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Good News!

October 9th 2009 9:58 pm
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I have some good news. I have B-cell Lymphoma opposed to T-cell, which means I have a better median-survival time. My enlarged lymph nodes on the sides of my neck have already gotten smaller, just like Dr. Shaw said they would.

My daily dosage of prednisone is being put in my food and since I'm so good at licking my bowl clean I haven't even noticed it. I guess I'm gonna be peeing alot and my parents were told to make sure they don't leave any human food unattended because I'll probably try to steal it. Not me, I don't do that stuff!

Dad took me for my usual walk this morning and then walked me to the dog park this evening. Mom brought the car a little bit later and because there were alot of cars out front she swung around and parked on the side street. Well, I left Dad's side and stood in the middle of the park with my nose up in the air because I recognized the sound of the car! When Mom stepped out of the car, I knew she was coming even though other cars were blocking my view and I started running towards the gate! I acted like I hadn't seen her in ages.

I saw my best pal Casey today. His Mom wondered where we had been as she hadn't seen us in awhile and we told her the news. She was sad but gave me a bunch of hugs and kisses and said we're all going to hope for the best. Then Casey and I wrestled like we always do because we're best pals. There were over a dozen dogs there today, including my little Pug friend, Lilly, who gave me a bunch of slobbery kisses!

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.



Week 1 - Chemotherapy

October 8th 2009 4:02 pm
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Continued from my diary entry earlier today.....

I'm back from meeting Dr. Shaw and ate a whole bowl of food. I was so hungry!

Our consultation visit went well and we like Dr. Shaw so far. It was a very honest meeting where we discussed Lymphoma and the treatment options. Mom did tell him about all the people and pals praying for me and asked him if he had any pets. He told us he recently had a dog that passed away and was looking for another one. She was going to also tell him that he was being referred to as the Wizard in my life, but the mood was a bit somber at the time and we had to get down to serious business.

I am under a treatment referred to as the University of Wisconsin-Madison Lymphoma Protocol, a dose intense rotating sequential combination of medicine. I received my first dose of Asparaginase (Elspar) today, which sounds like a vegetable! It took a couple of hours so my parents went out for lunch. When they came to pick me up, I dragged the technician all the way to the front lobby and got super excited upon seeing them! They said I was very good during treatment as long as I was being petted.

The only thing that scared me while I was there was a little poodle who walked in with a cone around his head! I saw a couple of three-leggers while I was there too.

I have a weekly treatment schedule to start with on Thursdays. My Dad will be taking me for treatment and said he's not letting work get in the way of this. Mom will be the back-up as needed. The remaining medicines I'll be getting will include Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, and Adriamycin, along with Prednisone. I also have some other medications in case I have any side effects like vomiting.

I only had to fast for this appointment for precautionary reasons but I won't have to fast before getting future treatments, and I'm happy about that!

Dr. Shaw didn't feel I needed to change my diet and said I can resume activities as usual, but not to overdo it. That means I get to go see my pals at the dog park so they know I am okay and so I can be happy. Mom says when she takes me she's going to drive me from now on to make it easier on me and also so that I associate car rides with good things.

We are still waiting on the results of my phenotyping to find out if I have B cell or T cell Lymphoma. B type is more treatable but won't change the protocol.



The Land of "O"

October 8th 2009 9:26 am
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My parents are taking me to the Land of Oncology this morning for an 11:00am Pacific Time appointment. I will be meeting Dr. Shaw, the Wizard of "O", for the first time. When Mom made my appointment earlier this week, she told them that we were going there for consultation and to start treatment ASAP, not to decide whether or not we wanted treatment. They have a copy of my records now, and we will bring my x-rays. I get to ride in the car so I don't have to follow the yellow brick road!

We don't really know for sure if I'll get my first chemo treatment today, but we think so and hope so because I think that's why they told my parents not to feed me past midnight. I'm hungry this morning, but Dad took me for a walk and then I played with a tennis ball and did some dancing for my cats!

We're going to be telling the Wizard how I have my family, neighbors, Mom's friends at work, pals at the dog park, and my Dogster and Catster friends who are praying for me. He's going to know that I'm not just Quincy!

Just so you know, I have not been showing any signs of feeling very sick, so I'm going to do my best to be strong enough for this.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I will update my diary again as soon as I am able so I can share more details.

Toto-ly Quincy


Dog Park Night!

October 1st 2009 8:36 pm
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Dad is off for the next few days so he took me on two walks today and then we went to the dog park in the early evening. I was soaking up the love from a nice lady when I saw another lady coming into the park. I immediately stuck my nose up in the air and knew it was my Mom, so I went running to her and almost knocked her over. She stopped on her way home from work so she could be our limo driver!

We weren't going to stand on a bench and announce to everyone that I had Lymphoma, but when one of my lady pals asked Mom if I had surgery since she noticed I had several bare patches from where they took samples, Mom told her what was going on and managed to do so without making any ugly faces. My lady pal said she was gonna pray for me. I didn't get to see my best pal Casey tonight, but I hope to see him and his Mom soon.

I had a good time tonight though. I was running around with a few dogs and also saw my friend Lilly, who is a Bulldog puppy. I think I'm her favorite because when she comes into the park and the dogs surround her, she comes up to me first and jumps up and starts licking my face! She wears a pink collar with sparklies all over it. I also sat in front of several humans just to get petted. Sometimes I look like I belong to them!

I've got kitty pals as well as dog pals sending me caring messages along with rosettes and gifts and I want to bark out a big THANK YOU with lots of licks.



