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The Cosmonator

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My Birthday!

April 1st 2012 7:27 pm
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Awwwww...thank you so much to my pals for celebrating my birthday with me today! All of your messages and gifts are treasured.

Mom and Dad kept busy today, but they thought about me like they always do! My angel kitty brother, Milo, also celebrates his birthday on this day, and I know he had a great time with his cat pals.

I'm glad Huey is there to keep my parents company. Even though there's usually two dogs in the house, I think Huey is enough for them right now. BOL!

Thank you all for remembering me today.



Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

August 22nd 2011 9:25 pm
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I want to thank my friends for stopping by to remember me on the two-year anniversary of my Rainbow Bridge Day. I know it means alot to my Mom and Dad.

Huey is giving my Mom and Dad lots of love and joy, but in the middle of all of that are flashbacks of the days when both Quincy and I were with them. It really wasn't that long ago, and they will always miss us along with those before us.

Time passes by so quickly, but nothing will ever change the fact that I was a special part of their lives. I will continue to live forever in their memories, dreams and hearts.

My angel pals are calling me to get back to the party now so I have to go, but I'll be around, even if you can't see me!



Birthday love!

April 1st 2011 5:21 pm
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Sending birthday thanks and love to my pals who stopped by to celebrate my special day today!

I really appreciate your pawmails, comments, and gifts. Your messages are really special to me and my family.

I don't know about Dad, but I know that not a single day goes by that Mom doesn't think about me and all her Angels. She'd be happy if we were ALL there with her, including the new dood!

Let's have some angel food cake now!



One year ago

August 29th 2010 1:14 pm
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August 22nd was my one-year Bridge anniversary. Mom wanted to help me write a diary entry but she couldn't bring herself to do it that day, so instead she made sure I had a nice new page.

I know I am thought about alot and my name is often mentioned in the house. While my parents had just started grieving over me last year, Quincy was diagnosed with lymphoma, then my kitty sister Mercy was diagnosed with kidney disease. Too bad none of these diseases are things that can be cured with just a pill.

There are pictures of me around the house and a gazillion more on the computer so I will never be forgotten and have a permanent place in my parents' hearts.

Dad has said to Mom that they need to remember to focus on being grateful for every moment we had together, whether it was weeks, months or years, but most of the time that's easier said than done. My Dad says this but I know he misses me alot because I was one of his boys.

I sure hope I don't see Quincy anytime soon. My parents have never been dogless and it's been years since they've only had one dog in the family, but Quincy needs and deserves all their undivided attention, aside from all those cats in the house!



Cosmo is back home with us

September 3rd 2009 9:57 pm
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Cosmo's remains were returned to us today. The service our vet uses offers a very nice and classy urn. This is actually only the second time we had one of our fur kids cremated, with the first being our cat Milo. Cosmo was also the first dog, but not the first cat, that we ever had to help cross the bridge, as Butch and our first Golden named Duster (whom I've never made a page for) passed away at home.

I admit that I wondered about whether the ashes are really theirs but I am now convinced they are because the metal implant from Cosmo's hip surgery was returned separate from the urn.

Cosmo loved me, but he was always one of "Dad's boys". He told me when he was a puppy that his Dad was alpha and that I should be at the very bottom, below him, so he constantly jumped up and nipped at me and pulled at my clothes whenever his Dad wasn't around. All his Dad had to do was come into the room to see what all the fuss was about and he'd stop and sit down. He eventually grew out of this.

Late last year, my husband knew that the company he worked for was going to move the site he worked at overseas. As a manager, he stayed on for about four more months to assist with the shutdown. The shutdown was completed in March of this year and with the economy the way it is, finding another job has not been easy for many people.

The reason I'm bringing this up is because it meant that Dad was able to spend five months at home. Both of us have repeatedly said that we are happy that Cosmo had that time with his Dad and vice-versa.

Well, guess what, about a week and a half after Cosmo left, his Dad gets the job offer he really wanted at another company less than a mile away from our house, right across from the vet's office. Funny how things happen sometimes.

We have no feelings of guilt, but we will always miss our big red boy.



Cosmo's Journey to the Bridge

August 22nd 2009 6:44 pm
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Cosmo passed away peacefully with the help of Dr. Hensley at approximately 11:00am Pacific time this morning.

A couple of day's ago, we made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to end Cosmo's suffering. Even though we had the option of having the procedure performed in our home, which we would have liked, we thought it was best to bring him in because of Quincy and the kitties. Besides, Cosmo always loved going to see the vet.

Cosmo was somewhat excited to be there and even greeted the technician with a bark, and he hadn't barked in weeks. We were allowed as much time as we wanted with him and were fortunate enough to have had the procedure performed in the "family" room vs. a regular exam room. His Dad and I stayed in the room through the entire procedure and watched Cosmo go quickly and peacefully.

The last couple of weeks were the worse for Cosmo. He had a desire to eat and drink but it was a struggle for him because of the mouth tumor. In the past few days, he could barely stand without assistance. We used a harness for his upper body as well as a hip harness, but you could tell he was frustrated and confused no matter how positive and patient we were.

The tumor in Cosmo's mouth was bleeding more and he was starting to cough, most likely from the lung nodules. He was tired, and we just knew he was suffering and that what he had was a terminal illness.

I will probably write some more about Cosmo in days to come, but I will not be on the computer very much until then, which I'm sure you will understand.

We want to thank our friends for their love and support. Always.




