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Adventures with Annie

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"Teacher's Pet"

April 27th 2008 7:06 am
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Mom took me out for my EARLY morning (before light) walk. When we came back to the porch, BOB was proudly making unusual noises, not his normal annoying Merrrr....Owwwwwww! He was making some kind of rattling noise, sorta like a bird. Anyway, mom couldn't see, and as she got to the front door, and stopped to open it, I quickly scooped something up in my mouth. Mom didn't see me, I know she didn't! Yes!!!! But the lady is smart, and she knew by the way I was walking and holding my mouth, that I had something! Bob stayed on the front porch making his noise. Then mom promptly said those awful words, ANNIE, DROP IT! I hate it when she does that:(
Of course, I dropped it! Mom was NOT impressed when she saw it was a dead flying squirl. I had to go stay in the bedroom, while mom picked up the poor thing, still a little warm, but very dead. Then I heard her tell BOB, thank you BOB, for the wonderful flying squirl! =D>She praised that cat like there was no tomorrow. Then she threw the thing off the porch into the wooods! I can't figure it. If I'd brought home an creature, she would have had a fit, but if BOB does it, it is wonderful!!!! I'm thinking , BOB is the "Teacher's Pet" around here. I'm going to bed and poutt :(


A Tribute to Lacey

February 28th 2008 5:52 pm
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I'm just one year old, but as long as I can remember there has always been a warm bodied four legged someone near by. I sort of remember my biological mother and then there was my little "Golden" sister. I can remember the two of us cuddling together and trotting after one another, but what I really remember is when I came to live at this house, at the age of seven weeks. When I came in the door, mommy stooped down low and holding me in her arms introduced me to my new sister,Lacey.
Lacey was older than my momma, but very wise. I was little and silly and wanted to cuddle with her like I did my biological mother. Lacey knew that cuddling with another furry pup was not what I needed. She knew my new mommy and I need to bond and cuddle, so she did not encourage me to snuggle up with her. Lacey was great about teaching me how to find my way around the house. She let me follow her and she even shared her toys with me. She would not eat until I finished eating; I know she was making sure I had enough food, since I was a growing girl. She taught me how to get up on the couch too, but don't tell my mommy. I noticed early on that Lacey didn't play the same way I did. She didn't run after me, or jump up or crouch down low like I did, but when I wanted to play, she would do her best to keep things going. She would stand and play mouthy, mouthy with me, and bark and turn her head. Since I was young, I could run enough for both of us, and I would circle the living room several times and then run back and bounce and jump some more. Lacey was so wise. She always knew when enough was enough! She knew when mommy and daddy were starting to get irritated at the barking and growling and would lay down or give me "the look" to stop so I wouldn't get in trouble. She was my protector and friend.
It was a little strange last night, I walked around the house looking for Lacey. I laid by daddy's feet thinking she might come in the living room and lie down near me, but she didn't. When the front door opened, I would look to see if it was Lacey, but it wasn't. Then, mommy sat down on the floor and told me Lacey would not be coming back home. Mommy said that Lacey was tired and sore and needed a soft cloud to rest on instead of the the carpet.
I always sleep in the bed with mommy daddy. Lacey couldn't because it was too hard for her to get up on the bed. So last night, in honor of Lacey, I refused to get in bed with mommy and daddy and instead, I slept on the exact spot beside the bed where Lacey always slept. Somehow laying in "Her Spot" made things right, and I dreamed about Lacey running and playing happily on the other side of the bridge.


Valentine Tag

February 6th 2008 5:24 am
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I was Valentine-tagged by my cute friend Hoover.
Here are the rules:

In Valentine Day Tag, you write down your five Valentine Day wishes in a diary entry, and then choose five of your pup pals and have them write down five of their wishes, and then they choose five pup pals, and so on and so forth. You have to let your five pup pals know that they have been tagged by pup mail or by giving them a rosette. Have fun! I hope that whatever you for comes true!

1) I am praying that Tedibear will have a successful surgery.
2) I wish that I could personally meet my "special" dogster friends.
3) I wish every dog could have a loving furever home and be loved.
4) I wish I could go to Doggie Daycare like my friend Skooter!
5) I wish I could raise money to help other dogs and people have better lives.
6) I wish I could have a little more food in my dish instead of trying to be "Healthy".