The "L" Word

September 30th 2009 8:42 pm
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Lymphoma. I was diagnosed with it on Monday.

Dad took me to see the vet last Saturday because I was coughing, and that's when they felt my enlarged lymph nodes so they sent a sample of them to the lab along with some blood and urine.

So, on Monday, we were told I had Lymphoma. My blood is normal as well as my urine, so they think it was caught very early and that my prognosis is good for treatment, meaning chemo. My vet has been consulting with an oncologist.

Today, my Dad dropped me off for x-rays, ultrasound, and more samples were taken for biopsies to determine which type I have, which would determine what drugs I should get. We will have to wait for about five days for those results.

My xrays looked good but the ultrasound showed I had a slightly enlarged spleen and some small spots around my abdomen but so far they still think I have a good chance of kicking it into remission.

This has been a shock to my parents, as you can imagine. They hurt alot for me, but I don't understand why yet because I am still smacking my tail around with excitement and jump right up when I see my leash come out. I like my meals, too. Oh, and I still carry my Dingo bone sticks around the house like they're my teddy bears.

Mom is worried about me losing the sparkle in my eyes but hopes for remission. Treatment can't start soon enough for my Dad because to him I am still a puppy.

Prior to this news, I was going to tell you how Mom has been taking me to the dog park every night after work because Dad's been getting home later from his new job. We've been having such a good time and it was something both of us looked forward to every night. But, for now, I won't be going there so that I don't play too hard with my best pals, even though it's really the humans there that I care about the most. Well, maybe I will be taken there just so I can tell my pals what is going on, but I still get to go on my walkies.

I'll be writing more when I have more news to share.



My Brother Cosmo is at the Bridge

August 22nd 2009 7:42 pm
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My brother Cosmo went to someplace called the Bridge this morning. It's a place that my parents said I'm not allowed to go to for a very long time.

I had been missing Cosmo going on walks with me but I was a good brother when he got sick and never bothered him.

This morning when I saw Cosmo being escorted out to the garage to be put in the car I wanted to go too. When my parents came back I went out to the garage and looked for him but he wasn't there.

I am okay. I saw Casey, my neighborhood best pal, at the dog park twice today. His mom just loves me because she says I am so sweet. I got so dirty playing with Casey I had to get a bath.

My parents told me they are glad they have me. I'm glad too.



My Week

August 15th 2009 8:53 am
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I stole a tennis ball from the dog park this week. It's my current favorite at home right now and I can pick it out from amongst all the other balls in the house. In return, I have to bag up extra tennis balls around the house and donate them to the dog park!

While I was at the dog park, there was a Pekingnese that scared all of the big dogs, including me. He was so feisty and was chasing and barking at us the entire time. I stuck close to people for protection and when I left he was chasing a terrified Rottweiler!

Yesterday, Dad and I were just around the corner on the way back home from a walk. A car slowed down and the person driving waved and continued on. Well, that's when I realized that person was my Mom. I recognize the sound of her car anywhere so I started running and Dad had to run along with me, all the way home!

That's my week so far!



Mail Lady

July 31st 2009 10:40 pm
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I heard the mail truck stop in front of our house today. Our regular mailman must be on vacation because a mail lady came out of the truck and started heading towards our front door to deliver a package.

Dad saw the mail lady so he thought he'd meet her at the door so she wouldn't ring our doorbell which causes Cosmo and I to bark. Well, I decided to bark anyway and when Dad started to open the door the mail lady started backing away and said,

No, no, no, that's okay, you don't have to open the door, I'm just dropping off a package!

I scared her with my big bark! Little did she know I would have loved to see her but I also got praised for being a good watchdog.



I'm Brave!

July 26th 2009 7:31 pm
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I did it! I walked on the gigantic 3-foot ramp! BOL! And I'm still in one piece! Cosmo and the kitties said they didn't understand what my problem was.

Anyway, while Dad was out early running an errand, I woke Mom up from downstairs with my dreaming. It was a pitiful cry that echoed throughout the house. It has been described by Dad as the sound of a wounded bear!

Lately, Mom has not been going on walks with me and my Dad so that she can keep Cosmo company, but today she went with us and decided to bring the camera. I got so excited I was trying to jump on her on the way to the dog park.

When the homes in our development were built in 1996, there was some leftover land at the end of a street about four blocks away. A group of the dog-loving homeowners (including my parents) got together with the City to discuss turning it into a dog park so they agreed to do so on a trial basis and used leftover materials and put up a gate, but there was no water. The homeowners did volunteer work to maintain the dog park.

A couple of years ago, they finally set up a budget for the park, and now it has water, some turf, and nicer benches than what they had before, so it's very convenient and I get to go there every day. Cosmo goes when it's not too hot or when he's up for it, which isn't that often nowadays.

There is also a community park across from the dog park that was built along with the homes, and there's a tennis court there. That's how I got my collection of tennis balls, which I can always smell in a shrub a mile away! Sometimes we bag them up and drop them off at the dog park, but anytime I bring one home when I go walking with just my Dad, the first thing I do when I get home is look for my Mom so I can show her, but I don't let her have it!

That was my Sunday!



Rest in Peace, OBI-WAN

July 24th 2009 11:54 pm
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We were so sad to learn that our good friend OBI-WAN went to the Bridge earlier this week. He was only four years old, and leaves behind a shocked and heartbroken family.

It is always too soon whenever one of us has to make that journey.

We love you and your entire family, OBI, and miss you very much.


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