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UPDATE ON RIO: Good News... Rio Is Coming Home

September 13th 2012 6:59 am
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After seven months, this precious pup named Rio, is finally being released to the family and able to come home.
The family has faced many challenges, but all was worth the effort in order to bring that special family member back home where he belongs.

Rio has been in custody since February 8th, 2012.
This loving pup was taken from a family who loved him unconditionally, and thankfully, the family has won their case and on September 7th, the owner made the long awaited announcement, "Rio Is Coming Home".

Rio was never an aggressive dog and we all wish the family never had to endure this kind of heartbreak and torment.
It was unjustified and cruel.
It is such an honor to be able to see the happiness in the family who has been filled with so much pain throughout these months.
Animals are an extension to a family, and when you encounter such a horrible situation as this, it is unbearable.
Although the family has had many supporters, and thank God for each and every one of them, you never know the emotional turmoil from this issue unless you have been in their shoes.

I would like to say, Congratulations to the family and may the angels watch over you all as you can finally reunite your family as a whole. You are all in our heart and prayers for a beautiful reunion with that special furbaby named Rio.
We all send our love out to the family and may you all finally find peace and lots of happiness.
Lot's of belly rubs to Rio and I am sure and "Big Steak Dinner" is in order for him. Bless you all!!


URGENT: Tyson and Diesel - Victims Of Breed Discrimination

August 28th 2012 1:11 pm
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Once again we have two precious pups in danger of being euthanized due to their breed.
Tyson and Diesel have been placed in Oakland County Animal Shelter since the 7th of August without being able to see their family.
The family is seeking support from everyone to help them get custody of these furbabies and bring them home where they belong.
Please take a moment to sign the petition located at the end of this article listed as PETITION LINK.

The court hearing has been set for 8/28/2012 at 8:30am in the 52nd District Court -1st Division, in Novi Michigan.
All supporters are welcome.
The family asks that everyone keep this peaceful and polite if you come to the hearing.

This is Tyson and Diesel's Story:

Tyson (3 Yr. old) and Diesel (7 Mo. old) were unfairly removed from their home and loving family.
They have never injured anyone or had any prior complaints, yet they were deemed vicious based on the opinion and prejudice of a police officer and the next door neighbor who stated to the owners when they moved in, that he hates Pit Bulls.
The same neighbor who would hits the chain linked fence from his yard that divide’s the two properties with a rake and yell at them in attempt to scare the dogs.
However, the neighbor has six small dogs and multiple cats of his own running around. In Highland Twp., there is no type of ban against Bit Bulls that would rationalize removing them from their loving home.

On July 26th, 2012 the elderly next door neighbor called the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept. claiming that two Pitt Bulls where in his yard and “nipped at his legs”, the neighbor stated that he waved them away with a watering can.
When the Sheriff and Animal control deputies arrived the neighbor was outside.
Tyson and Diesel where in their own yard and were barking, as any breed of dog would do to strangers approaching at 9:00 p.m.
The animal control Deputy tried to snare them, but they kept their distance 6-7 feet away and were unable to catch them.
Shortly after that the owner arrived home, unaware that either of his dogs was out of the fenced in back yard.
Tyson was curled up in the corner of the neighbor’s yard shaking and scared.
The owner picked Tyson up and put him in his house as directed by the deputy.
Diesel was in the back yard, inside the fence so the owner walked through the house and put Diesel inside too.
There is not a gate leading to the back yard so we are unsure how Diesel was still in there.
It is believed that Tyson possibly jumped the fence by using a truck cap that was recently placed in the back yard.
Diesel is still a puppy and much smaller than Tyson, so it is unlikely he did the same due to the distance between the cap and the fence.

The owner was given a misdemeanor ticket for Possession of a Vicious/Dangerous Animal and told to appear in court.
These loving so call "Vicious" dogs were permitted to reside in their owner’s possession for 10 days, without incident preceding the court hearing for the ticket.
During that hearing on August 6th, 2012 both dogs were remanded by Judge Bondy to be turned over to Oakland County Animal Shelter within 24 hours, where they have been kept in small individual cages 24/7 for the last 17 days.
It was never specified exactly what it was that determined they were vicious other than they barked at them.
This is a heartbreaking tragedy for all that know and love these sweet dogs, that they may be condemned to death simply because of a misconception of their breed and from other careless pet owners who have caused them to be labeled as dangerous.

