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Week 6 - Bloodwork is Normal!

November 12th 2009 3:08 pm
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I only had to get my blood drawn this morning, so I was back home within an hour. I wanted to wait until they called with the results before I wrote in my diary and they just called and said it was normal!I'm off the Prednisone right now as well.

The other day when Mom was cleaning the room upstairs where the cats eat, she thought I was asleep downstairs. She didn't have the gate latched while running the vacuum cleaner and when she turned around all the cat food bowls were sparkling clean. You just have to be at the right place at the right time!

Last week, I picked up a pinecone during an evening walk with Mom. I was carrying it in my mouth while walking and we ran into my buddy Casey. Next thing you know, our heads were side-by-side but we were very quiet. That's because Casey had grabbed one end of the pinecone with his mouth and we were both standing there holding it! Eventually, I let Casey have it and he dropped it before we all continued walking.

Earlier this week when I went on another evening walk with my Mom, we walked by the same spot where I had run into Casey last week. Suddenly, I started pulling Mom and then she realized why--to retrieve that same pinecone! So, she let me carry it and we continued to walk.

Well, guess who we ran into? Casey! However, this time he didn't care about the pinecone because he was more interested in Mom's long scarf, so he grabbed one end and held it tight with his teeth without pulling. Okay, so now Mom is laughing hysterically while his apologetic parents are unsuccessfully trying to pry his mouth open!

I think Casey's parents got very annoyed because they started scolding him in Russian! Casey has some strong jaws because we must have been standing there for at least ten minutes.

After all that excitement, we all decided that it was best we continued our walks, but not together! And, I brought my pinecone all the way home! I only like to carry them, but not chew them.

Next Thursday I'll be getting another dose of Vincristine.


Barked by: Austin - My Sweet Angel Boy (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 4:23 pm glad you're doing good and feeling much better! YAY!!

And its good that you don't chew up the pinecones...that could hurt your tummy. Our friend Mable just posted that she had to go have emergency surgery cause she chewed up her blankie a few weeks ago and not all of it came out and it was binding her they did the surgery and they also found some pieces of her rubber toys that she chewed up in August!! OH MY! So becareful what you chew. Taking the pinecone for a walk is good!

Sending you love and kisses...

Doo, Austin & Mom Lou Ann
Barked by: " Dog " (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 4:57 pm

That is fantastic news ! We couldn't be happier ! It sure sounds like you are having some fun and we think that goes a long way towards healing the mind,body and spirit. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Dog,Roscoe,Autumn,Penelope & Mom
Barked by: Quincy (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 5:10 pm

Thanks, pals!

Poor Mable! Yes, I don't get to chew or keep pinecones. I barely chew my tennis balls but anytime there's even a little crack in one they get recycled.

My parents sigh with relief each week as long as the news is good.

It's important for me to lead a normal life and to have pals to play with.

Thanks for the love, kisses, hugs, and prayers!

Barked by: ♥ Sasha ♥ (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 5:17 pm

Very good news Quincy...We get up on Thursadys and always think about your treatment and wish you good thoughts..

Hugs Buddy
Barked by: Quincy (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 6:10 pm

Thanks, Sasha,

No day is taken for granted, that's for sure.

Hugs back,
Barked by: Wendy G

November 12th 2009 at 8:01 pm

YAY, Quincy!! Yu da man!!! Whut a GWATE day!! Way tu score wif da cat fuds, tu, dude! R it weally DAT gud?? Am I missin' out on sumfing gwate??? "Momma! I fink we need ged a kitty!!" BOL!! I r 'llergic tu kitties (really), so it r pwobabwy nod a gud idea!
Barked by: Quincy (Dogster Member)

November 12th 2009 at 9:25 pm

It's a good thing we don't have pinecones in our backyard! But I am very picky once I find a pinecone or a tennis ball...they can't fool me with any other than the one I found.

Zaidie, allergic to kitties?!! Cat food is yummy but doesn't really sit good in my tummy! BOL!

Barked by: Rocky (Dogster Member)

November 13th 2009 at 5:28 am

Pawsome news, Quincy! You are doing so good, and we're keeping our paws crossed that it continues! Your walks sure sound like fun. Do you know Russian too? That Casey sounds like a smart doggie!
Barked by: Riley (Dogster Member)

November 13th 2009 at 5:38 am

That's great news, Quincy.

We're so smart. You proved it by knowing just where that pinecone was. Have a great weekend, Quincy.

Your pal, Riley
Barked by: Chester (Dogster Member)

November 16th 2009 at 8:29 am

Great news, Quincy! Live long and prosper, big guy!

Your walks do sound great- I gotta start paying more attention to pine cones, hmmm. I thought I knew all the cool stuff to play with.
Barked by: Quincy (Dogster Member)

November 16th 2009 at 5:26 pm

Thanks, Rocky, RIley, and Chester!

I don't speak Russian yet, but I may learn a few words from hanging around with Casey's parents!

I may find another pinecone or tennis ball again tonight!

Barked by: Eddie (Dogster Member)

November 17th 2009 at 5:38 am

Quincy! That is GREAT news that your blood work was normal! :) Yay Buddy! :) OH..and that was very nice of you to clean the kittys bowls for's always nice to eat out of a nice sparkling bowl. :) Mom is leaving for vacation tomorrow..but we will check back next week when she gets home. We are praying you continue to do of our dog channel pals was just diagnosed with lymphoma also. :( Its a terrible thing, that cancer.
Eddie & Sonny




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