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Ear this!

April 3rd 2010 4:56 pm
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I went to see Dr. Wong, my regular vet, today to have my ears checked out since Dr. Shaw said they smelled! I have a yeast infection so I have to get drops put in both ears. My right ear is worse than the left ear, but I haven't been scratching or shaking my head too much. She did an overall touchy-feely exam on me too, which I am so used to by now!

Dr. Wong was so happy to see me since she hasn't seen me in months, but she gets a copy of my report card from Dr. Shaw faxed to her every time I go see him. It was the first time she had seen my scraggly tail and ugg boots! I noticed something different about her too--she had a few strands of rainbow hairs on her head! It's a thing she and her daughter has done at the salon in the Spring just for fun. She said it's tied to her real hairs! I think that would look cool on me.

Our vet has a Welcome to Our Hospital board in the waiting area. There's one on the cat side and one on the dog side. There were alot of names on the board today: Doogle, Patty, Shady, Jolie, Bishop, Moochie, Axel, Bogart Prince, Maya, Seamus, Luca, Rosie, Brushly, Charlie, Drew, Sadie, and of course Quincy!

I hope all my friends have a very Hoppy Easter!



Week 24 - Chemotherapy

March 31st 2010 8:42 pm
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My white blood cell count was checked today and it was good enough for me to get Vincristine. It's the chemo that makes my white blood cell count get low sometimes. The medical term is called neutropenia. They told my Dad that I'm always a good boy even though I can't wait until it's over so I can go home.

My report card today still says I am in complete remission, but Dr. Shaw said my ear stinks! Well, he didn't really say it that way but I may have a yeast type of infection in my ear so I'm going to see my regular vet on Saturday.

I've been listing my treatments by week only because that is the way they have my schedule printed out, even if they are not actual weeks. It's been easier for us to check the list off that way. So this means my final treatment with Adriamycin will be postponed until April 16th, as long as my white blood cell cont is adequate!

I forgot how to retrieve balls already. BOL! Actually, now I "only" do it for Casey's Mom, which is even funnier. Casey loves to retrieve balls so most of the time I just let him do all the work.

My tail is looking a bit scrawny but who cares as long as I can wag it!



A little off schedule!

March 27th 2010 2:00 pm
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I didn't get medicine yesterday because my white blood cell count was borderline too low, so I was sent home with some Ciprofloxacin. That was fine by me because I was happy to go home and chew some bones, hang out with my Dad and nibble on my kitty sister Melody! Dad also decided we would sneak over to the dog park when it was less crowded for my protection.

I'll be going back to see Dr. Shaw next week and then he'll let us know if we should skip a week before my last treatment. I'm in no hurry.

Guess what I learned to do this past week? Retrieve balls! Do I hear you BOL? I've never been interested in retrieving balls very much and just like to find them and carry them around in my mouth. Sometimes I like to push them around with my nose but that's about it. See? I am still capable of learning new tricks!

Mom is still very busy right now with work and all of us, so I just want you all to know we don't mean to be so ungrateful for the messages and gifts you've been leaving for me. I've said it before and I will say it again that it is much appreciated.
Thank you!



Week 22 - Chemotherapy

March 12th 2010 4:44 pm
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I've been doing very well since I last wrote in my diary and I hope my pals have been too!

Thank you to those who have been so kind to leave me gifts on my page. We are having to cut back on our time on both Dogster and Catster to take care of kitty health issues and Mom has just been plain busy!

I saw Dr. Kiselow today because Dr. Shaw is on vacation. He's the one I saw the time I did that retching. I told him I've been doing my homework every day and expected a good report card. He said I looked great so I got my CHOP (an abbreviated name for a combination of drugs used in chemotherapy). This week Dad will put on the gloves and give me those Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) pills at home.

My next treament will be on March 26th, and then April 9th will be my last scheduled treatment in this program. Both my parents will be there for my graduation party and help me make plans for the future!

I have to CHOP! CHOP! now.

Love always,


Week 20 - Chemotherapy

February 26th 2010 7:23 pm
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Dia Dhuit (Hello)!

As you can see, I transformed into an Irish dog this past week in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Other than that, I haven't been around much on Dogster so I hope all my pals are doing great!

Thank you to my dog and cat pals who have been sending me comments, pawmails and gifts. I haven't been good at keeping up with things. The cats and I have been keeping our parents busy. Their jobs are such an inconvenience too!

After my last treatment my tummy was a little upset for a day or so but other than that I'm doing great. The size of my little cyst hasn't changed and I think I'm growing some of my fur back in those areas that thinned out.

I got a good report card today so I got my Vincristine treatment. It's a good thing I only have three more treatments scheduled because I don't like going there anymore. I'm happy to get in and out of the car and walk around outside the hospital but when it's time to go in the back room my Dad has to walk me to the door before I'll go with the technician. I know I'm going to be left there and it's just way too boring!

My best friend Casey came over to play with me in our backyard last week. I run into him often in the neighborhood during walks as well as the dog park. Today my Dad and I saw him and his Dad at the dog park and we played in the rain. We got our picture taken so I added it to my page.

Casey has been a very important part of my life, more than he realizes, especially since Cosmo is gone. His parents are as crazy about me as I am about them too!

Have a super weekend!

