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I a Daddy now

July 9th 2009 12:45 am
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I'm a DaDa. I just made 2 of the most Precious Pups. So Proud of myself.
I'm allowed access to my kids and I love to kiss them and help clean.
I am excited to when I can play chase with them and teach them to be Good Loving Companions.


No Haircut

February 15th 2009 5:11 pm
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Ha Ha I get No haircut or trim today. Lately I have been getting a little extra love cause Babi and I have been kinda getting into trouble cause Babi is now growing up and having some bad habits and taking them out on me, But We have Manner Lessons everyday and he is getting his. But then he throws in those silly tricks and get away with stuff, LOL.
I think I like CoCo a little bit more, now since she got a haircut she is very pretty and so lovey too, I am always protecting her as CoCo and I are best buddies, She reminds me of Peek-a-Boo (our cat) She likes to lay next to me on back or lay on top or like over me.
Funny how each of Us have our own characterisc
CoCo is Super Lovey and Loves to give Hugs and Kisses, She is really cuddly
Babi is sort of Protective in a Lovey way, Like he sleep right above Mommie's head, he's also very restless too-UGH!! And a BIG FAT SHOW-OFF and he loves to give major hugs, really
I'm more Cuddle and love the laps and laying on back in the lap so there is no room for anyone else , not much into kisses. And I am also the Big dog and watch dog of the Family
Sugar is a Huge lap dog when she can be, Loves her belly rubs and all the attention and her trick is, if she wants something she will bring a toy or dog food as exchange for something you might have, it's very funny-She does this everytime she want something, even if it's a kiss or hug and Sugar is also very very loving.



December 16th 2008 7:06 am
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Nothing like SNOW to play in, Better then any Dirt ply in the world.
I was scratching at the door as soon as I seen it and couldn't wait to get out there in the fresh powder, Lots of SNOW and More coming



November 16th 2008 3:34 am
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Another Sister, yucko. Girls are mean : )
Her names Coco and already so spoiled rotten but the love in our family is so equal. I don't think to much of Coco yet, she smells like a girl and kinda whiney but I know it's cause she is such a little girl. She gets to eat special food and even gets her gums massaged every night-So lucky. Right now I am a little jealous of her but in time I will get over it.
I did help mommy teach Babi how to use the Doggie doorand take care of business outside and Babi is a fast learner, He already knows if he goes potty outside , he can have a cookie and already even knows where the cookie jar is. And he's only 3 months-what a smarty pants.
Our favorite game to Play with Babi is hide and seek and Chase me throught the kitchen. So funny.
Xmas is coming real soon and I've overheard we are gonna get alot of cool toys and even get a Spa. I LOVE Spa days , but this one is gonna include this really new vita bath/whirlpool, cannot wait as I LOVE being pampered. I'm a Metro-Stylish kinda pup and enjoy all that massage stuff and being Pampered, even sometimes my nails get done
Just Love it.


Getting Groomed

April 11th 2008 1:57 am
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Spring/Summer My favorite time of year. I just had a nice Groom and Massage today-ahhah. My new favorite brush is the Furminator~WOW~ That is one cool brush, takes out all the dead hair and leaves a nice shiney coat that feels like puppy hair, ah Youth!! Even Sugar got her Groom today and she was Furminated too, So mommy bought one to take home.
So both Sugar and I look Marverlous and Smell Yummy, Now We can't wait to go outside when it rains and get all mucky for mommy-hehehe


Sad Day, Grandma passed away

March 29th 2008 3:51 am
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It's been a sad couple of months for Our Family. Our Beloved Grandma passed away at home, she was only 64. Grandma had been Ill for awhile and had been living here with Us, She passed away just before Xmas & her Birthday so those Holidays were a real hard time for The Family, We really miss her and her extra Love and Treats she would give Us. Rudie he's a papillion and Pickles the 5 toes cat lived here too, as those were Grandma's little angels. We all got along really well. And funny how Us animals grieve too, as just about a month ago Pickles passed away also, very sad-We don't even know why except maybe he missed his Mommy, he came inside and Our mommy thought he was acting weird so she put him in the rocking chair in a blanket and tried to feed him soft food and she left the room for 5 min and Sugar and I and Rudie sat and watched Pickles and when Mommy came back from the other room, Pickles had passed away and No reason just maybe he missed his Mom too and was sad. So these last couple of months have been really stressful, So Sugar & I have been giving Our Mommy extra Love and that seems to make Mommy feel good
So that is why I haven't had much of a feeling to write a diary lately, things are now just sort of getting back to normal, it won't be the same but We have all the fun memories of Chasing Pickles and Pickles chasing Us and Grandma giving Us extra treats and snacks off her dinner plate.
But We know Grandma and Pickles still in Our Hearts and thoughts and We won't forget the Good times.