August 15th 2009 9:14 am
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The tumor in my mouth continues to grow which is not a big surprise, but it's a bummer. Infection is one of the big concerns right now but my parents are trying to make everything as easy for me as possible.

I am on a prescription diet for cancer now and I love it! Mom has also been making me patties from fresh salmon with some broccoli, sardines in olive oil, and egg. Sometimes she puts hamburger in them too. Those are my snacks and I love them. Of course, so do the cats and Quincy, so they have to make sure I am getting what I need.

I do better with handfeeding but that is okay for my parents as long as I eat, and I do have a desire to eat. I'm having trouble drinking water unless the bowl is filled up high, but guess what, I like to crunch ice cubes with my back teeth, so Dad has been breaking them into smaller pieces and sticking them through the side of my mouth.

We are going to try one of those controlled water feeders with a tube like you see for cages and see if it will help me lick water easier from the front of my mouth. This was a suggestion from my doc, when my parents had another conference call with her last night. She said trying to squeeze water through the side of my mouth (like near the back) with something like a bottle is not always good because we have to be careful that the water goes down my throat and not my lungs.

I also have a desire to go for a walk, even if I need a little help getting up with my back legs. I actually want to go farther than I really should but by the time I backtrack it is really enough for me. The little ramp leading to the backyard is still also a help.

The other day when Dad was out for a walk with Quincy, a neighbor who we don't know stopped in her car and actually asked Dad where his other dog was! I think we are famous in the neighborhood more than we know.

We're also going to get the outside of our house painted starting next Tuesday, and when the painter came to write the contract, I actually got excited and got up and walked over to see him.

I have a strong will and hopefully some of this new food will help fight the cancer. Everything else seems to be functioning normally, and I don't seem to be too affected yet by the lung nodules.

Oh, and I like Classical music!



Hamburger and Eggs!

July 31st 2009 11:24 pm
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Mom talked to my vet yesterday to ask her about feeding me some cooked hamburger and eggs for protein since I've lost some muscle mass in my hind legs. She agreed that would be okay, as long as the hamburger is lean and the oil drained. Eggs would be good for protein, and this would be like a treat a few times a week in moderation so I don't gain alot of weight which wouldn't help the situation.

Well, yummy! I sure love hamburger and eggs, and Quincy and I are also eating a new canned salmon food with fish oil added to it along with dry food.

If I didn't get a hip replacement when I was very young (under two years of age) and TPLO surgery for my knee five years ago, I would not have had all the years of walking and running that I've had up to now. Dad is the one that mostly takes us on our walks and he and Quincy are very patient when I need to take three or four breaks, usually on the way back home.

The conversation between Mom and my vet also turned a bit somber when they discussed some future things, but Mom says I don't need to worry about those things because she and Dad will worry about them for me.

They do look in my mouth more often than they used to and Mom even takes pictures, prints them out and then tacks them to the bulletin board! Mom describes the growth in the front of my mouth as something that looks a little like pink cauliflower.

That reminds me, where is the tooth they removed? I'm waiting for the Tooth Fairy to leave me a present.



Beautiful Blood!

July 24th 2009 9:03 pm
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My doc called with my blood results so Mom and Dad put her on the speaker phone. She said I have beautiful blood! My liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc. are normal. My thyroid is low, so we're going to try increasing my meds for it.

I'm going to start taking fish oil tablets again. I say again because I did at one time and my parents got away from giving them to me. I'll probably chew and swallow them up with no problem. Quincy can take them too but he'll probably spit them out!

When Mom brought up the fish oil tablets, the doc suggested I get them at night because I could burp out a strong fish smell! So my Dad was funny when he said, "we have ten cats!" BOL!

We are going to cherish good results such as these even though other things could happen, like the spreading of the tumor in my mouth, and the spots in my lung obstructing my breathing.

I am still a bit groggy today and when Dad took me out to the backyard I wouldn't poop, so he took me for a short walk and I pooped on the neighbor's lawn! He cleaned up after me of course. I had a desire to eat yesterday and today, so that's always a good sign!



"C" for Cosmo!

July 23rd 2009 8:44 pm
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Or cancer.

I spent the day at the doc's office today for a recheck and things don't look so good, my friends.

The "spot" that was seen on my lung on the last xray has gotten bigger. It went from the size of a dime to a quarter, and there appears to be a few more spots around the area. Because of the increase in size it is likely cancer. I would have had an ultrasound done today afterall, but the vet was mistaken when she said she thought the radiologist would be in the office today to do it. Grrrr.

The mass on the bottom of the front of my mouth has gotten larger and pushed a tooth loose, so it was pulled today. Mom wanted it saved for the Tooth Fairy.

I can't have the mass in my mouth removed because there is really no way for them to close the skin there. Part of my jaw would have to be removed entirely, but that would not take care of the "spots", and even so, it is not something my parents would put me through at my age.

Even though this was not a complete surprise to my parents, it still saddens them because of the changes from only a month ago when I had my last exam, though they are trying to hide their sadness from me.

I was so happy to pee when I got home and eat dinner. My mouth is bleeding a little but should stop on it's own. I am using my little ramp to go outside, even if Quincy is still scared of it.

The results of my full blood panel should be in tomorrow.

My eyes are still very alert and I still love to go on my short walks and eat, even if there are other things going on in my body. As usual, I'm going to be under observation at home and my parents will do some more research.

Every day counts.


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