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Walkies with Penny

September 12th 2007 8:46 am
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Today mummy and I were out walking when we saw our neighbour, westie Penny coming up the street with her mummy. Mummy and I were just heading out on a walk with my favourite ball to the big fields near the farm where I like to run around. We asked Penny if she wanted to come and mummy, Penny and I all went. Penny is older than me, she is 4. She is a big dog, mummy said to her owner that she was getting a little fat. So we ran around trying to burn some extra calories off. Now I am home and I am tired and puffed out. Mummy gave me a big bowl of cold water with ice and now I am laying on the floor with the fan blowing in my face, aaaaahhhhh x


Summer is over

September 3rd 2007 11:37 am
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But the sun is still shining here in Glasgow, yippee! Today has been a lovely day and I have been walked very well. Mummy isnt best pleased with me as I keep pulling on my lead and being aggressive if I can't see another dog. I hope we can solve this because I could tell by the look on her face she was not impressed.

I had lovely chicken for dinner, yum yum and I also had my worming pill this morning too. I didn't even realise I ate it, Mummy can be naughty that way.

I am having a bath tonight as mum said I am smelly and my bum is a bit poopy, even though it is washed reguarly. Sometimes I wish my fur was dark so you couldn't see and I could be smelly forever, heeee heee!

Hope everyone is good.

Bubz x



August 27th 2007 10:54 am
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This is my 2nd time in Manchester and I love it! I get to go round the common, fedd the ducks and meet loads of nice English pup pals.

Today I met a lovely little shih tzu and yorkie cross. She was lovely but was 16 months and a bit too old for me, besides I don't think I could do a long distance relationship, hee hee.

The ducks are exciting but I like eating the bread just as much as them, yummy! I go home tomorrow, I don't mind going on the train - I just go to sleep. Coming down though was very hot and the air conditioning wasn't very good and I panted all the way down but I did have lot's of water and met a nice old lady.

James has a yorkie called Molly, she is cute but not so friendly as she is 14 years old now and never has had other dogs in her house. She is very poorly now with heart failure and liver problems and is on a lot of medication, so I understnd that I can't play with her because I want to play play play and she just wants to sleep and eat. She has been to the vet twice since I have been here, I hope she gets well soon. Her health is improving though and the vet was very nice to her. She doesn't like the car though and pooed on Natalie - She wasn't too happy because it was smelly.

Time for tea but I hope I come back soon, if they will have me.

Write soon,

Bubba xxx


Hair cut

April 10th 2007 4:16 pm
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Today was my first hair cut at Yappies Grooming Room. I wasn't nervous at all, I was very well behaved.

I had a puppy cut, I just had my face, back end and paws n nails trimmed. I like it a lot better because I can see a whole lot better and I can see myself in the mirror now and can't stop barking at myself, I look soooo good!

You can see in my new pics with my little friend Joey.

Signing off,

Bubba x



April 9th 2007 2:55 pm
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Hi everyone!

Easter was a fun time for me, I got to meet James. He is Natalie's boyfriend and he came all the way up from Manchester to visit me. He was very nice and didn't mind cleaning up my poos. I wasn't well and had diaherra, I think that's how you spell it?

I was still happy to meet him though, I was a little jealous that Natalie was giving him kisses but humping his legs showed him I was boss, hee hee!

I get my first hair cut tomorrow because I keep getting a pooey bum and behind legs, even though I am washed lot's and Natalie brushes me every day.

I even went into town in the city and it was fun, everyone was looking at me. I was centre of attention and I loved it. I got lot's of hugs and kisses off a little girl and her Mummy. They were from Ireland and were visiting Scotland, I hope they had fun.

Well I am off for a little nap, I am tired but I will write soon and show you some pictures of my new hairdo!

Bubs x x x

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