommy looked over the side of the bed and there was computer cord EVERYWHERE!!!! I got the whole bad girl Annie routine... mommy has probably said that about 2 times in my life. Anyway, they got it all cleaned up. When daddy came home, mommy played my puppy card with daddy. She asked him if he remembered the converstation the two of them had the other night about me being a puppy. Daddy said I wasn't a puppy and mommy said I was, just that I was a big puppy. Daddy forgets cause I"m so big. Daddy said he remembered and then mommy told him about the cord. Daddy said he saw the computer and the cord the other day and thought, "well, she hasn't bothered it yet, it is probably safe. " Boy was he wrong!!!! BOL!!! I did't get in trouble. Mommy said it was daddy's fault, cause he should realize I was a puppy. I've started chewing up stuff a lot. Got the baseboard in mommy's closet yesterday too. I have lots of bones and toys. Mommy says I"m still cutting teeth and that I'm frustrated cause I haven't gotten enough exercise since my shoulder surgery. Daddy said I will be taking longer walks! Mommy said I may have to start going back into the crate. I hope not. I like being free, I just have to control my teeth BOL! Thanks mom for playing the puppy card for me! Lots of licks, Annie


Running, Sticks and Smiles

October 6th 2007 11:47 am
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Guess what? Doctor Fran saw me five days early cause I have an ear infection, but she said I could start running again! OMD!!!! I forgot how good it feels to run, but boy am I out of shape. Just a couple of laps in the woods and I was panting! I found my stick right off the bat too. Dr. Fran told mommy she couldn't throw it for me, but I can get it myself and run. If you look at my picture, I'm smiling so big! Oh and I can go up and down the stairs now. You people living up stairs better keep your doors closed cause what ever is on the floor is open choosing for me! Life sure is getting better! I think I'll take a nap and rest up for my next run outside! Lots of licks, Annie


The Basket Attacked Me!!!

September 30th 2007 5:32 pm
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Today I had a very scary experience!!! I was playing with my toys, not bothering anyone or anything. I was searching through my toy basket trying to get out just the right toy, (or at least that is what mommy thinks) and suddenly the basket had me by the throat. I freaked out. I started flinging the basket and it wouldn't let go. I ran into the furniture, hit the wall, started slipping and sliding and then, I just attacked back, I started growling and fighting and I was still running though the house. Mommy didn't know what was happening. She ran after me yelling Annie, Annie, stop, I ran in her room and got between the bed and the bedside table. Mommy held me down and finally could see what had happened. My name tag had gotten caught between the slats on the plastic basket. She had to twist the tag to get the basket off of me. Then she just wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. She talked soft and told me it was ok. I was scared to death. In fact, it scared the Tee tee out of me and the poop too. (Don't tell anyone ok?) It took about 30 minutes for me to calm down. Mommy took me on two walks, and practiced some of my training commands (she was trying to get my mind off of the basket). Mommy has been tossing my favorite toys and bones back in the basket and making me get them out. I don't know if I like the basket anymore. I'll tell you what though....I gave it a run for its money. I sounded really mean and if the basket ever attacks me again.....I really hope it doesn't!!!
I would rather just be a sweet girl and play with my toys. It has been a very scary day! Annie


My New Do

September 12th 2007 11:06 am
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Surprised!!!! That is putting it mildly, my hair, who took me to the barber? I was with Dr. Lee Ann (love that name) and the next thing I know I'm waking up and my leg hurts, then what a shock it was when I looked down at my leg and shoulder....Ahhhhhhhhh! Mommy said every girl gets at list one bad hair cut in their lifetime and it does grow back...but how did this happen? I was going to have surgery, not a hair cut! I wished they warned me! Oh well, today, the day after my surgery, I am not feeling my best, but guess what? I got to have Cherioes today! Mommy wanted me to eat. She brought me dog food, nope, not interested. She cooked rice for me, blaak, not interested. Then she brought out a mini marshmellow, now we're talking....I love marshmellows! Once I took the marshmellow did she bring me another, NO. She was afraid the sweetness would make me sick. But the marshmellow gave mommy an idea. I get Cherioes in my treat ball. So mommy got them out and gave me a couple, I gobbled them down. Mommy is being stingy with the Cherioes, she only gives me a few at a time, but I've gotten them a bunch of times!!! YUMMY Now I'm sleeping and I have gone outside once. It smelled so good out there. I love it outside. I guess my new hair do isn't all that bad, Cherioes make even a bad hair cut good!


