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Round 2.3

June 4th 2010 7:59 pm
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My white blood cell count was good so I got Vincristine today. One day I may test you all to see if you remember all the names of the legal drugs I'm getting!

My report card said I was still in remission but looks like I've got a couple of them small warts again in my mouth, so we have to watch them and see if they change or multiply. Who knows what happened to the last ones I had--maybe I ate them! I sure don't want a nickname like wartmouth.

Just to reconfirm, I am repeating the entire University of Wisconson-Madison Lymphoma protocol all over again. Let's hope I do as good as I did last time!

Dad gave me a bath yesterday. He likes to do that sometimes before my appointment. I think he thinks that they'll treat me better if I'm nice and clean but if you ask me, I think they treat me good because he hands them a credit card!

Mom took the day off yesterday so after my bath we went for a walk so I could dry off. The camera came along to take pictures of me, so I added a couple of pictures while we were at the park around the corner and then in front of the WOOF sign that's on our side gate. I also added a picture of the back and front of the Power of the Prayer Angel of Hope charm that my friend Hershey Lee sent me. It's on the right column of my profile if you haven't already seen it!

Thanks for the yummy burgers, hot dogs, summer treats and other goodies! I've never been known to miss a meal.

With appreciation,
Quincy who loves his pals


Round 2.2. - Back in Remission!

May 28th 2010 12:32 pm
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Woohoo! I am back in remission after one treatment! My numbers looked good and my lymph nodes are back to normal, so I will be taking Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) pills at home this coming week.

Thank you to all my pals for all of your prayers, messages, gifts, and for filling up my treat jar! Oh, and I see new hamburgers, hotdogs and other goodies on my page now too! *licks chops* Thank you!

I had a couple of new adventures this past week. Mom took me to Petco and I saw a few puppies who came out of training class. They came over to greet me with their owners and I was very gentle as usual. Then Mom and I went to the drive-thru at In and Out burger! I didn't get to eat anything from there because she said it was better she ate the bad stuff than me, but I got to eat some plain boiled chicken when we got home. I think beef should be added to the menu too!

Dad took me to a new dog park not far from the house, though it's not quite as good as our dog park since it's still under development. I wasn't interested in sticking around so we walked around the outside instead. There were some teenagers who were in a van and one girl took out her cell phone and the other one had her video camera! Then they shouted out to us, "We got it, we got it!" OMD, who knows where the pictures and video of Dad and I will end up! BOL

My pal Hershey Lee also sent me a card with pictures of her and a "hope" charm. I will add a picture of it to my page this weekend to show you. Thanks, Hershey Lee!

I gotta run now, as Mom is home for lunch and has to get back to work, but we couldn't wait to tell you the good news.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend, and per my last diary entry, don't forget to email me your pictures if you'd like to be included in my project. I even got a kitty picture!

I love my pals!



Round 2.1

May 21st 2010 7:28 pm
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Calling all pals!

I would very much like for you to send me at least one picture of yourself so that my Mom could put them all together for me in one place so I could see them. If you would like to be part of this project, please send the photos by June 15th (soft deadline) to:

Once the project is completed I'll definitely share it with you!


Dad did take me in for treatment today for the relapsed lymphoma and I received a dose of Vincristine to start with. I'll continue with the weekly treatment schedule on Fridays for awhile just like last time.

They always give me a thorough physical exam along with the in-house complete blood count test before I get treatment. Dr. Shaw said that my lymph nodes had increased in size since last week but that I still look good aside from that. That goes to show you how fast it can spread.

I'm doing good today and hung around the house with Dad. He wanted me to rest so we were like two couch potatoes! Sometimes side effects can occur up to a week after treatment so I have my meds for that.

As long as I feel good I can go out and socialize and do just about anything I want to. I may be out of remission but I'm not out of commission! Of course, remission is still the goal here.

Thank you always for keeping me in your thoughts. Mom makes sure I read all of your messages!



Second time around

May 17th 2010 7:38 pm
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The lymphoma is back. Now, why did it have to come back so soon for? Bummer.

Dr. Shaw made the call to Dad today and said he was sorry several times, then Dad called Mom at work after they talked. I'm starting chemo again from the beginning and Dad already made my appointment for this Friday.

As soon as Mom came home we all got our dinner and then I took her jogging down the street, through the big park and then the dog park. I chased a Boston Terrier around too!

I forgot to tell you that Mom took me to a new PetSmart a couple of weekends ago and we had a blast. She wanted me to pick out a toy while no one was looking so she could buy it for me but nothing really interested me so we came home with another cat bed that I can't fit in!

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I am the happiest sick dog and I sure hope I can stay as happy as I am for as long as possible. The worry-warts around here try to be strong for me and I think it's hard sometimes but they don't want me worrying about them.

I'm innocent. I didn't do it!

I'm gonna go chew a bone now or maybe one of the kitties. A juicy steak would be nice too.

Sending love to all my pals,


Monthly Checkup

May 14th 2010 3:04 pm
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Dad took me to see Dr. Shaw today for my first monthly physical exam since I completed chemotherapy. He confirmed that the oral nodules resolved themselves BUT that the lymph node on the left side of my chin is slightly prominent. Dad said he couldn't feel what Dr. Shaw felt but we know he is the expert. So, they took a sample and the results will be back on Monday.