Fall Season

October 11th 2007 11:48 pm
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Whoa it starting to get chilly now. And Xmas is around the corner and I will be 1 yrs old on Xmas day-yippee!!! Lately We've been staying close to home when we go for walks as it's so chilly and that is ok with me, I like being at home where it is nice and warm with the fireplace going.
I got a new toy Mr. Weiner- I so love him. He is made by Ty Beanie Babies for Pets, So he was made special for us small doggies. Inside he has a squeaker and some weird paper stuff that make a crunchy sound, I just love em' I carry him everywhere as he is my bestest friend now-We call him Mr. Weiner cause he is a Weiner dog-hehehe.
This weekend we are going to the Pumpkin Patch, and going through a maze and doing other pet stuff, I don't really know yet.
I will return and tell ya what we all did.
Loves to all my puppy friends



October 4th 2007 12:55 am
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What a day today, Sugar & I must of been real good this week as Mom & Dad brought us a HUGE bag of New Toys-WOW WOW WOW!!
I knew it was for Us cause I could smell Goodies too, and the bag had that Special Logo from Petsmart-hehehe
We got this real cool toy from Ty beanie Babies-His name is Weiner and he is a weinerdog stuffed with cool sounds of crinkle paper and a squeek and I snatched him first, So he is mine. Then We got a Long Long Weiner Dog with a honk sound and a squeek, He is huge so Sugar can have him, hahaha
And We got this real cool weird look'n roundish colored ball like thing that make a weird sound when it rolls, not too sure about that one, umm!!
Then got a whole bunch of replacement squeeks and balls and a new kong and This new kong frisbee and whole bunch of little doggie bone shaped cookies, YUMMY. Sugar & I are so lucky.
Now Mr. Weiner is what I call him is MINE, I have been carrying him around all night and he sleeps with me. He's my bestest friend now.
Thank You Ty Beanie for finally making US dogs a toy we can play with, So No beans are involved. As once I ate one of my Mom's Beanie babies and boy was she mad at me, but then she took all the beans out and filled it with stuffing and put a squeek in so I could rip it back up.
Hopefully your Mom or Dad will visit the local Pet store and get You one too, they have different kinds and they are pretty cool for us little guys.


Family of Animals

July 28th 2007 4:20 am
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My family just keeps on growing. Now there is Rudie who lives here too, I love him alot but he like to pick on me. But He has only been here a month so I hope he grows to love me too.
So now my family is Big-I and Sugar and Rudie and of course the cats, Tigger and Peek-a-Boo, newly Pickles and of course My bud Daisy but she doesn't live here. So SUPER DUPER WOW WOW!!! And You can see I never get bored.
Now next week I am going to the vet to get "IT" done, but I know it will make me a better dog even though I am already a Good guy.
Lately I have been getting into alot of trouble-Stealing and running!!
I found some paper on the table and I just went CrAzY, Whoa whoooo then I found some sticks outside and drug them all inside, Super Fun and then, I know I get away with alot of stuff, cause My mommy loves me-hehehe
I pulled out all the stuff'ns out of my new toy and it was ever where and I made my mommy clean it up and chase me, Now that was the Best fun ever.
My Mommy thinks everything I do is cute and funny.
Ok well I will update my progress after the vet "IT" thing.
Have a Great Week , All my Pet Buddies


Me, Sugar & Daisy

June 20th 2007 12:15 am
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Daisy, UGH!! That is One playful Pup. We have Puppy dates and Play and Play and dig outside and chase each other and then "PLOP" Sleep n Sleep n Sleep.
Daisy has a lot of energy, and boy do we get a workout-Sugar and I, We love Daisy but WOW.
Well, I am almost 6 months old now and I just adore My Family, I know my mommie is getting ready to send me to the vet to get er' Done!! ouch.
I never leave my moms side, she is my best buddie.
I'd love to hear from other Breeds like me

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