Tyson and Diesel have spent countless hours interacting with children, cats and dogs of all sizes.
They have never displayed aggressive behavior in any way.
They are well trained, socialized, obedient and most of all gentle dogs.
They love to play and swim at the beach where they have been in contact with various people including strangers without any problems.
They are extremely well mannered dogs; their owner has trained them from puppy’s to allow anyone to take things from them. All the owners, family and friends want is their family members back, but they are in grave danger of being euthanized in the next week! With heavy hearts, we are begging for mercy for them!

PLEASE take a moment to sign their petition and help give Tyson and Diesel a voice to be heard. They are young pups that have never caused any harm to anyone.
They are very social animals. rict-court-plea-to-save-tyson-and-diesel-from-euthanasia

These two are innocent victim who have never shown any signs of aggression towards anyone.
They are being judged based on appearance.
The discrimination of breeds must end.
Please take a stand and help fight this issue to bring these two precious pups back home.
The family wishes to thank everyone in advance for their support and help.


i think it's time.....

August 28th 2012 9:13 am
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i am thinking of leaving dogster.
if anyone fought for that site it was me...and i have lost my purpose there...misty has no job to do anyore...the site is to silent...and after i was attacked in the facebook group that was made to help dogster,by people that were my so called dogster eyes were opened...people hide behind their pets pages and hurt and harm others in secret while being all kind in your face...
six years i gave dogster..six years of my life...
i had it and at the end of this year i will's time
all good things end and this also....
i made a new direction..that is worth while and real..saving real dogs from death..and dogster can...go on in silence..
when others accuse me of being a facebook lover in the dogster forum while they hide in the forum alone and never even go into the site itself...well i know what dogster has become..i fought and lost...dogster can't be saved and i am no longer the dog that will be there to save the world...i'm done!
and in anti bsl you are not kind or do you speak is a rough and hard world where you can only win by fighting hard....i think my days as minister misty are over.
i love you all sweet friends...



August 17th 2012 1:41 am
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Memphis will not be going home with Jeff and Diana Coltenback tonight due to the fact that the Bloomfield Board of Health stated that Jeff broke his agreement in keeping Memphis from public while in his care. Jeff was conducting a socialization assessment with Memphis and with people who had agreed to be around Memphis.
The Board of Health that this was not appropriate and not in the best interest of the public safety because Memphis was listed as a "dangerous dog".

The Board (Karen Lore) stated that they will look into having someone else evaluate Memphis.
Memphis will remain at the shelter until "suitable" placement for him is found.
Karen Lore also stated that if Memphis was deemed "unadoptable", then the shelter would have to take "appropriate measures".

Mr. Coltenback was deeply saddened by the denial from the Board of Health, but relieved that Memphis still has a chance to survive. Personally, I don't agree with the fact that they stated that they would keep Memphis in the shelter until "suitable" placement was found.
Mr. Coltenback runs a Pittie Rescue and pet food store, so in my opinion, who would be more "suitable" that a man who knows these animals first hand.
How much more "suitable does one have to be?

Jeff's Official Statement:

Well, Memphis isn't coming home with us, at least not any time soon. But, it sounded like the board of health is open to all options.
The good news is that Memphis is not going to be put down.
They are looking into many options for him.
Yes, I am very sad he's not coming home to us.
But, I am also happy that he still has a chance...
And, that's the most important thing...
The support from everyone was overwhelming and touching.

Although it was not the outcome we all had hoped for, we may have created enough awareness to prevent Memphis from being killed.
There was a wonderful turnout of supporters at the meeting.
Jeff and Diana Coltenback are greatful for all the support from everyone. My heart goes out to Jeff and Diana.
I know that they love Memphis dearly.
God bless you both for all you have done to help Memphis.

I will keep everyone posted if there are any further developments on Memphis.
Till then, keep your prayers with Memphis because he is a sweet pup who just wants to be loved and be heard.



August 16th 2012 9:49 am
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Posted: 15 Aug 2012 09:42 PM PDT

Memphis is yet another victim of breedism.
He is a Pit Bull, and for that reason, the mindset of those in authority seem to be set on thinking of him as a dangerous breed. Although Memphis has no bite history, no history whatsoever of aggression of any kind, Memphis was evaluated on the orders of the Township of Bloomfield Health Department, which oversees the city shelter, and deemed to be unadoptable based upon the results.
What makes this so incredibly sad, is that the things that Memphis reacted to in that evaluation are things that any dog would react to.
In just one example, a stranger in a hooded sweatshirt stormed into the room and yelled at Memphis for no reason.
Memphis reacted by barking and lunging.

