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Adventures with Annie

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Announcement from Adopt A Golden Atlanta

June 9th 2010 5:14 pm
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First, I want to say how very excited I am to have my wonderful sweet little sister Ella. She use to be called Garbo, but since she moved to Ellijay, GA dad thought Ella was the perfect name for this sweet little Golden Girl. Here is the Announcement that went out to all the volunteers with AGA:Garbo Adopted and is now an Elijay resident!

I am pleased to announce that Garbo was adopted yesterday by Marcia & Mike Hayden. Many of you saw Marcia and Mike at AD with their Golden daughter, Annie. You couldn't miss her decked out in pearls. The Haydens came in to the program hoping for an English Cream, but live in the mountains of Elijay and have a yard not suitable for a fence. They do have a very deep porch that wraps around the whole house and Mike quickly installed gates on both stairways so that AGA would consider them for a puppy. They came to Adoption Day looking for the right fit.
Garbo was not having her best day. She tried to completely hide her head under the shelving so that no one would see her. But the Haydens did. It didn't matter that she is red instead of cream. They were in love. If you will remember, Garbo was dropped off at a shelter with her brother after "being found in a back yard." Her brother was adopted before AGA arrived, but lucky Garbo was rescued by AGA. Although 6 months old at the time, she was not housebroken and was very shy and scared. We first thought she was blind in one eye, but later found that not to be the case at all. Her foster, Terri Dalton, took Garbo to the vet time after time so that her eye problem could be diagnosed and rediagnosed and finally treated properly. Terri has also worked lovingly and patiently on her potty training, and insisted on a stay at home mom or dad so that her efforts would be continued. The Haydens were smitten with little Garbo and totally undaunted by her shyness or her the appearance of her healing eye, or the fact that she's not totally housebroken. They were anxious for a second meeting, and Terri took Garbo to Elijay yesterday to see if the new home and family would be a good fit. Terri said it was bittersweet. Garbo has hit the doggie jackpot: a doting dad who is an education minister, and a devoted mom who is a teacher and off for the summer. Mom is staying home all summer so that Garbo can get her training and be all settled in before mom has to return to work. In addition to her diva sister, Annie, Garbo will have a feline brother, Bob the Cat. Since the Haydens are empty nesters, the girls will be spoiled rotten onlies most of the time, but will have adult human siblings visiting time to time with their own dogs. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the rescue and placement of this special little girl -- especially Terri Dalton, her foster, who spent lots of time and energy getting little Garbo ready to adopt, running back and forth to the vet, screening applicants, cleaning up puppy messes, and the list goes on...
Helen Davis
Dog Placement Team
Adopt a Golden Atlanta


My visit to Adopt a Golden Atlanta Adoption Day

June 6th 2010 2:16 pm
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OMD, I've never seen so many of my own kind in one place! Mom,dad and I took the long drive from the mountains to the "Big City" Hot Atlanta to the Adopt a Golden Atlanta Adoption Day today. They took me because Mom says I am a main priority in this process. and they wanted me to meet any of the dogs they were considering adopting.
Mom and dad have always bought their Goldens from a breeder, but through our friends here on dogster, they've discovered what a wonderful thing adoption is. We are all new to this process, but we are becoming more impressed by the moment. Let me share a little bit about it with you.
First, mom and dad had to fill out the application, then there were a lot of phone calls and conversations about the kind of home we have and the kind of care I get. Then there was the HOME VISIT! Yes, they came to our house and mom had to give them a tour of the house and our yard and answer questions about how I travel and promise that they would never let me or any other Golden ride in the back of a pick up truck. We don't have a pick up truck and mom said if we did she wouldn't let a child ride in the back of one, so why would she let a Golden Retriever? LoL mom forgets some people don't realize that dogs are kids too!
The Adopt a Golden Atlanta organization wants to make sure that any dog they adopt out gets a good safe home with just the right family for the needs of each dog. Today was sort of a Match Day. We met the dogs and their fosters and they got to talk to us. We learned more about each dog and their particular needs and they learned about our family and our needs. They are trying to get a perfect match. Mom and dad selected three dogs that they were interested in and ranked them. The next step is where the fosters will rank those people that were interested in the dog they have and if there is a match, then we will get a phone call and they will try to set up another meeting. If every thing goes well then, the adoption will be finalized. Then there is a lot of paper work and the changing of the microchip into our name. Goodness, so much to worry about. It was so much fun meeting the dogs and the foster owners. Adopt a Golden Atlanta has an AMAZING thing going on and mom said she thinks she'd like to volunteer with them. As for me, I think I will just take a nap and It dream about the day I may get a new brother or sister to play with. That will be a sweet dream!


