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STAFU Hall of Wonders

May 18th 2009 6:00 pm
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Oh my goodness.....a wonderfur thing happened. I was the first doggie for the STAFU Hall of Wonders. I am on a throne and everything and even have a crown. Now, this just proves that I am the princess I always knew I was (BOL). Fank you to all of STAFU and thank you Boyzzz. Me just can't put into words how honored I am......blush, blush.


Stroller for the Puppers

May 16th 2009 9:15 am
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Hooray!!! My new stroller came and it is a beautiful pink one!!!! I am such a DIVA. Can you say DIVA!!!!!!!!! Daddy said it was ridiculous and he certainly wasn't going to be pushing a PINK stroller with me in it. Said that was Mommy's job (BOL).....hahaha. See my pics and who is pushing my stroller, but dear ol' DAD!!!! I feel like a princess and I can't wait to hit the road and hit all the shops and outdoor dining facilties at the beach. Now there is no excuse for me not to be included in all the fun!!!!


I Won Fiesta Bingo at STAFU

May 6th 2009 8:53 am
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Me, Me, Me, Me Won Fiesta Bingo at STAFU!!!!! Can you bewieve it!!! I haf neber won anyfing in my whole life, but last night on STAFU I was the first one to call BINGO.......Mommy says I haf to fank Jewels because she was calling the numbers and maybe she brought us luck!!! Soooooo....fank you for all your hard work Jewels and fank you for calling my numbers. I am pretty proud of myself!!!!!!!! and guess first prize me won 10 zealies. Isn't that terrific!!


A most marvelous Christmas Eve

December 24th 2008 8:53 am
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This is the most glorious Christmas Eve. Today the mail lady delivered a very special Christmas package to ME!!! When she pulled up in the driveway, Mommy was looking out the window and saw a very familiar looking 'green' box.....she told Daddy to answer the door that Manolo's gift to me had arrived!!!! Of course, I beat Daddy to the door. I was so EXCITED, but I contained myself (acting like the perfect lady so the mail lady would hurry and give Daddy the package). Well, he put it on the floor while he signed for the "special" package and there was a little crack in the box. I pushed real hard and got it pushed against the wall and then I rammed really, really hard and got my head in the crack and into the box!!!!!! I just couldn't wait. I could smell my Manolo's smell inside and almost for a minute I thought, Oh my goodness, Miss Laura sent me Manolo.....but, then I realized of course she couldn't do that. You can't mail a doggie, but boy oh boy, if you could, I'd get myself mailed real quick to Spain and to my Manolo. But, the inside of that box sure did smell good!!!

Daddy had to help me get my head out of the box and then he helped me open it!! I jumped inside immediately. It was glorious!!!! All these pressies just for me from my Manolo and his Mommy!!!!! And, most special of all is the beautiful blankie that Lolo's Mommy created just for me. It is so soft and pretty and I must admit with those beautiful white, purple and aqua colors I look beautiful on it!! Mommy promises to take pictures and post them (I will bug her till she does this). My blankie smells marvelous, I can bury my nose and sniff the wonderful smell of my Manolo. He is a glorious fellow!!!!! I love my treats. I got my bestest favorites of the little bones and a wonderful new treat of yummy chew sticks. These are quite delicious. Mommy let me have one. Oh, and then there are my toys. These are marvelous too and the cow is so cute and the little pillow thingy is quite nice. I rest my chin on it when I am on the blankie. It is all so grand. I feel like a princess on the blankie surrounded by all my pressies!

Now, I just hope and pray that my package gets to Lolo in time to make his Christmas nice too. This is my very best Christmas ever and me loves Manolo and his family so much!!! Our whole family sends special thanks to our much loved 'family' in Spain. Merry, Merry Christmas (Feliz Navidad) to you my handsome Manolo, your Mommy, Uncle, Lucky, Great Grandmomma and even Mr. Lugo too!!!! I love you all!!!!!


A Very Exciting Day!

September 14th 2008 3:41 pm
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Me got a package from my sweetheart, Manolo. The mail lady brought it on Thursday!!! I was so excited I made Mommy open it as soon as we came in. I sniffed, sniffed it real well and I know I could smell my Manolo!!!!! He smelled wonderfur and so did all the goodies. Me is so crazy for Manolo. His Mommy picked the perfect things for me!!!! A beautiful pink and diamond collar (diamonds are a girl's best friend)....hehehe, a real Spanish fan, doggie treats (that I love, they are soooooo yummy) and a little toy doggie I named Custard. Whenever I play with him I think, maybe Lolo is playing with his too. Move over Foxy, I have two favorite toys now!!!! This was just one of the most bestest days of my life getting a present from amor mio, Manolo. Me so crazy for Manolo. Mommy took lots of pictures and made a video too.......look at all my smiles of happiness.


