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The Life of a Papillon


August 11th 2010 6:57 am
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BayLee and I are so sad asI was elected to do a group that I really didnt want to be a leader of. The one that got it just passed it over to me and I tried to get all our Papillion friends to come and talk about our breed and contribute anything as a free and great group. Our friends from Canada helped us out a lot but if no one contributes all the groups just sit there and take up space on the site and that is so sad. Sometimes you join too many groups it would be hard to contribute as we understand. We are so sad to give it up and it will sit there idle like a lot of other groups. Maybe Dogster will just pull these groups that are idle so others don't sign up to a group that is idle and no pup spirit. I want to thank Daisy , Boston and all their family for helping me by coming on and talking about our beautiful pups. We love you guys but the group has to go for sure. everyone have a great summer and stay cool. We sure are BayLee lays near the vents where the air comes out. Smart pup for sure. Old but wiser. Take care our friends luv ya all!


Our friend Minnie

August 20th 2009 9:09 am
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Our good friend Minnie Bell( 482834) as gone to the Bridge and I hope all our friends that know her will stop by and let her mom know how much we care. Losing a friend on dogster is the time that we all stick together and let them know that every pup on here is so important to all of us. We all go through this and if it wasn't for our friends on dogster to help us through the tough times it would be so much harder. Please take the minute to stop by her page and see what a beautiful pup we all love.
Thank you,
Mimi and BayLee


My Special Day!

July 31st 2009 6:49 pm
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Wow this was my special day. Mom couldn't realize I was 4 years old today. Wonder where the time went. I got a bow put on my collar and mom sang Happy Birfday to me. Not too bad considering she is human. I think us pups sing a lot better but not telling her that. I get so excited when mom sings to me and I can wiggle my butt a mile a minute. She made me feel so good and special today. Course my sisters get a little jeolous when she is close to me. Course I get that way when she loves them up too. I guess we all love mom and that is important to her too. We are all special. All the pups on Dogster are special to someone and that is so important to remember. We have unconditional love that you can't beat. Well I enjoyed my day and am so happy I have my family and sisters with me. That makes life worthwhile.


Earth Day Gift

April 24th 2009 6:16 am
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I got an Earth Day gift from a secret person also. Thank you so much for the gift. I sent one on to a friend also. Hope everyone is well and happy. The weather is getting to be like spring outside with a little rain today. Going to the 80's this weekend and I know I will be outside to watch my neighbors kitties. Lucky likes to visit me but he don't know I don't like kitties as he has a sister named Lassie. My sisters go nuts too when he comes over but he learned to run. He loves our mom as she babysits for them when their mom works two jobs a couple of days a week. Mom got them spoiled. That's ok because we know she always comes home. We have her trained lol! It's easier for us to train her than her to train us .


Our friend Radar

February 19th 2009 5:08 am
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I just wanted to put in my diary about my little friend Radar(610868). He has had a lot of health problems and is getting operated on. They finally found out what the problem is and it was affecting his pancreas. Please say a prayer for my little friend as we love all our pups on here .He is only a year old to be going through all he has. All the pups that are sick are our family on Dogster and our friends. Whatever it takes to all our sick friends. I hope and pray that all the pups that belong to Papillon USA please send him a message to help him through this. Thankyou for all the prayers as they are needed.


Steeler Football

February 2nd 2009 6:05 am
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Well we did it. Our Pittsburgh Steelers won the game. Mom started cheering even though she was by herself . Boy was she loud. She was so loud that I ran. I am so scared of loud sounds and voices. Even when mom sneezes I run away and don't want near her. I guess I am a little strange. Me and my sisters had our Steeler scarves on so I guess we brought them some luck. It was a close game too. Those big guys can really run. I wish I could race with one of them. Bet I would win. Course they were big. Real big! We really had fun and when the game was over I heard something outside and mom let us out for awhile and people were yelling and making a lot of noises. Real loud bangs . Sure didn't like that at all. Mom brought us back in the house real quick so we didn't get upset. Mom cares about us a lot when it comes to noises. Just wanted to let everyone of our Dogster Pals know how I enjoyed the game but not moms yelling. I think if the Steelers are in it next year I am going to hide.


My Birfday!

July 31st 2008 5:09 am
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Well today is my birfday! Mom woke up this morning and sang Happy Birfday to me and truthfully she can't hold a note. woof!! (laugh)
Well I wiggled my butt so fast to show her I was so happy and I gave her lot's of kisses too. Really I did that so she would stop singing.
She is going to take me to Petsmart to buy me something today and is going to let me pick it out. Hum!! Wonder what I am going to look at. I need new toys as I take the squeekers out of them and play with them until they don't squeek anymore. Then I throw the plastic thingys all over the place. I have about 20 or so laying everywhere. I even throw them at mom to get her to play. I am so silly. When they go under the chair I let mom know and I bark at her and really show her where it is with my butt in the air. Yep and she gets on her knees and gets it for me because I don't stop barking at her. Woof!! you should see that she sticks her butt up just like me . Aw Oh mom aint laughing better go . I really want to go to PetsMart!
Boy I can't wait to go. I'm ready mom ,yep let's go. Please!
Bye for now gang.



June 2nd 2007 9:23 am
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June 2nd 2007 8:48 am [link to this entry]
Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and seven pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Once you are tagged, you choose seven dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don't forget to bark your freinds pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the rules.

1. I am very playful
2. I love moms lap
3.My new sister is teaching me to growl
4. I run with my treats and guard them
5. I love to wiggle my butt
6. For walks I am ready
7. I steal my sisters toys

1. Minnie Belle
2. Holly
3. Princess Emma
4. Faith
5. Dayzee
6. Rosa
7. Maddison


Miss Wiggle Butt

March 31st 2007 9:32 am
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Well this is little Miss WiggleButt. We got her from Missouri with a trans pet truck that shipped her to me. We got her through petfinder and was a lot of fun The reason we got her is My son is going to be a French teacher one day and is looking forward to going to France too. He loved the Papillon breed for mostly that reason and so I ok'd it to send for her. Well I met the truck at the mall and her butt wiggled so fast and hasn't stopped since. Of course she sticks with me since I am home all day with my babies. She is so smart and so fast. She takes all the squeekers out ot the toys and plays with them instead. One Christmas I bought the squeekers alone and she was fine. If they go under my freezer or under the chair she lets me know where they are. I don't believe her sometimes. And of course she sleeps with me everynight. She cuddles in my pillows next to me. I am so glad we got her as she cheers up our days and nnights here. I have been trying to get her socialized with other dogs besides our own but this is a tough one. Very spoiled. She sure keeps me busy with the toys yep! Cleaning up all the stuffing all over the floor to get the squeekers out.

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