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Good Mud Fun!

November 26th 2005 3:46 pm
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Dear Diary,

Oh, I can tell you why I love rain! Rain means MUD PUDDLES! Personally, Cosmo and I don't mind getting wet and dirty but Mom does, and it makes cleaning us up easier before we go back into the house after a romp around the neighborhood or the dog park. We even have rainwear. But, rainwear is only effective if they remember to put it on us!

It rained last night, and Dad thought we'd be fine without our rainwear today when he took us out for a walk. We really were "fine" as far as we were concerned. But, I spotted that mud puddle straight ahead at the park and before Dad could stop me, I pulled on my leash towards it and plopped myself right in it and rolled around! Oh, that was so much fun!

When we got home, Dad called mom to come look at me. All she knew was, I wasn't going back into the house until I got hosed off. That was fun too! Especially when Mom pulled out the towels to dry me off. I saw that as an opportunity for a tug-o-war game!

Let's hope for more rain and that Dad will continue to have a short memory.

Happy Paws,



The Joys of Turning One!

April 4th 2005 8:48 pm
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Dear Diary,

I turned one in January of this year! To celebrate, I had a wild party at home with the family and my crate was taken apart and put away in the shed! Woohoo! I have grown! I appear to be just a bit taller than Cosmo, or maybe his bones have shrunk a bit since he's getting older. I've feathered out quite a bit but I don't think I'm done with all that yet. Yes, I am definitely becoming quite the handsome lad.

Mom and dad took a week off to hang around town and relax. They took us on a couple of day trips, too! Our favorite one was to the big county park. We got to walk and run along the trails on long leashes and smell things we've never smelled before. More importantly, we left lots and lots of pee-mail for other doggies to read! There was a big doggie park and we ran around and ran around and ran around with other doggies, big and small! When it was time to go home, mom and dad held their hands out because they were afraid our tongues were gonna fall out!!

Yep, I am one now, but that doesn't mean I've necessarily matured, if you know what I mean! Who wants to mentally mature anyway, as it's more fun to do the naughty-naughty on occasion to keep everyone on their toes and keep their interest!

Gots to go pull Cosmo's ear and chase the kitties around now, so I'll write more another time.



Where's the Beach?

November 1st 2004 10:58 pm
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Mom and dad keep saying they're gonna show me a beach but I keep waiting and waiting. Instead, all I got was this water falling from the sky they called rain that made me all wet when I had to go potty out in the dog run. I had never experienced such a thing so the first time when it rained I just stood in the dog run like I didn't know what I was supposed to do. It was my way of making them take me out for extra walks instead! Now they've bought us some rain jackets (see photo), but I guess we look kinda cool! Like as if we had a choice anyway!

In the meantime, I am having a good time driving mom and dad crazy while wrestling with Cosmo!!!!! We bear our teeth and make these weird growly sounds at each other and we don't wrestle in just one spot, we make our rounds around the house per session, like behind the couch, under the computer desk when one of them is using the computer, in the large dog crate TOGETHER, behind curtains, halfway down the stairs, under the dining table, on the dog bed, here, there, everywhere! Sometimes mom and dad spoil our fun and separate us---they must think our tongues are gonna fall out or something!!!

Oh well, such is life....




September 18th 2004 12:00 am
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Dear Diary,

The backyard work is now complete but they've got this temporary plastic fencing all around the grass. Hmmm. I almost fell on top of it the other day while trying to sit against it. That reminds me of something hysterical. The first month or so after they brought me home, I had a nice enclosed pen area in the kitchen that contained my bed, toys, and food/water bowls. It was set up against part of the sliding patio door. One day mom was trying to open the patio door while I was in the pen and Cosmo was squeezing himself next to her anxious to go outside. She lost her balance and fell backwards into the pen, collapsing part of it--good thing I didn't get hurt, but it was the funniest thing! After that, my pen got smaller and smaller since it had connecting pieces, but that eventually led me to more freedom!! Now, all that is gone and I have one big giant crate which I don't mind and that should be put away by the end of the year, we hope!

Mom and dad are really impressed because I've suddenly acquired a taste for paint and drywall in the house. Yellow wall paint seems to be my favorite flavor, and I've been licking the paint like a popsicle! Then I sink my teeth into it and get some of that drywall! I don't know why I do that but mom and dad's voices get louder when I do.

Cosmo is feeling and looking much better now, so it will soon be time for me to get out into the world and see what a beach is, for example. I can't wait! I wonder if the beach is anything like that big white thing in the bathroom that mom fills with water and bubbles.



It's Good to be a Puppy!

September 11th 2004 10:00 am
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Woof! Mom keeps taking photos of the cats for Catster...hey, what about me? I can give her some interesting how about me chewing up the nice rugs in the living room? You know how you can buy those sticky sheets to put under the rugs so they don't move around on the floor? Well, I know how to paw the rugs up and rip them out....I'll let you know when I'm done. Mom and dad must really be impressed by my talents since they come and pay attention to me when I do those things! Can that be added to my list of skills? Mom and dad said the backyard is being re-landscaped right now, thanks to me. Awww're welcome! Gotta go pull Cosmo's fur now....check back soon, you hear?

--The "Q"

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