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Dayzee Dayz

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My legs

September 10th 2007 10:06 pm
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Sept 11. 2007

I just wanted to update you all on my legs. Seems I am getting better by the day. No more limping and I am even able to run again. Boy does it feel good to.
Now my vet says I should be better in 6 months instead of a year.
Thank you all for your many prayers. And most of all I thank my God. Because without him....I am nothing.
God bless you all.


My legs...

September 19th 2007 5:17 pm
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Sept 19, 2007

Oh no, not again. My legs have started hurting again this is the third day. I have upped my medicine again. So now I am taking it easy again.
Thank you all for your prayers.


I'm sad.....

October 9th 2007 8:10 am
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I'm sad, .......* tears*


Thank you all....

October 10th 2007 6:49 pm
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What a bad week I had. But I wanted to take this time to thank ALL my Dogster friends that wished me well and sent Rossettes. It really made me feel better. I also want to thank my sis Faith for telling you all about me.
Did you get to see our pictures on her page? She actually made me get up and play. She hardly ever plays with me now. She says I'm too big plus I slobber on her. * giggles* Sorry 'bout that Faith.
I'm still not up to myself fully yet but that will come....some day.
My mommy can't sit at the computer much anymore because her feet and lower legs are swelling way too much. So now she has to keep her legs up. Sometimes she can't feel her feet.....not good for someone who is a diabetic.
Hey mommy, put your feet up now. Tell the nice people good bye.
* Dayzee blows kisses*


Life ripples

October 25th 2007 5:27 am
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I am the center of my universe
But I do not live here alone.
Each move I make creates a ripple in someone else's ocean
Each breath I take effects the air all around me
Each word I utter falls on someone else's ears
That which I touch is felt by another
That which I do will certainly affect another
That which I do not, will also affect another
We never know how far reaching something
we say or do really is until it returns to us
And it always does...
Whether we see the circle or not.
~Author Unknown
“Life is not what it's supposed to be. Its what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.”



November 9th 2007 6:30 am
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If we all would do just one small thing for others look how it would grow.
A few years back,around the holidays, my younger boy came home and told me about a family that had like 7 kids and that they didn't have a lot of money and that he would share his lunch with the one boy. Well, we talked about the family and how could we help them. Then we knew what we had to do. My whole family of 11 decided that we would not have Christmas but instead spend our money on this family.
If you EVER want to be blessed beyond belief....try this some time.
I went to this home, gently talked to the mother, ask her what they wanted and needed. She was to ask each family member what we could get for them. She just sat there a thought...but didn't know what to say.
At first the kids didn't know what to ask kid looked up at me, puzzled and said, "gee, I don't know what to ask for because , I've never had anything before. " ( this still brings tears to my eyes as WE have so much)
Finally after days of trying to get answers from them their mother gave me their list.
One young boy asked for a small tool box of tools as he helped fix things around the house.
Another asked for some cooking things, frying pan, turners , he liked to make a fire out side and cook for his siblings.
Another needed a sleeping he could stay warm at night.
The list goes on...not what they wanted but what they needed.
I even made each child up stockings filled with you know...they looked at me and asked, "What are these"? They had never even had a stocking....* tears*
The day came that we delievered all the presents...oh, you should have seen their faces....* crying even harder as I type* The stockings had some goodies like candy and young boy carefully took out some candy and offered us some back. Oh precious Jesus! As they were unloading their gifts they were laughing , oohing and awwing...and squeeling with excitment and
delight. Their faces ....their faces.....their precious faces....* sniff, blows nose* if you could have seen their beautiful faces. And the hugs.....glory to God!
So let me tell you all this....if you EVER get a chance to give up YOUR Christmas and help some needy family, please do it. You will never regret it.
Soon after That I came down with the flu and was SO sick I thought I'd die........but I would remember all those faces and all their hugs...I would smile and start to feel better. To me..that was MY gift from them. Glory to God!
So this holiday season, keep your eyes and ears open to someone in need.....this brings up another blessing .....
One holiday season also a few years back, I was shopping at a little discount store. I was by the Christmas decorations when my ear heard a conversation that went something like this.....
look, these aren't that expensive..yes but if we buy them we won't have the money to get the tree ( the tree by the way was only a small 4 foot tree) I looked up at them, careful they didn't see me looking....a very young couple stood looking at things they really needed but could't buy ....
Well, it just so happened that I had gotten what I thought was a nice tree at the local goodwill and it was only $ 5.00. Well when I got home with this big box of tree stuff I found out it had two trees in it. ( see I buy Christmas trees and give them out to needy families also) Anyway, the trees didn't come with a center pole. So, I take a 4 by 4 , drill holes in it and start putting this tree together. To my surprize these two trees made one very full beautiful tree 6 foot tree. My thoughts were, oh, who can I give this to? Lord help me find a family who needs a tree it's almost Christmas...I KNOW there is a family out there some where who needs it.
So this takes me back to the store with the young couple.....
I apologize to this couple for listening to their conversation BUT I had a nice tree they could have.....they look at each other, then look at me... I tell them...go ahead and buy the decorations I will supply the tree. They came that night and got it. Glory to God!
So always be looking for someone you can help. The blessings will just keep flowing your way.
Have a wonderful and blessed holidays.
Dayzee's mommy