Simple Pleasures

January 3rd 2010 9:21 am
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Simple pleasures in life come in many forms. Yesterday, I discovered snow flakes.
While walking down our hill, I noticed them falling from the sky. Lots of them. I stood in the silence of the moment and gazed into the air. My eyes followed them as they fell softly on my nose and fur and then, I could contain myself no more; I started biting at them, like I do the marshmellows that mom tosses to me, and I caught those snowflakes. Cool simple pleasures. They kept falling and I kept catching. Mom laughed and of course I did it more. Mom says she sometimes takes the simple things in life for granted.
The sound of the water falling gently over the rocks in the creek below our house, the smell of freshly cut grass, the daffodills as they push through the ground and open their pretty faces each February, and softly falling snow flakes. Mom says I notice these things and help her to appreciate the smiple beauty of our world. I guess that's why she loves to go on walks with me :)


School's Out for Summer!

May 29th 2009 4:47 pm
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This afternoon when my mom got home, she greeted me with her usual, "hello Baby". Then she said,
"Annie this is your second summer vacation! I got so excited, I mean yes it was the tone of her voice, but I knew it was good news. Mom's a teacher and that means that now mom will be home every day with me for the next two months. I bet my swimming pool may be in the picture too!
Yep, this will be my second summer with just me and mom. I think I'm gonna love it! :)


Friends Day!

May 9th 2009 11:09 am
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Mom and I went for two walks today. A short one and a long one. Just in case nothing else better comes along, I found a stick and brought it home for a Mother's Day present. I get so excited when I find a good stick! There is always some wiggling and a lot of prancing. It is obvious that I am SO proud of myself.
My second walk was a longer one.
While we were walking mom picked a pretty wild flower from the field near the pond. When we walked completely around the pond, we walked down near to the water. As we got closer, mom tossed the pretty flower in. As she let it go she said, "Holly, this is for you". The wind was blowing a little and the flower floated out into the pond. Then mom smiled and said come on Annie, I've got an idea." We went back to the field and picked two more flowers. We walked back to the pond and again down close to the water. As mom tossed each flower in she said, " Here's one for you, Marley" and then, "Keely, this one's for you". We watched the flowers float out into the water and the geese swam near by. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Three lovely flowers, representing three wonderful lives, Holly, Marley, and Keely. Our friends.
Then we turned around to head back home. While we were walking back around the pond, it started to rain. No thunder or lightening, so mom and I just walked in the rian. At first I kept looking at her like, "is this suppose to be happening, do you realize we're getting wet?" Then I realized that this was GREAT and I got excited and started leaping in the air and shaking the water off of me (on to mom, I might add). When mom and I finally got back up the hills, we were both soaked. I got towel dried off first then combed out and mom sprayed "So Pretty" my smelling spray that I like so much all over me. Now I smell "So Pretty"
It has been a wonderful day, for me and for mom. I hope the girls like their flowers


The Company of a Good Friend

April 27th 2009 6:50 pm
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Mom and I just finished reading "Marley and Me". I was lying on the couch, mom was in the recliner. I could hear her crying; I kept looking over at her, my eyes raised. " Are you alright mom?" Alley, our gray kitty, came up beside the recliner, lifted her paw and meowed, softly. She got in mom's lap. Mom petted her and then Alley got down. Mom continued to read, more tears, more sobbing. "Ok, that's it!" "Let's Play!" I brought her some toys and I barked at her until she stopped reading (and crying) and played with me. (I really did it to make her stop crying, but don't tell her, shhh!") I , like Marley, rested my snout in my friend's lap and looked up into her eyes. As mom finished the book, she remembered this sentence in the story which truly sums up the way we (MOM AND I) feel about our Dogster friends. "Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky". Mom also felt this line from the book was quite profound , "It's just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn't it? It makes our relationship with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal." Nodding her head and laughing, mom thought about our times together with pups and pup owners here on Dogster. Mom has come to the conclusion that when dog lovers come together, the oatmeal becomes covered with lots of brown sugar making each boring bite so special, tasty, and wonderful. We love you guys, pups and pup owners.
So, in honor of Marely and all those amazing pups who have brought joy, laughter, smiles and yes, tears into our lives; Mom and I went for a walk in the woods. We enjoyed the beauty of springtime ,and I got to stop and smell everything I wanted to smell. I got to walk in the creek and get mud all over my paws. We didn't hurry back home like we usually do, we just enjoyed the moment, and what it means to enjoy the company of a good friend.