The decision resting in the hands of the Township of Bloomfield, N.J. on Thursday.
Voices are desperately needed to help save the life of Memphis, an innocent dog being held at the city shelter, until the final decision regarding his fate is made.

Jeff Coltenback, the founder of Pitty Rescue, Inc., who is an experienced dog behaviorist and trainer with years of experience, wanted to try to save this precious boy.
He offered to evaluate and train Memphis, in order to ensure that he could be able to be adopted into a loving family.
The Township agreed that he could train Memphis, but refused to allow him to do a separate independent evaluation of Memphis.
To accomplish the training, Jeff had to sign a five-page legal and binding contract that would allow him to do so at his own expense; being held liable for any expenses relating to Memphis during that time.

Memphis lived with Jeff Coltenback and his wife for 8 days and in that time, the beautiful boy reacted as an animal seeking love and affection. Jeff took the dog our for socialization assessments.
During this time, Memphis was exposed to other dogs, cats, children, as well as other adults and never exhibited any signs of aggression.
He was very obedient of Jeff.

Due to Jeff conducting these socialization assessments, the Township notified him that he put the public in danger and was to immediately return Memphis to the shelter, where he is currently residing.
As any guardian knows, socialization is a crucial element in that process.
Now Memphis sits alone in a kennel, wondering what he has done wrong.

After the time they spent with Memphis, both Jeff and his wife fell in love with him, and they told the Township members they want to formally adopt him.
It is crystal clear to anyone that Jeff is the perfect person to adopt Memphis.

Instead of the Township allowing a man with vast experience in dog behavior, especially bully breeds, to adopt Memphis and give him a safe and loving home the Township has called a public hearing to be held on Thursday by the Township of Bloomfield Health Department, to decide Memphis' fate.
If Jeff's request is denied, and if no qualified sanctuary comes forward to take him, Memphis will be killed.

A petition is currently circulating, asking the Township of Bloomfield Health Department to please allow Memphis to be adopted by Jeff Coltenback and his wife.
Voices are also being requested by way of e-mails in support of Jeff's attempt to adopt Memphis as well.
Please take a moment to sign the petition and send e-mails in support of Jeff's plea to adopt Memphis at the PETITION LINK below.
Addresses will also be included at the end of this article as well.


If you live in the Bloomfield, N.J. area and can attend the meeting on Thursday to show your support, please do so. The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the following address:

Township of Bloomfield
1 Municipal Plaza
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
(973) 680-4000

PLEASE be a voice for Memphis and help save his life.
He has done absolutely nothing wrong and being judged by appearance is a growing trend that needs to stop.
Breedism must end, so take a stand and be a voice because he deserves to finally be heard.

Save Memphis And Bring Him Home!
Please Send Your E-Mails And Be Firm But Kind Thanks....

You can email letters of support for Jeff Coltenback to adopt Memphis to:


Pit Bulls – The Misunderstood

August 16th 2012 9:44 am
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Posted: 16 Aug 2012 12:54 AM PDT

Pit Bulls are unquestionably one of the most misunderstood, maligned breeds.
Owning a Pit Bull presents unique challenges that are not faced by owners of 'good' breeds.
Hardly a single therapy visit goes by without someone asking me if Ruby bites or why I do therapy with 'that breed'.
The media would have you believe that every Pit Bull is a psychotic man eater that wants nothing more than to maim you, your children and your pets.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
In the hands of neglectful, abusive owners, any dog of any breed can be made vicious.
Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are currently the breed of choice for the low life scum of the world.
They also happen to be the breed of choice of many loving, responsible owners.
The actions of the few have a strong impact on the rights of vast majority of responsible owners.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is spreading like a plague across the United States, Canada and Europe.
A handful of highly publicized 'attacks' stir up hysteria and breed bans get passed.
BSL does nothing to address the root of the problem - the irresponsible owners who allow the attacks to happen.
These people will find other breeds to do their 'dirty work', we need to ban irresponsible owners, not the dogs they choose to own... because they will just find another breed.
Pit bulls are wonderful, loving animals that deserve the chance to have a good life.
Pit bulls have physical and mental characteristics that make them excellent partners for responsible, active and caring owners.
These same outstanding qualities can, however, be challenging for people who don't have a lot of experience with dog ownership or have limited understanding of the breed.
Luckily, pit bulls are intelligent, very responsive to training, and, above all, eager to please.

