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Adventures with Annie

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Doggie Dreams

January 26th 2009 2:03 pm
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Last night, worn slap out from my walk, I simply crashed on the carpet and drifted off to dream land. (Now this part I heard mom tell someone on the phone, it is the only way I'd know because as I said, I was sound asleep, and to be honest, I don't remember. Let me explain! While I was sleeping, Mom noticed my legs were just moving like crazy and my face was wrinkling up some and then I softly barked twice. Slowly it all stopped, but with in just a few minutes, mom noticed my tail started moving. First, just at the tip, every so slightly. Then a little more, and finally a full wag, WHILE I WAS SLEEPING. Mom said she thought the only dreams we dogs had were bad dreams, but I opened her eyes to the fact that indeed we have sweet, happy dreams too. Shortly after, I woke up refreshed and ready to play again! Come on mom, lets go, here's Da Gorilla!!!!!
More later love, Annie


We are united; our paws are joined together with the- anticipation of change!

January 19th 2009 7:19 am
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I sure wish I lived in Washington DC. How beautiful the city looks right now as it prepares for the Inauguration of a new president. There is such a level of excitement; we feel it all the way down here in Georgia. As we watch the transition from one president to another, we also see the transition of families and yes, even dogs.
Barney and Miss Beazley will be leaving Washington, heading back to their ranch in Texas, and with this new president and his family, there is soon to be a new First Dog joining them in the White House.
With all of these changes, I have so many questions. Will the new First Dog join Dogster? Will he or she want to be friends with me? Will common everyday dogs be invited to the White House for a sleep over? What will the new First Dog promote during his or her stay at the White House? That pup has such a platform to encourage change and improve the lives of dogs in this country and across the world. How Awesome is that?
The prospect of change is exciting and the energy level is high. We all have such great hopes and expectations for our country, our communities, and our families. We are united; our paws are joined together with the anticipation of change.


I"m a Happy Girl!

January 12th 2009 7:00 pm
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I've been such a Happy Girl tonight! I guess I'm growing into my fur and becoming content with my life. I am no longer afraid of my basket and tonight I took out all my toys and happily squeaked, wrestled, chased and chewed them. I climbed in my dad's lap and chased and loved the cats. I put a lot of energy into talking to my mom and gave my deep down throat howl which makes her laugh her deep laugh and then I wag my tail! Mom told me that Walker was coming to visit this weekend and at the mention of his name, my ears went up and my head turned. I recognized his name knowing that it means lots of wrestling, bite - face and fun activities! My live is good and I am a VERY Happy Girl! Love and licks from your Georgia Peach, Annie


Just Loving Life

January 2nd 2009 5:47 pm
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What a special day it was when my new friend Amber from Florida and me (Annie from Georgia) got to have our own game on the football field. Amber and I had never had so much freedom. The football field which is surrounded by a track is completely fenced in. Our parents took us there and closed the gate and let us off our leashes. We ran, and ran and ran and chased our balls and played. Then Amber found WATER!!!! OH Yes, it was awesome. It was muddy water too! We jumped and dug at the water. Amber layed completely down in it. I just splashed around. I think my mom would have gotten upset. I had just been to the groomer three days before.
Anyway, I think it was really neat, since I'm a BIG Georgia football fan and Amber is a BIG Florida Gator fan that we had our first play date on a football field. We had a wonderful time. Mom has posted two videos that show us "Just Loving Life". It was a TOTALLY AWESOME
P.S. After I got back home, I got a bath and smelled pretty again!


Today was a Wonderful Day!

December 27th 2008 5:08 pm
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Today I made two new friends. First, I met my friend
Amber, from Florida. Amber road all the way from South Florida to the North Georgia Mts, just to meet me (ok, so her parents were going to a cabin just north of Ellijay), but still they stopped so we could meet. I don't know who had more fun, Amber and me or our parents.!
It was fun meeting a Dogster pal in person. We got to know each other and on Monday, we're going to have a play date! Mom found a place where we can go and run. I so wish they'd make a Dog Park here in Ellijay. We dogs need a safe place to play.
Then, later on in the day, my little nephew, Walker and I learned how to play together. You'll have to check out my video of us playing mouthy, mouthy and racing through the house. I was gentle with him and didn't hurt him at all. I also got to go to the park and walk. It has been a beautiful day in North Georgia. It was 65 degrees when Amber and I met up. I know it is winter, but it sure felt more like spring time in Ellijay. I hope it will get colder and snow while Amber is here. That would make the perfect get away for them and it would make my mom real happy cause she loves snow. Bye, bye for now. Annie


I've been Tagged

November 17th 2008 4:23 pm
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Here are the answers to the questions


1. Happiness Provider (It is m job to keep our home filled with laughter and smiles) Mom say's I'm perfect for the job!
2. House Cat Trainer / Exerciser (I chase the cats in the house so they can get their daily exercise)