If the results show no evidence of lymphoma, I'll go for a recheck exam again in another month. If it does come back positive for lymphoma, we will have to consider further chemotherapy.

I'll let you know about the results on Monday but I hope it's not back already. I'd like a break please!

Thanks for your POTPs, pals!



The Sixth of May!

May 6th 2010 1:46 pm
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Congratulations to my pal Zaidie for being Dog of the Week! He looks so handsome on the homepage and I'm very proud to see him there.

I guess those papules in my mouth really were warts because they all disappeared into thin air and haven't come back, so we cancelled my appointment for the biopsy today. That means the only warts left around here are my parents, the worry-warts.

I also got the okay to go back to the dog park so Mom took me there last night only when there were a few dogs around. It seems like it's been forever since I've seen my best pal Casey, so I hope I'll see him soon. My leg doesn't hurt anymore so I'll be ready to play hard with him!

Oh, and I found a small soccer ball toy this morning when Dad took me for a walk. He said I found it fair and square but when I showed Mom she went and washed all the history off of it because she thought it looked gross. Now, why did she have to go and do that?

As soon as Dad makes the appointment, I'll be going to see Dr. Shaw for my monthly check-up in the next week or so.



Wart did you say?

April 26th 2010 10:08 pm
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My leg seems better and I've been jumping up and down when I want to go for a walk even if I do hobble a little, so I've been taking short walks the last few days.

On Sunday, Mom walked me to our neighborhood public park, which is really just around the corner, one block away. We sat on the grass while she sang me the Birds and the Bees song! I pawed her mouth right about that time because I thought she was out of tune.

I forgot to tell you that when Dad took me to see my vet on Saturday that she said that oral papules was just a fancy name for warts and that they can just fall off. I had two little papules on the bottom of my mouth on the gumline and one on the corner of my mouth. I say had because today the two on the gumline are gone, though the one on the corner of my mouth is still there! Weird stuff!

The papules are white and they've been worrying my parents because of the mouth issues Cosmo had. Maybe the other one will disappear and I won't have anything to have biopsied! We'll see what happens and what my vet says!




April 24th 2010 1:30 pm
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I've been limping since yesterday so Dad got me a vet appointment this morning and I excitedly got into the car for the road trip! It's my front right leg that hurts. My vet looked me over and did some physical tests and prescribed some big pills for inflammation that I have to take for five days.

Today was also the first time my vet got to see those oral papules Dr. Shaw discovered in my mouth, which don't appear to have changed. She mentioned that she actually saw Dr. Shaw at a conference earlier this week and they talked about me. We're going to see how I do in the next week with my leg and I'll have x-rays done on it if needed when I have my vet appointment on May 6th to have the papules biopsied. We couldn't schedule that appointment earlier because we had to wait that amount of time following chemo.

I just realized that I didn't tell you about my little road trip with Mom last Sunday. She drove me a short distance to the neighborhood where she and Dad first lived and took me to the nearby park there. I was so excited! She told me Butch and Cosmo had lived there before too. I got to see their old house and sniff so many new smells so it was alot of fun. I was very thirsty afterwards so I'm glad Mom remembered to bring me a big bowl of ice water. Maybe we'll go again tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



Week 26 -Chemotherapy - Graduation Day!

April 16th 2010 1:17 pm
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Today I completed the University of Wisconsin - Madison Lymphoma Protocol from Veterinary Medical Services (VMS) and received a dose of Adriamycin. It was the longest appointment ever at four hours because they were very busy today, so I was there from 7:30am-12:30pm. My parents hung around the area the entire time.

Upon graduation, I received a blue VMS scarf but Dr. Shaw pointed out that I have three small oral papules (nodules) around my mouth. They are to be monitored for growth or the formation of new ones, so I have an appointment in two weeks to have them biopsied because I have to be anesthetized for it and couldn't have both things done today.

I won't be going to the dog park for awhile and may not be able to play with my best friend Casey either. Bummer. The kitties should be okay.

We are still happy I have done so well these past months, though Dr. Shaw said the lymphoma will likely come back at some point but we'll deal with that when the time comes. What he said was not a surprise to my parents.

Mom was at the Happy Go Lucky pet boutique at our local mall and bought me two new toys--a rubber bottle of Mountain Drool and Coiffure Du Chien Chewy Breederer Crispaw! Then the owner of the store gave me a pink kitty bungee toy which I've already destuffed! Pictures will be added to my page.

Woofs of thanks and love to all my pals who have been supporting me through chemo!

Have a drink on me!



Ruff! Wolf! Woof!

April 9th 2010 3:39 pm
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Ruff! Ruff! My page is featured in the first issue of The Ruffington Post today! Woohoo! This is so exciting. Thanks, Dogster HQ, I'll be printing out a copy for my resume!

Wolf! Wolf! I was at the dog park the other day and some guy brought his wolf on a leash to the park but stood outside the gate with him because he said he was trying to socialize it. Wolf or not, anytime someone acts like like they can't control their own pet or isn't sure about it, we decide it's best to leave.

Woof! Woof! I just thought I'd tell you about how we have a sign on the outside of the house on the gate to warn possible intruders that a dog lives here. It doesn't say anything like "Beware of Dog" or "Guard Dog on Duty", but instead it is a bright yellow road sign that says "Woof". Pretty scary, huh?


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