Mailing a package to Manolo

May 3rd 2008 5:07 pm
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Well today Mommy and I went to the post office to mail a special package. It was a giftee for my boyfriend (my one and only actually, the handsome one that I love). Since it was international mail Mommy said we would have to fill out some special forms and probably have to sign our lives away too. (BOL, what does that mean). Anyhow when we got to the window the postal clerk told Mommy that I really shouldn't be in there (Hmmmmf.....didn't they know I was there to help). Well, Mommy just smiled and looked as serious as possible and told the clerk that since I was the one mailing the package and it was going to Spain that we didn't know if they'd need my pawprint or not so I was there in case they did! The postal clerk was floored, but Mommy just looked deadly serious and looked him right in the eye when she said this. She also told him that I was willing to give my paw print, but no they could not have my first born child (now what does that mean, I can't have babies, Mommy had me 'fixed', not that I was broken or anything) Sooooo.......I hope Manolo receives his giftee soon. I can't wait to hear his reaction!!!!!


Dogster Celebrity Quiz - I'm Madonna - Read about me now!!!!

April 25th 2008 4:35 pm
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Stumble It! Wow, your dog is Madonna!

American Queen

Come on, let's just face it: We are living in a material world, and Puppers is a material girl. So go ahead and thank your lucky stars—Puppers is the one and only Madonna!

Always desperately seeking attention, Puppers is multi-talented and savvy, not afraid to get her paws dirty and experiment with new methods of getting into the groove in order to reach her peeps. She commands respect everywhere she goes, a sophisticated traveler who insists upon the best—and more often than not, she gets what she wants. Appearance is everything for your true-blue diva and while her look may change as often as the Pellegrino in her water bowl does, her commitment to exercise is unwavering. Puppers's in tip-top shape, which makes her age in pet years a non-issue. Despite the hard fur and the no-nonsense approach, she's a softy when it comes to her devoted owner. It's fair to say that Puppers is, yes, crazy for you.


April Showers

April 4th 2008 4:53 pm
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The two rainy pictures on my page depict Florida April Showers. We had a huge rain storm last night and our front yard and street became lake front property!!! It was so exciting! The rain flew every which way and the wind blew. It felt wonderfur as my fur was ruffled all around and I got all wet as the rain blew onto the driveway and front porch. I had so much FUN and got SO WET!!!!!!!!! Some idiot driver tried to drive through it and got stuck and when they got out of the car the water swirled in half way up their seats. Daddy started to go out and help the man push the car, but Mommy yelled him unmercifully and reminded him that he was an idiot also!!!!!! Who had a heart attack and two stents placed only two weeks earlier and now he wanted to push cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........Mommy gave him h..l and made him stay put! I think he was a little disappointed because like any 'boy' he wanted to play in the rain!! BOL. Hope you enjoy the pics!


Valentine Tagged

January 24th 2008 5:30 pm
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What's all the Buzz?
Tagged by Buzzy...Valentine style! BOL!!

Boy oh Boy...these tag games sure do keep ya busy don't they! It is hard to keep up with who has been tagged and who hasn't been tagged!

I was tagged by Buzzy, one of the fabulous admins on the Tiny Paws Cruise Ship! If you don't know him yet, you really should!!

Here are the rules of the game!
I am to give 5 Valentine Wishes and tag 5 woofderful friends! goes!!

My wishes...

1. That I could actually be with my love, Manolo. I just wish I could actually meet him!!!!!!

2. Unlimited Zealies for all pups on Dogster. That way we could give fabulous gifts to all our special friends.

3. No more airplane trips......that was very hard on my psyche.

4. Being able to go to the dog park every day.

5. I wish I could go to Petco and pick out everything I want and get it all at once!!!!!!!

Now, I have to tag some woofderful friends...
I am going to tag...

1. Manolo
2. Max
3. Miss Dixie Monroe
4. Peppermint Candy II
5. Hannah Renee Booth

Have fun everypup!!

Love ya all,


Tag - Your It!

October 18th 2007 1:38 pm
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It's Fun To Be Me!
Tag - Your It!
October 18th 2007 12:58 pm [link to this entry]
I've been tagged. Now I must post seven random facts about myself, then tag seven others to do the same. Whoever is tagged posts the rules on their diary,
then notifies the others by a Rosette or pawmail! Have fun!!!

1. My Mom is a Pomeranian and my dad is a Maltese

2. I am in love with Manolo (he's the bestest)!!!!

3. My two favorite outdoor places are the beach and Paw Park.

4. I love kitty cats.

5. I LOVE to ride in the car and beg to go for a ride.

6. When I get excited I jump and dance around and then run pell mell through the house.

7.My favorite place to sleep is on my Mommy and Daddy's great big king bed ( I sleep right in the middle and spread myself out as much as I can!)

Now I tag: Bentley, Sugarpie, Albert, Harley Earl Booth, Hannah Renee Booth,
Hollywood, Toby

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