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Summer in texas

Big Dog Walk

June 10th 2008 2:07 pm
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Here's a pic from the big Texas Dogwalk. It was really hot, but we took the new giant stroller and it was great! Rubi and her mom and dad were there and so were Tubby and Toadie. We had a good time even in the heat and then the clouds came out and we all went to lunch. Restaurents for dogs! Only in Austin....we didn't get pics from that.

The weekend after that we (me and Mom) went to the Run for the Rovers, a benefit for Blue Dog Rescue... they let me come to my Mom and she wants to do nice stuff for the group. It was far away but we took the big stroller and just walked while all those people and dogs had to RUN. They got prizes. It was fun to see my foster mom.


Adopt 09 contest

May 12th 2009 5:04 am
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We're too late for the contest, but if any dog knows about adoption and strolling, it's Dory!

This year we have done 4 and it would have been more but the motor of her stroller was at home sick.

We started with the Run for the Rovers by Blue Dog Rescue, it's in March and an actual timed run for people and dogs. It's a big deal and it's also the group that let Dory and me be together. (Yay!) This one is north of Austin Texas and is a foster only group.

Next one was The Mighty Texas Dog Walk. It tries every year to get back into the Guiness book of World Records. This year they had more than 10,000 paid entries but not everyone got the end of their number torn off and counted, so it was only 8,333 dogs and owners. This one is for Texas Service and Hearing dogs, a really great group. The walk is right in downtown Austin, Texas.

THEN we did the Mutt Strutt in San Marcos. It's a smaller group of participents, but the weather was terrible right up to the start time, so that more than a hundred showed up is really good. This group is promoting good health and collecting money to help with low cost spay and neutering. There was a very nice silent auction and we got a few things. Ok, some of the stuff will be presents later, but it went for a good cause.

THEN (this is the last one for the spring,) we just did the Schlotsky's Bun Run, there is a canine section, but we didn't all go together. Austin is a really great town for dogs, let us tell you!
We don't know how many were in this one, but we DO know there was nice brisket burritos at the end. It was only 3 miles but it was a lot of fun, too. What's next time?


I went to work (class) with Mom. She's a horse-shoer.

March 30th 2010 5:38 pm
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Mom let me go with her to a class last week and I was the best one there. I got my photo taken a LOT, and saw a guy with just part of a horse in the room. And we had barbeque. I only got to taste it, Mom is a worrywart.

So a week later, I found out I'm on Youtube, on the video clip. If you go to Centaur Forge spring fling, you will get to see us.

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