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lizard hunting

Rainbow Bridge

May 24th 2013 8:41 am
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Our beautiful, funny, cheery Neksi crossed the rainbow bridge.
We will miss our girl so very much.
She lived a long, happy, hunting, sunbathing life and we wouldn't change a thing of the joy she gave us or we gave her.
We had her in our lives for nine of her 11 1/2 years - old for a beautiful Pharaoh Hound.
Sleep well, my darling Aneksi. You belong to me - in my heart forever.


The littlest bed in town.

October 26th 2007 1:57 pm
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Mom and Dad dropped me and my two Bichon boys off at boot camp last week. Keith sent mom two very funny photos of a Pharaoh Hound, ME!, in the tiniest of beds. It is little Luka's bed and I have to really work to get my long, lanky bones into it. When you look at the photos, take note of how dirty Cuki Snikklefritz III gets at camp. We all play so much at boot camp. Keith only puts us in our run when it is time to eat or time to sleep. Otherwise, we get to play and hike with the pack all day and well into the evening. We love it at!

Mom and Dad will be picking us up Monday. Only two more days to play. I bet we all sleep all day once we get home. Oh! The boys will be sent to get bathed, but me...with my pretty single-layer coat Mom just needs to curry my a little and I'm good to go! It pays not to be a prissy girl. Ha!


What a long hot summer this has been in Phoenix.

September 21st 2007 2:18 pm
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Hi everyone!
It was very sad to see Zeffer leave the house Mom was so sad for so many weeks, but then new puppy Luka showed up. Another LITTLE white dog. What have I done wrong? Okay, he's pretty cute, and I do like being his "mommy" dog.
With the landscape project, there was always a concern that one of us would escape because the workers weren't great about keeping the gates closed.
Well, one evening mom and dad came home and thought the latches were secure. Mom watched us as we three ran to one end of the yard, double back and head to the opposite gate. Then she didn't hear anything and got scared. She went to the south side of the yard, and sure enough the gate was wide open. Oh, no!
I was a very good Pharaoh hound indeed. Instead of running, I kept Cuk and Luka sniffing around the front yard. As soon as I saw Mom I scooted Luka back through the gate and went back into the yard myself. Now Cuki...he saw that as his opportunity to go run. Mom used the "who's hungry for dinner?" trump card and he decided his stomach was more important than his nose of curiosity.
There was one more escape...this time all on my own I just walked calmly past the workmen. Mom didn't realize I was out of the yard for about ten minutes. The nice workman got in his truck to look for me. I was running free to hunt the Arizona desert behind the house. I could hear mom calling, but I was having too much fun.
In true Pharaoh Hound manner, when I was down with my hunt, and thristy, I came back to the new front courtyard gate and stood there waiting for mom to let me back in the house. I haven't tried to hunt on my own since.
The new back yard has grass that I love to lay on. I get spooked when those dang sprinklers turn on and run like a banshee to dry off. ha!
There are new paver paths all through the back yard. Mom laughs because we all three prefer to run on them. And the best part...the bunnies can still get in and out of the yard, so the hunt is on most mornings. Cuki is a formidable hunter as well and has learned several Pharaoh Hound hunt tactics from me: the SQUEAL of hunting joy, and the LEAP and POUNCE when there are lizards in hidden places.
It is getting cool enough again for long morning walks--six miles with Dad. We see all sorts of wildlife and I get to flair my nostrils and listen intently. It's so much fun and I am such a good girl staying right at dad's heels.
Oh! Mom learned something new about me. She says I'm a natural service dog or visitation dog. A friend living with us had to use crutches. He took me out in the backyard on a leash because the gates were open. I was extremely attentive and cautious and did not even flinch when the crutch closest to me came scooting near me suddenly.
And BIG and dad are looking for a getaway home up in Williams, AZ which is in the high pines and is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Dad loves to golf, so they are looking at golf course properties Monday--which means we'll have really fun walks up there. I'll keep you posted.


Lizard Hunting

August 16th 2007 10:49 am
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Wow! this is fun! Mom and Dad ar relandscaping our big back yard. There are pipes and hoses and chicken wire and rocks and boulders for lizards to hide. I find them ALL. Today I caught a big one. Mom called me over and told me to drop it. I thought about throwing him up in the air and swallowing him, but mom looked me right in my eyes. I handed over the lizard and she put him outside the view fence. I'm sad now, but Mom is glad because she likes the lizards--they eat bugs.
Cuki and Luka play all the time together. I have joined in sometimes by holding a squeaky toy in the middle and letting them tug on either end while I Squeak Squeak. Mom and Dad think it is very funny so I keep doing it when they laugh. Luka still can't jump onto a sofa, so I know where I can nap peacefully.

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