Another blessing....

November 9th 2007 10:28 am
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Oh thanks but we have been blessed so much as it is...* smiles*
Just remember....* looks around...shhhh* keep an ear and eye out for some one in need. It's so much fun. * giggles*

There was time that my mommy heard a family at the grocery store...talking very quietly....the child brought something to the parents that he wanted to eat, the parents very lovingly and in a soft voice explained how they didn't have the money for it and to put it back..the parents looked at each other and really felt bad as did the kids ( about 5 ) but the kids understood and accepted it. They only had a few items in the cart and was searching their pockets, purse and even had a child go to the car for any change that may have been there....he came back empty they had to put back even more of what they had. They looked sad but...accepted it.
Mommy couldn't stand it any more...she reached into her purse and gave all that she had...maybe $30.00 cash that was for her grand daughters birthday the next day, plus her older daughter gave what she had also....mommy walked over to them very quietly as not to emmbarress them introduced herself, took the ladies hand as in a hand shake and slipped her the money...telling her..shhhhh, and God bless. The couple looked at each other and back at mommy and said, oh no we couldn't ...we have more at home....looked at each other again...and heads down very humblely said thank you ..give us your address and we will send it back to you when we can. Mommy said no, keep it, but if you still feel you want to repay me then find someone else and pass it on.... as we left to go we could hear the kids and parents whispering , the kids getting excited, looking our way and young child came running over to us and thanked us himself. As we looked back again.....we saw the young man run back to get his item he wanted smiling.
Now, THAT'S a blessing.....
* smiling*


Another blessing.....

November 9th 2007 12:51 pm
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It's hard some times to think about what we do for others especially if you do it so offen and out of habit. I'm sure if mommy thought real hard she could come up with many more....oh, like the time she lived in Austin, Texas. They had/ have an area where all the homeless or down on their luck stay. They gather around a fire and look for hand outs.Well, mommy got this idea one day, she said lets pack a BIG box of goodies for them. So off to the store she went.
She made lots of sandwiches piled high with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. She made baked potatoes rolled in foil with all the stuff for them, sour cream, butter, salt and pepper. She got chips, pickles, cookies, cup cakes. Drinks.
And even napkins to wipe their hands and mouth. Plastic forks knives and paper plates. You should have seen this box stuffed full of things to eat.
Then we took that box and went to where these people hung out. We were a little nervous because it wasn't a very good part of town. Mommy drove around the block a couple of times first checking things out, seeing how many were there and making sure it was safe. She saw a man and called him over, explained to him what we had and told him he could have it all under one condition....he shared with all the others there. He agreeded, wiped his dirty hand on his pants and shook my mommies hand. Smiling he struggled to lift the box from the car. He walked away smiling..with a look like he couldn't believe what had just happened. We drove around the block and came back around to make sure he was sharing and what we saw next was awesome. We saw that man bending over the box of food and motioning to all the others to come see what he had. And he started passing things out to all. These people were walking away smiling with their hands and pockets and arms full of food.
Now that's another blessing.
My kids STILL talk about that day.
Dayzee's mommy.