Pit bulls still loyally serve society in many roles:

Search and rescue

Therapy dogs visiting hospitals and senior communities

Working in law enforcement as narcotics and bomb detection dogs

Educational dogs teaching children about canine safety

Service dogs

Perhaps the most important characteristic of pit bulls is their amazing love of people.
Many people are surprised by the loving personality of these dogs the first time they meet one.
Pit bulls are remarkably affectionate and truly enjoy human attention.
Breed bans don't work.
They target all dogs of a breed -- the innocent as well as the guilty; are difficult to enforce; and do not end the use of guardian dogs by criminals.
If pit bulls in their various incarnations are banned, drug dealers and other felons switch to another breed or mix.
So remember, the next time you see a Pit Bull, think about the true suffering of the breed.
They didn't ask to be singled out and labeled as the "bad breed," they aren't asking to die just because people don't give them a chance to be known for the beautiful breed that they are, and they didn't ask to become a victim to BSL nor DDA.
All of this has been created by a society that just doesn't understand the breed and irresponsible owners.


URGENT UPDATE: Diesel - Another Victim Labeled In The Dangerous Dog Act

August 15th 2012 6:33 am
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Posted: 14 Aug 2012 03:26 PM PDT

August 9th, 2012, Mr. Dave Smith appeared in court to receive the verdict from the judge on his loyal companion and friend, Diesel. Unfortunately, the decision of the court was not what was expected and was a very biased decision.
They sentenced Diesel to death within the next 14 days, without really listening to the defense and leaving Mr. Smith with a VERY short time frame to appeal.
The paperwork is already in motion for the appeal but time is very crucial for Diesel and support is urgent to save the life of an innocent victim condemned to death without your help.

Depending on if the appeal is successful, the appeal requirements and what conditions the RDCO requires, Mr. Dave Smith agrees to, another possibility for Diesel which involves Diesel being released to a third party that is willing to provide sanctuary.
Anyone that can provide sanctuary, please email Robert Hobson--chairperson of RDCO.

You can email Mr. Robert Hobson at:

Several sponsors have teamed up and set up a chip-in for Diesel and Mr. Smith, to help with legal fees for the appeal.
If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated.
I have included the link to the chip-in on this post as well as adding it to my page.
Please help save Diesel from losing his life and from becoming another casualty to the RDCO.

Diesel, a German Shepherd mix, has been incarcerated since March 11th, 2011, has become a victim under the DDA (Dangerous Dog Act).
Ever since he was seized 17 months ago, Dave Smith, the proud owner of Diesel, has been fighting the RDCO to regain custody of his loyal companion and friend.
He has been fighting for Diesel's return for such a long time and now he really needs our help.

Please don't let Diesel become another casualty/statistic to the war on the Dangerous Dog Act.

This is Diesel's Story:

Dave Smith adopted Diesel in the summer of 2006.
Dave and his loyal companion have been the center of attack for the past few years from a neighbor who has been making life very difficult. This neighbor has been making every effort to cause problems for Dave Smith and Diesel by filing complaints continuously.
Diesel and his owner/parent have been victimized by this neighbor from 2006 to 2011.
Diesel has never shown any signs of aggression by any means and has always been a fun and loving companion.
He has been in the company of many animals, people and children and has never attempted to hurt anyone.
In June, 2011, Dana Eklund assessed Diesel and her recommendation was the he never be released because he would bite someone or another animal.
The assessment documentation provided by Ms. Eklund was given a 20 minute-briefing on Diesel by animal control on the instructions of "their" legal council.
Gary Gibson, who assessed Diesel by video, contradicts Ms. Eklund's testimony showing the complete opposite of what she testified to.
The Provincially recognized expert dog assessor, Gary Gibson, showed both in written submissions and video records that Diesel was not a dangerous or aggressive dog, but would respond if attacked.
Well, I think if any of us were attacked, whether animal or human, we would respond.
That's logic.

The Assessment Conducted By Gary Gibson: 50&set=o.100617440085238&type=3&theater

Statement Released By Dave Smith (Diesel's Owner/Parent):

Diesel has been described as a bit of a brat personality wise, but loves people, kids animals, and basically just wants to play and visit. If I am the reason people have gone after Diesel then I have a huge debt to pay him.
I hope I have the chance to do that.

You can follow Diesel's case through his group page located on facebook.

