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August 24, 2007

Wow I'm Dog of the Day!!

February 11th 2011 12:45 pm
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I got up today thinking it was going to be the same as any other Friday, when Mom told me that I'm Dog of the Day on Dogster! What an honor! I'm famous now! Just wait 'til I tell Grandma & Grandpa, they'll be so proud BOL!

Thanks, Dogster, and everyone who looks at my page! I'm a very lucky little girl :)



December 1st 2009 4:28 pm
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I can't believe there's finally snow on the ground & it's Dec. 1! Time has gone by so quickly this year. It's been very sad, since losing Chrysie in May, we also lost Cookie 2 months later in July. Cookie just seemed to give up on life without Chrysie, and stopped eating completely. Turns out she was in kidney failure, just like Chrysie was, and that was her way of letting us know it was time. After trying constantly to get her to eat, and watching her start to suffer, it was time to let her go. :( She lived a very happy, healthy, spoiled 15.5 years, as did Chrysie and I'm so happy to be able to have known them for almost the 13 years of my life so far. We all loved playing together, begging for food at the table, doing tricks for our treats etc. It will be very lonely this Christmas without my best friends in the whole world, we all enjoyed this time of year so much, especially the food and getting presents! I know they will be watching over me as I beg for turkey at Grandpa's place at the table, wishing they could join me! :) In the meantime I hope all my doggy pals enjoy the season & I also hope there will be an end to all the suffering/abuse to animals everywhere in the world. We deserve to be treated with respect & love, because that's what we will always give to you!


Having a Very Hard Time

June 2nd 2009 5:33 pm
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I'm writing with a very heavy heart, one of my best friends, Chrysie passed away a few weeks ago, and we're all having a very hard time with it. My Mom & Dad are so sad, Cookie is lost without Chrysie around all the time, and my grandparents miss her terribly. I was really looking forward to summertime & warmer weather so we could play ball together after a long winter, but that dream is long gone.

Chrysie was always happy to see me whenever I'd come over to visit at Grandma & Grandpa's house, we'd nose kiss and wag tails right away. I miss her kind greeting so much now, I'm always looking for her but can't figure out why she's not around. I suppose I'll get used to it after time passes, but I know I won't like it. I also know my parents & grandparents will always love her & treasure every moment they had with her, she really was a little clown, full of energy & happiness, so full of life. We love you Chrysie, we'll see you again someday......


Please Vote for Us!!!

April 1st 2009 2:09 pm
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Not too much new around here other than spring is finally around the corner plus Mom entered me, Chrysie & Cookie in the photo contest for Modern Dog Magazine! We each have our own separate pic to vote on, and we'd really appreciate anyone who would vote for us! You can vote every day if you like too! Here are the links: /09/03/17/jewel test/dogs/09/03/28/chrysie

http://www.moderndogmagazine.c om/photocontest/dogs/09/03/28/cookie

Thanks so much, you're all such grrrrrrrrrrreat dogster friends!

Love Jewel


Today is my 12th Birthday!

August 24th 2008 3:32 pm
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Wow, I'm 12 today, and my parents can't believe it! I'm still a baby to them yet I'm already a pre-teen! I sure don't act my age, I still look like a young little girl, and play like a puppy, with a bit more weight than I had when I was really little, but that's the way I'm built!

While Mom & Dad were away at the Mayo, they bought me some nice presents, a new luxurious bed, new brush, soft squeaky toys, organic healthy treats, and a cute papillon sign to put on the fridge :) Am I spoiled? Nahh, I deserve it !! I'm the apple of their eyes, and they'll do anything for me ! They're just happy that I'm such a healthy little girl and I'm having the best life possible with all the love & care they can give me. And what a beautiful day for my birthday today!! We took pics outside of me tanning in my favorite spot on the deck, enjoying what bit of summer sun we have left. Ah what a life!


A New Bed for Christmas 2007!

January 6th 2008 1:19 pm
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I am so lucky, because my Grandma made me a beautiful new bed for Christmas! She & Grandpa spoil me as it is, but this year, she really went overboard by sewing a custom designed bed, made just for me! My main profile picture shows me posing in it, looking quite proud that it's mine, all mine! Grandma is very particular with her projects, and every stitch is perfection. She even made me two little co-ordinating pillows with pillowcases to match! Talk about luxury! I have to say, it's great to be an only granddog!


Today is my 11th Birthday!

August 24th 2007 1:06 pm
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Mom & Dad wish me a very happy 11th birthday and can't believe I am at that age already. Time goes by way too fast, and it doesn't even seem like I am anywhere near that age! I still act like a puppy! I wonder what presents I'm going to get............

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