The Never Ending Trip to Surgery

September 12th 2007 9:35 am
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The morning began the same way it always does; I got up the same time as normal, but today, mommy didn't start fixing my breakfast. I kept looking at my dish and back at mommy, she isn't real smart...she didn't understand what I was telling her. Then she said, no breakfast Annie we're going to see the surgeon and you get car sick anyway, so no food this morning. She didn't fix Lacey any either, poor Lacey she shouldn't have to fast because I'm having surgery. We! left at 7 Am to go to Knoxville. That gave extra time for stopping on the side of the road if I was getting sick. Oh yea, 3 times we had to stop. I don't know what Dr. Fran was thinking when she gave mommy directions to Knoxville. She took us through the mountains, windy roads...barfffff!! Yea, not good. The river and mountains were beautiful or at least that's what mommy and daddy kept saying, I wouldn't know, I kept my head down and kept drooling and barfing.
Then Dr. Fran had that we should turn left and it should have been right. Daddy said when we did it that it seemed like we should have gone right. Mommy said, "Dr. Fran has driven to Knoxville a million times, she should know how to get there, it is where she went to school. So at 9Am when mommy and daddy started seeing signs that said,
Chatsworth and Atlanta, they knew something was wrong. They called Dr. Fran and she said..."I cant believe I did that!" GREAT! Finally we got on the interstate, straight highway, thank goodness and I went to sleep. Then we got to the Surgeons. Nice lady, pretty, here name is Lee Ann (we like those Ann names at our house). She checked me out real good and looked at my Xray and I yipped when she pulled on my leg. Next thing I knew I was leaving mommy and daddy and then I woke up! Oh my gosh, I only thought my leg hurt before. Now I'm sleeping and hurting, and getting doggie drugs. I don't want any more surgery, not ever!


Two Days and Counting!!!

September 10th 2007 7:47 pm
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It is two days before my surgery and surgery is sounding good to me. You know what all I got? I got a new squeaky Halloween black cat, a BIG new pillow bed, and a bath! I love baths. There was a slight problem, I've grown A LOT since my last bath and mommy could not get me in the tub. Mommy's tub is real big, it has steps up to it and jets in it. Last time about a month ago she had no trouble getting me in the tub. But this time, mommy had to wait till daddy came home to help her get me in. I got out on my own, with no thought to mommy's feet. Mommy gets in the tub with me so she can scrub me down real good. Now don't get any ideas, mommy's wearing shorts while she does this. When she gets down I get all excited and yepI scratched her poor feet up! I didn't mean too. Then I got blow dried. I love the blow dryer too. I just lay there on the floor and dog paddle while she blows me dry. Go figure why, I just do! BOL Then when she is doing my chest, I just hold my head up high and my ears blow back. Mommy keeps telling me how beautiful I am. MOMS!!!! Then today, one day before my surgery, I got to go out on the porch and get my sticks and get brushed. I got to chew and chew, and chew on those sticks. See this surgery thing sound good doesn't it? My human sister said I was getting a lot of pampering, then she snickered, but you always do Annie. I didn't like her tone! She's just jealous of me cause my hair is longer than hers. Mommy says she loves all her girls the same, they don't like that statement either....go figure! Well that's it...oh yea, I started something new too, I'm eating the ears off all my toys! mommy can't figure out why either. I just started it. The rat and the cat and the pig, have no more ears. They still squeek though. Oh wll, off to surgery tomorrow. I'm just gonna enjoy the moment. Lots of licks, Annie


Tuesday, Sept 11 is Evaluation / Surgery Day

September 8th 2007 4:50 pm
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Tuesday is the day we go to Knoxville to be evaluated by the surgeon. Mommy said she's pretty sure they will do surgery. Mommy was suppose to try to have me off my medicine for three days before I go. She tried and after 1 1/2 days off the medicine, I'm limping REAL bad, and when mommy comes home, I still go to the door, but I don't jump around like I useta do. Mommy could not stand it this afternoon when I was limping so bad. She says it hurts her too much to watch. So she gave me 1/2 of my medicine. The doctor's office said I didn't HAVE to be off, it would just be better if I could be. Mommy said she was not going to give it to me Monday or Tues at all. Of course I"m not suppose to eat or drink after 12 PM on Monday. (What's that all about?). So if everyone would please say a prayer, that all will go well and that I'll recover quickly. You might say one for mommy too, she's really worried about me. Daddy has already decided to take two days off, one to help mommy take me to the doctor in Knoxville and one to stay with me the day after surgery. He is just the best daddy in the world! Mommy says she has to go back to "Those kids", I don't like them! It was better before they came into the picture. Mommy was always home with me. Now she leaves early in the morning and doesn't get home to late in the afternoon. Does that mean I'm jealous? Oh well, please keep those paws up for me ok? Oh yea, it's surgery on my shoulder, I have OCD. Sounds yucky huh? Lots of licks, Annie


I love looking at myself!

August 19th 2007 3:43 pm
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Since I was a "little" pup, I have been fascinated by any mirror I could find. It is fun looking at that dog. She is so pretty! Then the other day I realized, or at least mommy thinks I did, that the dog was me because it did everything I did. Well the other day, I was having one of my zoomie moments and was jumping up on the chair looking ,out the window ,and racing around the livingroom. Mommy happened to look over at the sofa I had just jumped off of and noticed the mirror right above it. Mommy said, "Annie, there are puppy nose marks all over my mirror!" "Did you get up on that sofa and look in that mirror to see how beautiful you are?" I don't have to look in that mirror to know I am beautiful! First of all, mommy tells me all the time how beautiful I am, then she sings the "Your Beautiful" song to me and she is always asking daddy if I'm beautiful. The lady is obssessed with it. Anyway, I don't want mommy to know and she hasn't caught me, but I do get up there to see if my hair is messed up or if I need to adjust my collar...BOL Hey, its a girl thing! Lots of licks (on the mirror) ha ha, Annie

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