3. Cat Kisser (I'm the only one who gets to lick them, and they love it)

4. I was the Bridal Dog, for Kayann's wedding! (Which means, I stayed home and took care of the houjse! BOL)


1. Locust Grove, Georgia
2. Ellijay, Georgia
3. Blue Ridge, Georgia
4. (I'm only 18 month old and have not been away from mom and dad one night when I was sick)


1. PetSmart Woodstock, GA

2. The Vet and Feed and Seed in Blue Ridge, GA

3. The Shoals in Ellijay, Ga

4. The park by the river in Ellijay


1. On the Sofa (by my momma)

2. Jumping in the water at the Shoals

3. On a walk by the pond (hunting for goose poop)

4. Visiting my friends at the Vet's (I really love to go there)


1. I love Cherrioes in my treat ball!

2. I love to watch Air Bud and Dogs on TV (Greatest American Dog was awesome!)

3. I love to run down the hill to greet my dad when he comes home from work.

4. I can retrieve my toys by name, my dragon, cow, snake, treat ball, monkey!

5. My favorite treat is anything peanut butter

6. I conquered my fear of the toy basket!

7. There is nothing I"d rather have more than a BIG stick! (Save your money mom, just take more walks and let me collect sticks!)

Now, it's my turn to tag friends...let's see....I tag



Scared-E-Cat No More!!!

October 26th 2008 12:18 pm
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OMD! I did it, I did it, I DID IT!
I'm not a Scared-E-Cat anymore!
Today, I got my treat ball out of my toy basket! BIG Harry Deal, you might say, but I bet YOUR toy basket never attacked you!
Yep, last year, while trying to get a toy out, my name tag got stuck in the side of the basket. I lifted my head and the basket was attached to me, on my head!!! I started to growl and bark and shake the basket off my head. It would NOT get off of me. Mom had to rescue me from the basket attack. It was THE MOST TERRIFYING event of my life (all 1 and 1/2 years of it). Since that time, I WOULD NOT get my toys out of the basket. Mom had to get them out and put them in. No matter how much I wanted something, I would just go without or wait for mom to take pity on me and take out a toy or two.
Today however, was a NEW DAY!
Each morning after I eat my breakfast, mom fills my treat ball up with cereal (Cheerios), and I chase the ball around and work them out. If mom forgets to fix my ball, I go find it and bring it to her to fill! This morning, my treat ball was (You Guessed It!) in the toy basket.
I paced back and forth. I walked over to mom and then to the basket. I stood beside the basket and looked in it and over at mom. All she would do is say "Annie get your ball, bring it here”! I even walked up a few steps on the staircase and sat on the first landing, peering down at the basket with my treat ball in it. Surely mom would get the hint! Nope, all she would say was "Get your treat ball Annie, bring it here"! Finally, I went to the basket, looked at it, took a deep breath and stuck my head in and grabbed the treat ball! I was so proud of myself, I pranced and trotted over to mom and handed her the ball!!!! She was pretty excited too! We went into the kitchen and she filled the ball up with my cereal and I pranced off to enjoy my success! Yep, I experienced real success today! I conquered my FEAR of the basket!
Isn't there some saying like "Real Success is Conquering Your Fears"?
Well, I did! I'm not a Scared-E-Cat anymore!!!!
Love and licks from your Georgia Peach, Annie


Under Penalty of Law: I Was Just Helping Out!

August 31st 2008 2:09 pm
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My mom is one busy lady! This morning before leaving for church she had vacumned, started the dishwasher, and done one load of wash. Then, she decided she should also wash the sheets and the duvet cover from her bed. In a rush, mom left the duvet on the floor. (Do you see where this is going?) Rushing to get out of the house, she asked me, "Annie do you want to get in your crate?" I love my crate, but I didn't just jump up. So Mom said, "Alright you can stay out, but be a good girl!" Realizing how hard my mom works, I decided that this was my opportunity! I decided to check out this duvet, see if maybe I could help mom; put it back on the bed or something. In the process, I discovered this enormous tag on the duvet. It obviouly did NOT belong there. I wonder why she has not taken it off? Hmmmm, Mom takes all the tags off my toys. As I proceeded to investigate, I read the tag. It said, "DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG UNDER PENALTY OF LAW" SO that's why Mom had not taken the tag off the duvet cover; she was afraid of going to jail. Well, I can help with that! So, YES I DID!!!! I helped my poor mom out! I tore the tag off the duvet. I did't even leave it on the floor. I put the tag up on the bed. I knew she'd be so proud of me. I waited with great anticipation! I just knew mom would say, "Thanks Annie, You are Mommy's BIG Helper!" However, that is not how it went at all. Mom didn't say anything at first. (What a disappointment!) Then while she and dad were putting the duvet into the duvet cover, they started fluffing it up...and fethers started flying around the room! "What in the world," mom said. She began checking out the duvet and found a tear. She looked more closely, and yes there was a tiny tooth size whole on the other side of the tear (clue number 1). Then she picked up the tag and looked at me! "ANNIE!" "I'm not happy with you!" OMD!!!! She wasn't happy at all. Mom said something about next time she would not leave me out of my crate! I wanted to just throw my paws up in the air and say, "I was just trying to help!" Good grief, mom couldn't take the tag off for penalty of law, so I helped and what kind of thanks do I get? It just doesn't pay to help around the house!


