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A REAL "tail" of devotion is Right!


October 2nd 2008 12:50 pm
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Mission statement:
Mica's IMHA Research Fund is dedicated to funding research that leads to effective diagnostic tools, treatments and a cure for immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) and to raise awareness of immune-mediated (IM) disease.

Mica’s IMHA Research Fund is a non-profit foundation and it's name represents it's mission. IMHA gave Mica her wings, and her quest for a cure left her a legacy. It would greatly please the wonderpup that in her memory others could join her and benefit in finding a cure. If these efforts on our behalf could save even one life, or spare one you love like we did Mica- the sheer indignity, pain and uncertainty of IMHA then it would be worth it.

We await tax-exempt status. We never handle funds directly, but do maintain all pertinent records for the trust. All information remains private. Our email address is:
What we ask any patron of our charitable cause is to email your full name, mail address, date and amount of donation.
Please write MICA in the subject field. Kindly indicate if you are interested in knowing what studies we support and result of study, if available to us. (Note that some studies go on a long time). Finally, if we can share your pup’s badge on Mica’s page as a supporter, (or later use their likeness and name on Mica's foundation website, please let us know which Dogster# pal you wish we display to represent the family. We apologize for the necessity of asking for a family representative, as space is a commodity.

We appreciate any donation. We accept as little as a dollar at-a-time. Honestly what pains us most other than one never giving a second thought to IMHA research, is that most people who make a donation feel that what they have to give is not enough. Please feel good that what you contribute IS good, and goes to cause not only near & dear to our hearts, but one that Many we have come to know (and LOVE) touched by this disease watch & wait for such a miracle [that] a cure would be, and none too soon.

We never feel a donation too small to graciously accept. If you can help us help others in Mica's name, please, give us your best. It's all Mica ever gave.

Until the launch of her foundation website, (which we will announce here) when PayPal will be a means of choice, one may send a check or money order to the credit union which manages the fund. One individual is responsible for Mica's Trust.
It looks odd, as written all run together, but it is correct.

Please make check payable to:
Mica’s IMHA Research Fund

USAgencies Credit Union
attn: Jan D.
95 SW Taylor Street
Portland, Oregon 97205-3305

Many have been aware and asked recently again of another aspect of support for Mica's Cause. We wrote in Mica's diary awhile back, and a special mate drew our attention there.. here is an excerpt:

A corral may be a very special entitlement for some to give. We understand that. We also see that we have a rather unique situation in so much as for us it's a "plus" for research for the disease that took mica. It’s another dog altogether that is going out of their way to make the donation for a corral that a pal makes on our behalf. So, shameless or not, although I hope I am wrong and it is a popular thing to do, please consider that mate of ours who is wagging a tail today. We can hardly believe a full year has passed, only to hear of hundreds more diagnosed, and dozens upon dozens lost, in this short span of time.
If you can help us help others in mica's name, please, give us your best. It's all mica ever gave.

Another year has passed and countless others lost while many more face a sentence no dog or cat in their infinite gentleness should ever endure. We honestly wish we could but we can't do it alone.

Thank you for your consideration
Thank Dogster for their approval of our endeavor for the LOVE of dog

Mel, Mirra & Angel Mica-the wonderpup
18 August 2006

We were asked again, why we do this. To put it simply, raising awareness may help save lives in a few ways. Knowing the signs and symptoms have already helped save the life of at least 1 dog we know, but the research dollars for IMHA/AIHA (the latter formerly but now known just as IMHA) we're able to raise, may save many many more lives.

Barked by: ♥ DarlaMae ♥ (Dogster Member)

March 12th 2010 at 10:55 pm

Love you Mica & always sending our love . Please let there be an end and cure for IMHA and related diseases. You are not forgotten. Cann we repost this to our Diary again?? Love hugs& pokes furever,DarlaMae


Angel Mica-the wonderpup


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