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Adopt '09 Contest -- Tails of the Gang

May 4th 2009 5:02 pm
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Every one in the Gang is adopted...rescued...whatever. I'm Flecken...official Gang spokesdog and historian.

For the sake of the contest, I'd like to be able to say that we have some really sad, tear-jerking stories to tell, about rough lives on the streets, or the cramped quarters of a puppy mill, or chained in the yard with no food or water. But I can't.

The truth is...we're fortunate. We all had happy lives and loving families before circumstances beyond anyone's control dealt us and our families a bad hand. It's no one's fault really. Things happen....and they happened to all of us.

Take me, for instance. I started my life with a small-time doxie breeder. My parents and siblings lived in the house with the humans. We were part of the family...loved and well-taken care of. There were two of us pups left out a litter of five, when a family emergency forced our family to leave town very suddenly. There was no time to find good homes for us. So, they asked a local rescue group to please take care of us and make sure we found nice homes where we could continue to live in the manner to which we had become accustomed. That's how I ended up in the Gang.

The girls? Gretchen, Gabby and Glinda are all the "victims" of old age and bad health. Their original moms ended up having to move to assisted care facilities. Try finding one of those that will let you bring your furry friends's not easy. Plus...what kind of lives would they have had, even if they could have gone with a parent who couldn't take care of themselves, let alone a dog. Their moms did the kind and loving thing. They could have just dumped them at a shelter, and hoped for the best. Instead, they were surrendered to rescue, where someone would make sure that they got nice new families that would love them forever. That's how they wound up in the Gang.

Now, you might not think that being part of a gang is really the best way for three small young girls to live...or an incredibly handsome young boy, for that matter. But we're no ordinary gang....we're the Wiener Dog Gang..."loved by many....feared by few." That's our motto. We stick together. We take care of each other. We all share in the humiliation of wearing the ridiculous Halloweenie costumes that mama seems to enjoy making for us. We may have come from different places, with different backgrounds, for different reasons...but thanks to the wonderful world of "rescue" we all wound up in the same place, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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