I am sending this on to:


Understanding the Power of the Paw

February 3rd 2008 1:34 pm
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February 1, 2008
I have to say, that at first I thought the Power of the Paw was talking about the prayers that go out for those with paws. I have been one who has been blessed with the prayers and support of my dogster friends when I went through surgery! However, now I know the Power of the Paw is even more than that!
My first birthday! Wow, I'm One! One Year Old!
My birthday celebration actually began on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008 when straight from Colorado I received my first birthday present from my BB, Shooter,(you can see it on my picture page). I wasn't sure what to do with it, but with some help (thanks mom and Lacey) we got it opened to find the coolest ball ever! It has a bunch of holes in it and a tennis ball inside. This I'm sure is to challenge my intellectual abilities and physical dexterity. Thanks Skooter, mom approves of any educational toys! Then came the cards. OMD! I would never have dreamed that I would get mail from places like California, Colorado, Nevada and Australia! Sweet cards, like "Today you are 1" or personalized ones with my picture on it! Then all the messages and Rosies, it makes mommy's eyes water to think I"m so loved. Thursday night, before I went to bed, mommy checked my paw mails only to find out there was a Surprise Pawtry for my birthday which actually had already started. Many of my friends had already been there and left messages. (You guys are so pawsome!)
On my actual birthday, my friends sent messages and stopped in at my pawtry. Then mommy took me to see Dr. Fran. I am in very good health.
I weigh 95.4 lbs. (after my birthday, mommy and I both are going to eat less and exercise more, we have a wedding coming up you know). Then Friday night, my birthday night, I went to my most amazing on-line pawtry given by my friends. We had a great time, we discussed everything from poop to politics!
On Saturday, the day after my actual birthday, my friend Gazda and his mommy came to my house for a play date and party. (We tried to get Lacey to join in, but she was upset that we had visitors. Lacey is older you know and is easily aggitated. So she went to bed. I hate she had to miss the fun.)The afternoon began with a walk to the pond, where my evening meal actually began.
I had a delicious appetizer of Goose Poop! Yummy! When mommy realized that was what I was doing, the walk ended and we went back to the house.
While we were out walking and enjoying our appetizer, (hehe) my daddy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we also had tater tots! I had never had a hamburger or hot dog before! I can honestly say, I LOVE grilled hamburgers! Then we had my birthday cake!!!!
You can see a picture of it on my page! The cake had a crown and septer on it. Mommy put the crown on my head! I was the birthday Princess! The cake was a cupcake cake and I got to have my very own cupcake with a doggie bone on it. Gazda got one too. You can see the video of me and Gazda eating (ok I was gulping, Gazda was very mannerly), but my gulping got me two cupcakes!!!!!! (there are two cupcake vidoes). Then I got to open my presents from my family and from Gazda. I got a new Pink collar and leash with BLING on them! Mommy says I look so beautiful with them on. We are only going to use them for special occasions!
Then Gazda and I played some more. When mommy and I went to bed and we loved and kissed, mommy began to remember a conversation she had with Dr. Fran on my birthday....
Dr. Fran said I was one very special and lucky dog. She said I was loved more than many children. WOW! Mommy began to think there are so many children this year in her classes that do not have parents who love and care for them. There are children who don't have shoes that fit, or are wearing dirty and torn clothes. There are multiple children who have been taken away from their parents this school year and placed into foster care. There are several children who really do come to school hungry and school is the only place where they get warm food to eat. So you see, I am one very lucky pup and Dr. Fran is so right, I am loved more than many, many children. I am even more blessed because I have so many wonderful friends who make me feel so special!
Well, I've said all this to say, that I have realized at the age of ONE that it is the gatherings (some on line and some extended beyond that) of the Dogster friends and their families, that make our lives so enriched. It is the support we give and receive in the good times and sad times that provide us all with happiness and strenght.
I want to say Thank You to everyone for making my BIRTHDAY WEEK a memory of a life time for me and my family! Even my daddy was amazed and touched by the Power of the Paw! You all are Awesome and I love you, Annie


A Visit to the Groomer!

January 24th 2008 6:35 pm
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Oh yes, TODAY, I went to the groomer, and I am SURE I lots 1o lbs in hair! The groomer said, they could make another dog from what they combed off of me! I feel so much better and mommy says it makes me look younger. Mom's always know exactly what to say to make a girl feel good! (Ok, she also said trimming around my toes, made my feet look bigger too!) But, that's ok!!!
I feel like singing...I feel like Maria from West Side Story! (I changed dress to bandana to suit me!

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me tonight.

I feel charming,
Oh, so charming
It's alarming how charming I feel!
And so pretty
That I hardly can believe I'm real.

See the pretty girl in that mirror there:
Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face,
Such a pretty (bandana),
Such a pretty smile,
Such a pretty me!

Only 7 more days till my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Lots of love and licks, Annie


My First New Year's Party and 11 Month Birthday!