OĆ­che mhaith (Goodnight)!



Week 18 - Chemotherapy

February 12th 2010 1:10 pm
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Dad took me in for treatment today. My white blood cell count was good, better than last time, so I got Adriamycin. The cyst on my right side is the same size it has been so we'll continue to keep an eye on it.

Dr. Shaw said the thinning hair on my tail and hind end is likely due to the long-term chemo I've been receiving. He said some dogs lose more hair than others and after I finish the program it'll probably grow back and be like puppy fur! He also said I was doing really good and remain in complete remission. We like to hear that at the end of every visit.

Today was week 18 of treatment, so I have 4 more treatments before I reach week 26, the end of this program. What happens after that? I'll go see Dr. Shaw for monthly checkups at first and then if things continue to look good I'll go every three months or so. If any changes are noticed during that time, I'll get treatment as needed.

My parents are just happy I have done so well. Sure is better than when they were told last September that without treatment I would not be here for no more than maybe 1-2 months. So, if all that's happened to me so far is some abnormal heaving which didn't even really make me sick, and some hair thinning, we'll take it!

Thanks for your continued doggie POTPs and kitty purrs. Happy Valentine's Day!



Bringing home the bacon!

February 8th 2010 7:25 pm
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I used the gift card I won from the Coolest contest to help bring home the bacon! It's a pink pig squeaker mat and I just added a picture of me playing with it. I also got a new toy box for all the tennis balls I've collected during my walkies!

I'm a member of FooPets, and yesterday my pals Doo and Austin caught me over there playing a cat arcade game. Oh..the shame. But, it was actually really cool to get a message from them.

I played really hard with my pal Casey at the dog park yesterday. We were taking turns showing each other our teeth and mounting on each other trying to be boss! At one point we were the only two dogs there and the next two dogs that came were Golden Retrievers, so there were four of us! The BIG difference was, they were so lean and me and Casey are, well, not lean.

I'll be going for treatment Friday, so I'll tell you all about it afterwards and what they say about my fur and stuff. I look like I'm wearing some Ugg Boots!



Losing my tail feathers!

February 5th 2010 8:44 pm
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Well, pals, it looks like I've lost some of my gorgeous tail feathers. but my tail still works! The insides of my back legs are kinda bare too and look like I got a bad haircut. It's more like thinning than fur falling out. The rest of my body looks okay.

Somehow, both my parents ended up calling Dr. Shaw today. Mom talked to one of his nurses and Dad talked to Dr. Shaw. They both thought it was possible that the cause is from the chemo but not the new antibiotic I'm taking. We could go and see my regular vet or wait until my appointment next Friday for them to make an assessment. We decided to wait until next week., since I'm not itching nor acting any different.

I forgot to tell you that I've had to cut back on eating my homemade cookies too because I gained a couple of those pounds I lost! Bummer.

I hope I don't lose any more fur, and really shouldn't, but we'll figure out what caused it.



Week 16 - Chemotherapy

January 28th 2010 7:32 pm
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Today I did NOT want to go into the hospital for my treatment. Dad had to walk inside the building first and encourage me to follow him, so I decided I didn't feel like playing tug-o-war and went in. And I was the happiest boy when he came back to take me home!

I received Vincristine today even though my white blood cell count was mildly low. The cyst I talked about also refilled with blood but they said we don't have to think about removing it unless it gets bigger.

I have to take a new pill called Trimethoprin, which is an antibiotic to prevent infection, along with Metoclopramide (for nausea and vomiting) and Metronidazole (for when my poop decides to run loose). We regularly stock the last two.

My appointment day will now be every other Friday instead of Thursday! Dr. Shaw is now going to another practice on Thursdays. We had an option to switch doctors but Fridays are one of my Dad's off days as well, so we'll switch.

I am doing good. I enjoy my toys, my walks, my dog park pals, food, and my rawhides, which I collect and carry around the house. And I love my pals here who have been supporting me. My tail wags hard---just ask the cats because they get slapped in the face with it alot, and they slap it back!

I think my parents will always have some worry about this whole thing, but they are just glad I am still around and so am I.



I'm officially 6 years old today!

January 26th 2010 8:20 pm
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Dad overslept this morning so he didn't have time to take me for a walk but fed me and the kitties breakfast. You can't count on Mom to walk me in the mornings on weekdays because she's always dilly-dallying, but she did sing Happy Birthday to me and gave me a couple of those peanut butter cookies!

I didn't mind missing my walk and jumped on the couch and told Mom I'd see her at lunchtime....bye! It was a cold and rainy morning anyway, but at lunchtime she let me go out in the backyard and I did something she thought was funny. I went under our small Japanese Maple tree, positioned my rump under one of the lower branches and started marching in place---and it sure felt goooood!

Mom did take me out for an evening walk tonight while it stopped raining and we did our usual walk-n-jog. Don't picture my Mom in any jogging suit unless jeans and garden clogs qualify but I wore my birthday suit!

I will have to leave my birthday page up until the weekend, as Mom would like to take a new photo of me for Valentine's Day and won't get to it until then, so don't forget to grab a piece of cake.

Thank you to all my pals for celebrating my birthday with me. I have been a very lucky dog with lymphoma so far, and will do my best to have as many more birthdays as possible!

I love you all!


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