Group Page Link:

PLEASE help Diesel get released.
It's been 17 long months locked in a cage with no justice.
No animal deserves this kind of cruelty.
Diesel has been the victim long enough.
He deserves to finally come home.
There are two (2) petitions for Diesel.

Please sign the two petitions located below under PETITION LINK 1 and PETITION LINK 2 and give Diesel the voice he needs to be returned.

PETITION LINK 1 : rt-kelowna-regional-district-of-central-okanagan-rule-agains t-euthanizing-innocent-dog-diesel-smith-in-kelowna-bc

PET ITION LINK 2; urt-kelowna-release-the-dog-diesel-to-the-custody-of-his-own er


Kelowna judge hands down death sentence to Diesel the dog - Read it on Global News: CHBC Okanagan | Kelowna judge hands- down dea

August 10th 2012 8:53 am
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A Kelowna judge broke down Thursday afternoon after handing down a death sentence to a dog.

Diesel, a German Shepherd Cross, has been in the Kelowna dog pound for the last 17 months after allegations he bit another animal.

The judge found owner Dave Smith had disregarded several notices about the aggressive behavior of his dog, who was jumping and snapping at people and charging and chasing other animals.

The judge says Smith failed to control Diesel and showed “a callous indifference to the behaviour of his dog”.

The judge ruled Diesel is a dangerous dog and it’s likely it would kill or injure in the future.

He says Diesel must be destroyed within 14 days.

The decision was emotional not only for the judge, who rushed out of the courtroom after handing down the decision, but for many who came out to hear the trial’s outcome.

“It’s a disaster for the dog but what are you going to do? [The judge] made a decision based on the evidence and it’s the right evidence,” said neighbour Terry Maines.

“I hate to see animals put down but I think a lot of it had to do with the owner and it’s too bad the dog has to suffer,” said another woman who declined to give her name.

“Shocked. Shocked. Disappointed,” said Smith when asked his reaction to the verdict. “The judge basically took everything the Regional District said and rejected everything from the defense part of the case.”

When asked what he plans to do next, Smith responded: “Go home and lick my wounds.”

Smith says he plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

Regional District Dog Control officials declined to comment.

Read it on Global News: CHBC Okanagan | Kelowna judge hands down death sentence to Diesel the dog +sentence+to+diesel+the+dog/6442694749/story.html



August 9th 2012 1:07 am
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Posted: 07 Aug 2012 10:08 PM PDT


If you suspect that there is a dog-fighting ring in your neighborhood, contact local officials immediately. People that think this is sport are the ones that are giving specific animals a bad name and increase the chances of the Breed Specific Legislation continuing. These people must be stopped.

Here are some signs of what to look for when you suspect dog fighting:

- Multiple dogs at one location and chained separately. The dogs seem unsociable and are never in contact with one another.

- Dogs with large heavy chains around the neck. This strengthens the neck and upper body for the dog to be stronger in a fight.

- Dogs with excessive scarring or wounds on their bodies, faces and limbs. Front canine teeth missing, these dogs are used as practice dogs for champion fighters.

- Unusual numbers of people coming and going at odd hours often with dogs.

- Cheers or crowd noise coming from the location but no barking or growling (dogs are generally deadly silent during a dogfight)

- Home made treadmills for conditioning the dogs

- Break sticks (often the handle of a broom or hammer that is flattened on one end), used for breaking the dogs apart.

- Poles used to run the dog in circles

- Large water buckets for washing both dogs down so owners cannot put toxins on the dogs before a fight.

- Fighting pit, square area, six by six feet (can vary in size) with lines drawn through .

Remaining silent kills innocent victims and increases the battle for the others to survive. Don't allow this to happen to another innocent animal. They deserve better than that. Give them the voice to end their suffering.

I thought this would be some very useful information for everyone. Knowing the signs can help stop this cruelty and save some precious animals from a live of pain and suffering.

Source: reader-question-is-there-a-dog-fighting-ring-in-town


diary of the day(and they gave dre a spot in dogsters- headlight,thank you HQ)

August 7th 2012 3:09 am
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today's diary pick and dre made headlines on dogster!

Dear Nathalie, Dogster wanted you to know that (retired)minister Misty(My Ang is one of today's featured diaries and it will be displayed all day on our Diary Central page at under 'Today's Picks'.

I know I know, we're barking like mad over here too! Thanks so much for running with the Dogster pack and keeping a diary.

Much Woof!


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