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hi every one

5-28-11 News on the Kirk Puppers

May 28th 2011 9:53 am
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Good Morning

FEMA is coming to their property to look things over at 5 p.m. Please pray that FEMA can help in someway.
Either temporary housing or help with the replacement of their home.
Bill is going through the debris with his hands.
(manually) When Jim and I had our tornado we had tractors to load the debris on and take it away.
Shawna's people who deliver her oxygen, said, she has to go to Freeman Hospital and have a breathing treatment.
They suspect she inhaled insulation and other debris.
Her bark and coughing is much worse this morning.
She found a pair of summer white shoes for church covered in something all red and black.
She soaked them in clorox and laundry soap and scrubbed them up.
She will be able to wear them.
2 simple dresses bought just before Easter (as she has been losing weight) were found.
She soaked them and they will be wearable.
When evening comes she washes out clothing in the sink.
Still no power.
Have City water to be able to wash themselves off.
Hand wash a few pieces of clothes.
They are overwhelmed by the support from here...They thank all of you.
They are relieved they will be able to treat the puppers for the fleas/ticks for a short time.
One less thing to worry about.
Candles and all kinds of batteries C and D mostly are a real need.
No power so many people need batteries and candles,they are harder to find everyday, even to purchase in a store.
More and more places to go and have a meal are set up each day. Now the time waiting for something to eat, doesn't take so long. The endless appts. and paperwork to fill out, go here and there to see what can be done, fills alot of the day.
Around that they try and dig in the debris, looking for scraps of anything they can save.
A small handful of old pictures were found.
Most stuff like that, has been so water logged you can not identify the items at all.
The TEARS keep coming with each trip to try and find something...Bill said," he can feel our prayers and he felt stronger yesterday.
Shawna, thanks everyone for all their prayers,thoughts and love shown to them."
This will be a long,long road back to anything that seems normal.....
Our house appreciates every single Fur that has pmailed,left a message, reached out in anyway to help the Kirk Puppers.
Assist in the Christian Dogs and Cats Group.
Trying to be a go between, the Kirks and dogster/catster furs is a challenge....God is making these connections and the HOPE fills our hearts with true joy.
There are not enough thank yous in the whole world, for all the efforts in the group to keep things going along!!!!
Our Hubby can't even boot a PC...but, despite his fieldwork, he comes back after caring for the cattle in the morning.
Takes Mazy for a romp on the open prairie.
The rest of the day, she does office work here, giving me about 4" of the chair.
We pop in and out of her frontyard that is fenced.
Coyotes were very close to our house last night before bed. This is why she is never outside by herself.
Be back with new information as we have it....
May God Protect and Keep Each One of You Safe,
Mazy and Gma Keda

Please crosspost to other areas....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Barked by: WHISPER, MY PRECIOUS ANGEL (Dogster Member)

September 25th 2011 at 7:50 am

thank you for chosing whisper as your pup pal. as you know he has gone over the rainbow bridge. thank you for the gift.he is greatly missed.hope you have a long and happy life. God bless you and your family. whisper and his momma


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