United by a Scent From the Past

August 3rd 2008 5:20 pm
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Have you ever received a present, and when you got it you knew instantly that it was the most special thing you'd ever received? It happened to me just like this:
A few weeks ago, we were getting new carpet. Mom was cleaning and moving things around. She moved the big Chester Drawers in her bedroom, and as she moved it, there on the floor, surrounded by dust was a VERY old Tennis Ball. I was sitting in the doorway when mom found it. Oh YES, the sight of THAT BALL caught MY attention too!
I watched mom pick the ball up and look at it as if it were a piece of Gold. She held it close to her face and she smelled it. Still watching from the door, I looked over at mom and back at the ball and then, unlike my puppy self, I slowly, reverently walked over to where mom was now sitting, and I stared at that Old Tennis Ball.
Gently, I twitched my nose and eased closer.
I sniffed around the ball's curved edges for a long time, and mom rotated it as if she knew I needed to smell it all over.
Oh yes, THIS ball had a long history. From its smell and discolored appearance, you could tell it spent a lot of time in the warm mouth of a faithful friend. Mom held it out to me, and normally, I'd grab the ball and run, but not this ball. I knew it was special. Mom smiled, and in a different sort of voice, she whispered, "Annie, this was Coach's favorite Ball. I wondered where it had gone".
Coach was the Golden Retriever who lived at our house before me.
Mom continued to gaze at the ball and then, lovingly she held the ball out for me and said, "Here Annie, Coach would want you to have it". And so very carefully, I took the discolored tennis ball and slowly walked to my chair. I settled into my favorite spot, and carefully laid the ball down in front of me. Tenderly, I rotated it with my nose becoming more and more acquainted with it. Picking it up again, I maneuvered it into the corner of my mouth, and began doing what I knew that ball wanted me to do. I began to chew it! I had never chewed on a ball before. I guess they were all too hard, but this ball was worn and softer and needed, longed to be chewed, and I did. That night, the ball and I became good friends; through a scent from the past, Coach and I were united at last.


Superfantabulous Splash at the Shoals

July 14th 2008 11:38 am
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Today was not just an ordinary day for this Golden Georiga Peach!
It started like with a car ride, oh how I love to go (that usually means there is a walk involved.!) Yep, I was right, but this walk was a walk through the woods! Do you know how many smells are found in the North Georgia Mountains? Trust me, more than there are numbers to label them! So, I was already in HEAVEN, when suddenly out of nowhere I heard the sound of rushing water. My ears elevated a little as I listened and I lifted my nose to smell. We continued walking another 1/2 mile or so and then....OMD, we cleared those woods and standing straight in front of me were the rocks and the water rushing over them. I was so excited. "Let me go, I shouted" even though it sounded like barking. Adam couldn't get his shoes off quick enough. Now some of those rocks are a little slippery. People, ok dogs too, have to be a little careful, because you will slip on the rocks. Instinctively, I knew how to curve my paws and use my claws to hold on to each rock. I stiffened my legs to help me keep my balance. We climbed up some rocks and then back down some others in order to get out into the shallow water over the top of one set of the Shoals. I did not hesitate to plunge into the shallow water. COLD!!!! but it felt SO good. As I touched the moss on the bottom of the water pool, it tickled my feet just a little, but that was security for me! I knew I had it made. I began pulling my leash and Adam. I was ready to slide down the first natural water flume! You can see the pictures of me on my page. Adam and I played for two hours while mom and Suzanne followed us around taking pictures. The highlight of the day was when Adam started throwing sticks into the water! I would leap into the air and into the water to retrieve them. ( Retrieving...Retriever, hmmm that's what I am, and I love retrieving sticks!) Adam would toss in a stick and I'd jump off those rocks and into the water to RETRIEVE them. However, I did not bring them to Adam, I'd swim out of my way to take them to MY MOM! She tells me how beautiful I am when I swim, who would you expect me to take them to? I'm no dummy. Finally, Adam got tired! I could have gone on forever! We climbed back up the rocks and to the top of the ridge. I looked back over the Shoals and smelled the fresh mountain air. The warm wind blew through my curley golden locks. It has been a Superfantabulous Day at the Shoals. I want to go back soon. Can we go next weekend mom?

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