Dayzee Dayz

January 3rd 2008 12:16 pm
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Well it's been a while since I added to my diary so figured better get busy.
I have wonderful news for all who haven't heard...remember I was having problems with my legs? I was told I would be at least 18 months old before I would be better. Well, just before Christmas my Christmas wish came true....
I had sat on Santa's lap and when he asked what I wanted for Christmas I told him to be able to run and play like a regular pup. You should have seen Santa's face, he thought for a second or two then told me that was a really tall order but he would see what he could do. *snickers*
Well, just before Christmas my mommy noticed I wasn't limping anymore. Yippy!!!!
God is so good. Amen?
Have a blessed day.


My sister Faith went to the Rainbow Bridge 1/14/08

January 15th 2008 12:17 pm
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Thanks so much.....*tears*

Faith's last two days....

Things went so wrong real minute she was fine the next she was throwing up. I started her on the raw diet Friday. She seems to enjoy it. Plus she got her very first bone that day. Raw. Saturday pretty much the same...she was happy looked really good......I gave her her raw meat Sunday mid morning she was fine...later as a treat I gave them both dried beef heart as a treat.....shortly after that she started throwing up. So I thought it might have been the dried beef heart not agreeing with her.......from that point on she went down hill. She threw up all that day....we went to bed around 11
she didn't threw up all night but when we got up around 6 am she started again . Monday she wasn't good. She would just stand in one spot and stare....or sit and stare. The vomiting continued through out the morning into the afternoon. She would get drinks....but wouldn't take any food. She did go out and pee but no poop...she started to get into the position twice to poop but part way down she stood back up and would stare and not move. I called the vet and they wanted her there by 1:30...I called them back and said I needed to wait until after 4:00 so that the boys could say their good byes. I have a 14 and 12 year old great nephews I've been raising for the last three years. Plus my grand daughter who will be 20 also lives with me. She was at work and wanted me to wait to say her goodbyes. She got off an hour early to be here. My son, who is the real owner of Faith but when he got married 3-4 years ago left Faith here because I didn't want her to son is 30. He took off work and drove almost an hour to be here for Faith.
She was taken to the vet around 4:15 and was put down soon after. My son and granddaughter are the ones who took Faith to the vet to be put down. They brought Faith back from the vets wrapped in a nice bag that the vet gave them. In the mean while the two boys went out back and dug her resting place. Before we put her into the ground we brought her body into the house so that Dayzee, Rufas and Butterscotch could see and smell her and know where she was. They knew right away.....we then all went to put her in the ground, said our prayers and returned to the house.
The saddest thing is Dayzee just lay all the rest of the day on the couch or her bed looking so sad and even shaking. We covered her with a blanket and just stayed with her. She was a shadow to Faith.....always looking to Faith to see what to do or where to go....
I have to share with you something so least to me. It was Faiths, her pleasure, to get the news paper every day. The 12 year old would cross the street to get it and bring it to the driveway , then Faith would run and get it from him and bring it to me. I would hold Dayzees collar and she would watch Faith everyday bring in the newspaper. When Faith would get to the door Dayzee would take it from her. Well, yesterday when Faith was so bad and couldn't get the paper we decided to try Dayzee......she ran out , got the paper just like Faith and brought it to me . Faith had taught her yet another trick.
As Faith lay on the floor and I was petting her and gently talking to her, Dayzee came over, looked at her and walked over to where her bone was and brought it over and placed it on Faiths side and walked away. I was so moved by her action. You see, Dayzee just doesn't share or give her bone to anyone....except me . Her act with the bone told me the time was near.
I know we all think we have THE best dog in the whole world......but I know for a fact WE DID have the best dog in the whole wide world. Who is and will forever be missed.
Our house is strangely quiet......

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