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Reflections of a Fluffball

Hello Dogster!

March 29th 2007 11:52 pm
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I won't be able to go home with Jen until I'm 9 weeks old, cuz she has to move to her new dog-friendly place and get things set up for me! But she comes to visit me as often as she can....I get to go on a car trip with her this Saturday and meet the rest of my new family!


New home!

April 16th 2007 12:09 am
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I came home with Jen on Friday! Wow what a busy weekend...we went lots of places since I'm not ready to be left home alone yet. Jen's co-workers squeed over me and gave me cuddles when we dropped by! We even went to Jen's favorite vet back where she grew up on Saturday for my second booster shot. Everyone thought I was the cutest and sweetest thing, yay. x3

I've gotten a lot better in the car, but I still hate riding in it. ;_; Jen is hoping it will just be a phase, because all her dogs have loved going for car rides and she wants me to be able to have fun in the car too!

I also met this odd furry creature...she's the same size as I am, but her tail's a lot longer. I keep thinking she's a pooch like I am, but I don't think she speaks Dog! Everytime I try to play with her, she clocks me one on the head. ;_; I'm just trying to make friends!


What's that?

April 26th 2007 7:26 am
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Jen says I'm becoming a Clinic Brat. Whatever that is!! All I know is that I've been going to work with her the past few days. The kennels are very exciting. I learned how to bark and how to knock my water bowl over, haha! Then yesterday I got to go up to the reception area with Jen while she did a bunch of paperwork -- she says she's really proud of how good I was! It was the afternoon, so I was sleepy and napped a lot...but I'd wake up when people came in, and I got loved-on by lots of new people.

I also got to meet my brother and sister at Jen's work! I'm so used to being there now, but they were a little nervous, I guess they were getting a shot or something. It was good to see them again! We got to play for a while in the exam room before the doctor came in. Chip is still a scaredy-cat, but he's gotten big! 2 whole pounds heavier than me now! But I'm taller AND heavier than Bella now! Wow! She used to be way bigger than me.

Oh yeah, and Jen finally decided on a name for me! I'm still learning it though, BOL.

Last night was puppy class again -- I got to play with a Pomeranian and eat lots of yummy treats, that was lots of fun!

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