Perfume for the Pooch

April 5th 2009 2:02 pm
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Obviously, my mom and I have differing opinions on what smells good!
Today,is a beautiful spring day and mom and I had lunch on the porch.
The neighbors were gone and mom decided I could go run in the woods for a few minutes.
Mom sat on a big rock and waited for me to come back. She waited and waited and waited!
Usually, I'm back in a minute or two, just to check in and then run off again, but today was a different day. I was exploring the woods, and I found the most WONDERFUL smelling
thing in the world. I'm not sure what it was, but I knew mom was going to
love how it smelled on me! So I rolled in it and got it all over my coat and in my
fur, on my face and in my tail and all over my paws, all four of them. Mom started
calling me. I heard her and she could hear me in the woods, the leaves make noise you know.
Finally, I came running back. I was so proud of myself, I wagged my tail as I
approached mom. I didn't have to get to close before she groaned, "Oh Annie!"
I knew she'd be happy! "Oh no, Annie, what did you get into, oh my!"
"What ?" I thought. I followed mom to the front door at which time she grabbed my collar
and opened the door. She called to dad. She told him to hold me while she went
to get the dog shampoo. You'd think she'd allow me to be an individual, think
for myself. No way. She took me upstairs and the whole way up, she kept
saying, "Shewwwww, Annie, gross!" That wasn't very nice to make fun of the
lovely perfume I'd selected to wear.
Mom says I'm a typical middle schooler, asserting myself, trying to be independent!
I thought she'd like the smell, I did!!! Ok, maybe I didn't really care if she liked it or not, I liked it a lot, that's why I got it all over me!
Mom told me while she was giving me
my bath, that I'd lost my privilege to run free for awhile. She said she knew
I'd head right back to where I got the smell and roll in it again, so we're back
to walking on the leash. That's ok, I like leash walks too!


Mom Says I"m All Grown Up!

April 4th 2009 6:59 am
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My mom and dad are SO proud of me! Yesterday, mom and dad drove down to Macon to see my skin sister present her Master's Research Project. Then mom and dad took my skin sister and her husband out to dinner. My other skin sister and her husband who live in the same town I live, came over to take me out and feed me, that way I would not be closed up for 10 hours without food or water or a potty break.
After mom and dad ate dinner and were heading back home (a normal 3 hour drive with good Atlanta traffic), mom called Kayann to tell them they were on the road, only to find out that Kayann had fed me TWO SCOOPS (about 4 cups) of Dog Food. I normally get 1 and 1/4 cups for dinner. Then Kayann and Darren took me out to potty, I did not need to go then. Finally, the real clincher, they just put me in mom's bedroom, not in my crate! When mom and dad found out, dad drove like a Bat out of (the bad place) trying to get home. They made it back to Ellijay in 2 hours, without a ticket! When they came in, I was SO excited to see them and they were SO EXCITED to see I HAD NOT HAD AN ACCIDENT....and they were glad to see me too! Mom said I was such a big girl and she asked me, "We're did my Puppy Go?" I didn't go anywhere, she did! I think she's getting older and forgets things!
Anyway, they had a great time visiting with Adam and Suzanne, Eating a Wonderful Dinner and then coming home to their All Grown up Golden Girl!


I Just Love A Good Stick!

March 29th 2009 12:00 pm
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Mom and I just got in from a nice long walk. It is very cool here today. Not spring like at all. Mom had to wear her gloves and a coat for the walk; I wore my coat too! (ha,ha)
On the way back home, just before the first of two hills we climb along our walk, I picked up a huge stick, probably a yard and 1/2 to two yards long. I carried it proudly up both hills, I pranced as I walk with it in my mouth! Mom says I'm so beautiful when I walk like that. I continued to prance while I carried my stick. Then when we got to the front porch of our house, I thought I should take take my stick inside. Mom said no . I walked all the way up to the front door with the stick in my mouth. Ok, it would have been difficult to maneuver it through the door...but she should have let me try. I stood there and wagged my tail and stared at the door. She didn't give in. She did at least sit down on the porch and chew it for awhile. I just love a Good Stick!


Mom, Please Move Over!

March 6th 2009 4:05 pm
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I've heard my mom complain to her friends that I don't sleep or cuddle with them as much at night as I use to. So, last night I decided, what the heck, I'll try to make Mom happy.
When mom and dad had gone to sleep, I quietly crawled up between them and settled in for the night. (Mom didn't even notice).
Now, I'm a BIG Pup, (the doctor says I'm A VERY BIG Golden Girl) and they only have a Queen size bed.
Being big , means my legs are long and well, you can only keep your legs cramped up for so long. You know what I mean?
Consequently, I just HAD to stretch them out.
In my stretching, I kept bumping my legs and paws into mom's back. I thought maybe she'd get the hint. She rolled over onto her side, but my legs are pretty long and well, they were aching. I HAD to have some SPACE. So I pushed harder. Now you'd think if she wanted me to sleep with her, she'd move over a little when I stretched out, right?
No! She did NOT move. Not ONE inch! Finally, I gave up and turned over onto my back, my paws bent over my body.
Slowly, I relaxed, and I lovingly layed my head onto mom's pillow. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was awakened by my mom PUSHING on ME and saying, "Annie, Annie, stop breathing in my ear." "Move over!" She told ME to move over!!!! Really! What's that all about? Where's the love?
I tell ya. You try to do what your mom asks for, crawl up in bed and cuddle and love her a little... and she 's STILL not happy.
What's a Pup to do?
Your advice is welcome!

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