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The ramblings of a neurotic mutt....

Learning to fly...

January 7th 2008 10:04 am
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Dear Diary,

Okay, these wings are not as easy to use as I initially thought. While they are big and beautiful, I am a very clumsy mutt! I figured I'd stick to just walking and running for the first few days...
Hard to believe, but I even had trouble without trying to fly! I made myself a nice peanut butter sandwich for lunch the other day, and when I turned around to grab my glass of milk, I knocked over the peanut butter sandwich with my wing. And of course...I got peanut butter all over my new wings!
Lucky for me, everyone loves a girl who smells delicious!

On a more serious note, even though I am having a wonderful time here, I know my Mommy misses me so much. I often look down thru the clouds to check on Mommy, and I see her holding my ashes and crying. She tells me every day how much she misses me, and how much she loves me.
I long for the day when we can be together again. I will faithfully wait for my Mommy so we can cross the Bridge into Heaven together.


Well, I finally got my wings...

December 30th 2007 3:46 pm
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Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for the paw mail and rosettes. They made me feel so loved. I went to the Rainbow Bridge today. When I passed at 12:43am this morning, my loved ones were with me. My Mommy was hugging me and holding my paws as I took my last breaths. Kilo's Mommy (Megan) even came back home to see me.

As you all know, I was having a really hard time yesterday. Around 2:00pm I fell down and couldn't pick myself back up. My Mommy tried so hard to help me, even bringing me food and water. After about 2 hours, I seemed to settle down and Mommy thought I was taking a snooze. Mommy called her daughter Megan (Kilo's Mommy) and asked if she would mind coming home to help me get around. When Megan got here, my eyes were only partly open, but I could hear her and smell her. She got down onto the floor and layed with me and petted me. I wagged my tail because I knew that she had come to see me.
I think I must have had a stroke earlier that day because I really couldn't move--couldn't even pick my head up or open my eyes. Megan carried me into my bed and put my blankie on me too. I was breathing so heavily, and my lungs sounded so congested (probably the congestive heart failure from the earlier heart attack). My Mommy and Megan kept telling me how much they loved me and what a wonderful doggy I was. They slept in the living room with me--my bed in the middle, Mommy in her chair, and Megan on the couch. Something made Megan wake up about 12:30 am and she just stayed awake watching me. Then she woke Mommy up and told her that she thought this was it. They both hugged me and loved me as I passed on to the Rainbow Bridge 13 minutes later.
I feel so wonderful not having any pain. I know it broke my Mommy's heart that I had to go, but I promised her that I would be there waiting for her in Heaven, watching over her. I truly loved being her best friend.


Thank you my dear friends..

December 29th 2007 12:24 pm
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Thank you all so much for your kind words. I cannot tell you how much your thoughts and prayers mean to me and my family.
Mom tried to take me to the vet, but they said that they would want to keep me for a few days for observation. The problem is that there will be no one to take care of me there since they are closed on the weekend and for the holiday on Monday and Tuesday. Mom couldn't stand the thought of me locked in a cage, scared and alone for days.
Mommy thinks I might have had a heart attack when I was chasing that bunny, because I am feeling worse and worse. I can't walk right now. I fell down and Mom helped me back up but I cannot go very far. I am so weak and out of breath. Mommy made me some special hamburger (my favorite) but I could only eat about three teaspoonfulls. I can't stop panting--it is so hard to even lay here. Mommy keeps offering me water. She has brought me food and water, but I won't eat or drink. My family's hearts are breaking.


Getting old is no fun.

December 29th 2007 9:12 am
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Dear Diary,
I haven't been feeling so good lately. I have arf-ritis, and my old bones don't get around as well as they used to. I had a really nice Christmas at Kilo and Pickles house. Mom (Kilo's Gramma) and I stayed overnight for 2 nights there. I got lots of nice pawresents too. We went back home on the 26th, and I was very sleepy. I slept most of the day and night. On the 27th, I was still pretty tired, but seemed to perk up when I saw a bunny in our backyard. I ran outside and chased it around the yard like I used to when I was a pup. But I haven't been feeling very well since then. Mom has tried to get me to perk up, offering me all of my favorite treats, but I don't want any. All I seem to do is pace around the house, and I want to be alone. Mom brought my bed into the living room with her but I can't seem to get comfortable. She brings me food and water, but I'm not interested. I do drink some water though, and then ask to go outside to go peepee. This afternoon, I went outside onto the deck and walked down the 2 steps into the grass. When I was ready to come in, I couldn't get myself back onto the deck--the 2 steps that I used to hop right over seemed to be an impossible obstacle. I put my front paws onto the step, and fell down, back into the yard. Mommy came running out and helped me back into the house. She is goin to take me to the vet, and hopefully they can help me. Getting old is no fun.

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