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Uno's Utterances

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Mommy's home

August 28th 2008 2:46 pm
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Yipee Yippee! Mom is home. She brought us Bully sticks too.
That's right she brought home some bully sticks and I have been chewing away and daring Mickey to come near my stick.
She also brought home 2 toys and of course Mickey thinks they are both his! She got us a Skineeze racoon and a blanket stuffed toy that has a bizillion squeakers in it.
I am just glad she is home and I can sleep with her tonight.
What mom you are going to the beach tomorrow and Dogs can't go?
OH NO!!!!!


The cutest again

August 21st 2008 6:17 pm
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Well Mom is feeling much better so we had to suffer by getting groomed...that's not fair. She even went to her groomer and got some more of the funky fur dye on her hair. I guess I can be grateful that she doesn't try to change my fur color!

Mom is leaving next week to go to a week long class in Chapel Hill and we will be stuck here with Dad and he won't let us get on the 'puter at all :(
She says this is her last class for her certification, whatever that means.
I wish she could take us with her...but of course no dogs allowed! The only good thing is she always brings us back toys and treats so that is something to look forward to.

Almost Bedtime so goodnight from the cutest.


The bug

August 20th 2008 9:07 am
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Yep mom's got a bug and my stupid brother has been trying find it. heehee Doesn't he know mom swallowed it and he won't find it. I try to keep him straight but it's impossible. Mom's belly has been hurting for 2 days now so I am sure she must have swallowed a bug. I don't ever swallow my bugs I just play with them till their legs fall off and they quit moving. and then Mom or Dad can clean them up. Now I don't know what possessed her to swallow a bug but it was pretty stupid if you ask me. Oh well I am just glad to have her home to snooze with.



July 21st 2008 3:13 am
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OMD, what a weekend! I am totally exhausted. We had Grandkid 1, 2, and 3 staying with us and 4 lives close by and was here too. This weekend was Farmers Day, a street festival that our little town has put on for 27 years. China Grove is a community of about 4200 people but on Farmers Day(which is always the hottest day of the year!) we get about 30,000 plus people for our little celebration. I don't know why but they do not allow dogs :( so Mom and Dad took all the Grandkids downtown to play. When they came back they were really hot so they got out a big pool for them to play in. They also had "our" little pool out there for #4 to play in since she is only 9 months. Well I was just a little miffed that I wasn't getting to play so I kept trying to jump in the big pool with the bigger kids! Mom kept trying to keep me off the edge, something about my claws putting a hole in it! I finally succeeded in getting in with the kids and boy was that fun! They thought I was pretty cool jumping in to play with them! Well Mom was not amused in the least and took me out and made me stay in the house :( geez I was just trying to cool off Mom.
We had a very busy weekend, I am kind of glad Mom and Dad have to go to work today so I can catch up on my beauty sleep.



April 26th 2008 5:32 am
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Wow I didn't know what freedom was until I had to stay in that crate for 10 days! I am soooooo very happy to be free now. I am feeling much better now and I am acting like my old self again. Mom still fusses over me and will not let me jump on things, but I love all the attention I have been getting so I let her help me. I think if I get time today I am going to Schnauzer playland and run!


Tag you're it

April 4th 2008 3:29 am
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Here's a new game of tag! Here are the four questions...

Name four jobs that you've had.
1) Bark alarm. I bark at ANYTHING that comes near my house!
2) Kitchen Sweeper. I make sure the floor stays clean of any dropped food.
3) Window decorator. I make sure mommie's windows in her car have nose print swirls all over them so she'll know that I'm always with her.
4) Welcome waggin'. Anyone that comes to my house gets a warm welcome with a shake of my nubby tail, a nudge from my wet nose and a slap on the knee with my paw!

Four places you have lived.
1) I lived with my breeder Judy in Randleman, NC
2) I live with my Mommy and Dad in China Grove NC
3) I live to go on walks at Dan Nicholas Park
4) I live everyday like there is no tomorrow!

Four places where you have been.
1) Wilmington, NC
2) Columbia, SC
3)Lake Norman
4) Bob's House

Four places you'd rather be.
1) On a Pillow napping
2) Outside chasing rabbits
3) Going for a ride in the truck
4)Sonic Drive In

I would love my pals to do this one....



A Bunny Tale

March 15th 2008 6:54 am
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I did my job last night very well so what's the deal?
Here's the story.....Mickey and I went out around 10pm for our last potty break of the night. I of course did my usual border patrol around the edge of the fence and what did I find? A bunny in MY yard...that just isn't allowed right? So I took action I snatched it right up when it was trying to get away through the fence and what does it do but start screaming. Dad was standing on the sidewalk watching us and he came running because he thought a Hawk had got us(it was pretty dark). When he saw that I had that pesky rabbit he smacked my dare he!
I was just doing my job, didn't he understand, so that pesky rabbit got away.
I still can't believe he did that....I am not talking to him anymore!
PS I am pretty sure it wasn't the Easter Bunny because he didn't have any eggs. :)


"Paw"cademy Awards

February 22nd 2008 9:59 am
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I am so excited, I have been nominated for an award! I would like to thank the "Pawcademy" for my nomination and of course all my wonderful pup friends at Schnauzers Rule.
Mom and I are going to have to go shopping for a new outfit for the awards. I am thinking maybe a red dress with sequence, I do believe red is my best color although black might be more sophisticated and mature!! Oh so many decisions to make and so little time to get them done.
Thank heavens mom thought to have me groomed last week so I will look my best Monday.
I am going to go look through mom's magazines for something to wear.



February 6th 2008 3:30 am
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It's my barkday! Arroooo!
I am having a great day so far but the sun is not up yet....BOL!
I have gotten lots of presents from my sweetie Finn, thank you...*smooch*.
Mom says I can have a cupcake and some Frosty Paws tonight...I can't wait.
Mom changed the song on my page today, I didn't think One was an appropriate song since I am no longer a single girl!!!
I think I will get on my pillow and take a nap......dreaming of Finn!



My Valentine

February 1st 2008 7:56 am
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OMD!! I am so excited, Finn asked me to be his Valentine! He is such a handsome fella. I hope he asks me to go the Valentine party too. Maybe he'll be at the Super Bowl party and we can talk.....!
The fence is done and we have some freedom now...woohoo! We don't have to be on a leash to go outside now. I didn't know how to act, mom had to force me out the door. I was waiting for mom to put my leash on as always, being the polite mild mannered girl that I am!! I can't wait for one of those pesky squirrels to come in to my yard out!!
It's raining out today so it's a good time for a nap, and dreaming of my handsome Finn!

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