January 2nd 2008 12:21 pm
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I had a great Christmas and New Year. I got so many wonderful cards, presents, rosies, and paw mails from my friends. Then Santa Paws came!!!! OMD, was I excited, he really did come. (I don't think Athens really killed him). Then on New Year's Eve, I got to go to my first New Year's party! I was a little scared at first and stayed on mommy's bed. Then a lady came in the bedroom with food and that did it for me, yep, I was in for the party!!!! I love food. I am taller than the dining room table so I walked around and around it, looking at the food! There were a lot of "NO ANNIE'S" but I didn't touch anything! Mommy was afraid I might rest my head on the table and people might freak out. I wouldn't do that. Oh well. Then I sat in front of people, where ever they were sitting and politely sat and stared at them. I used my Big, Brown, Puppy eyes and face and just stared and drooled! Yep, works every time...well almost anyway. I like New Years people and food. Then at 12:00 midnight they all cheered, must have been because it was my 11 month birthday!!!! Boy was I tried the next morning. My skin sister and her husband had to leave at 10:00 so they got up at 8:00. I wasn't ready to get up, but mommy did, so I did. Then I got a pretty lai and pink pig and a bone for my 11 month birthday! You can see me in my Lai in the picture! Can you believe I'm almost one!!!! Well, that's about it. I hope You All (that's Southern for everybody) are doing great and will keep in touch with me! Happy 2008 to my special friends. Lots of licks and love, Annie


Merry Christmas To All My Friends, and Thanks!!!!

December 22nd 2007 6:45 pm
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Wow, I am such a lucky girl! I have the best friends in the world! I would have never dreamed I'd get Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, calendards, pictures, toys and treats from all my friends. Thank you each and ever one for first being my friend and next for sharing your love with me through your cards, letters, rosies, and paw mails. I'm just the most blessed Golden Girl! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of licks, Annie


Thankful all year longThanksgiving Tag

December 1st 2007 10:29 pm
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I have been tagged by my cute furend Hoover. (I'm behind, but as Hoover says, they celebrate Thanksgiving for a month.) We should be thankful all year don't you think?
Because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules. Each player needs to tell seven special things they are thankful for. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 things. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by paw mail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

1. I am thankful for my family
2. I am thankful for my home and sleeping in bed with mommy and daddy
3. I am thankful for yummy treats, toys that squeak, and chicken flavoredbones
4. I am thankful for all the kisses I receive each day
5. I am thankful for the long walks I take with my daddy
6. I am thankful I am loved as mommy says "more than life itselft"
7. I am thankful for all my dogsters pals

I am going to tag:
Honey Bee



October 31st 2007 3:08 pm
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Yep, mommy did it to me! I never thought she'd do something like this...humliation, that's what it was... and the laugh, I've never heard her laugh that way...she laughed at ME...and I just sat there. I would not move, I would not do anything except sit there and look at mommy and listen to her laugh. Then, I layed down (see pictures). I just laid there while she snapped picture after picture of me and she KEPT laughing. That was it. I started moving my head and I got that thing off ! I decided right then and there I'd take care of this issue. I got that hat off and I was going to take it to my place. That's when I got that look in my eyes, like I do when I get things I'm not suppose to and try to take them off ... yep...and then mommy laughed some more. I"m a comedian, GREAT! Then mommy said, Trick or Treat Annie and snapped another picture (that's the one of me carrying the hat OFF to my place) Guess what I'd like to do with that hat? Teach her to laugh at me! I think I'm going to go pout! I'm not to sure about this costume thing! Maybe I should eat some more window sill! She didn't laugh when I did that!
I guess mom's have a way of getting even! Trick or Treat! I'll take the treat! I don't like the trick stuff! Mommy tell your teacher friend I said THANKS A LOT for the costume! NOT!


A Dog Park Playdate

October 21st 2007 4:34 pm
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OMD!!! Do I ever LOVE the Dog Park!!!!! It was a beautiful,clear, blue, sunny, Georgia day!!!! Mommy and I drove an hour to meet my friends, Athens and Gazda at the Dog Park. At first mommy wasn't sure what to do. She said she felt like she was letting her child out on the first day of Kindergarten....whatever mom! I was a little like mommy, I wasn't sure what to do either, but don't tell her that! I looked around the park for a second and then Gazda's mommy called, "Annie, Annie," and I started to run. Then I lo walked around the park for awhile, smelled a few dogs, then I ran around some, mommy says I look so pretty when I run, even when I limp. Suddenly, I saw this beautiful butterfly. If flew right by my face and I started watching it and following it. I couldn't reach though. I wish I could fly! When you run, it's kinda like flying, right? It was a great day to go to the park. Even though it was 81 degrees outside, there was a cool breeze and it felt so good to be free and just visit with other dogs. We stayed about and hour and a half. Near the end, I was just laying in the grass near my friends. It was great! You can look at my Dogster Photobook! You will see Athens on the left, Gazda on the right and me up front. The pretty lady, that's Athen's and Gazda's mommy. Isn't she beautiful!!!! I had the best play date of my life. I got to meet lots of other dogs too! There were two other Dogster dogs there too! One dog's daddy said, "my it is a blonde day at the park," BOL....there were a bunch of us Golden's there! Thank you Kristine for giving my mommy directions to get to the park and for meeting us there. It was a PERFECT DAY!!! (That's from Legally Blonde!)

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