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Splatter 's start.!

Happy Birthday !!my sweet pupper.:)

January 10th 2015 8:08 am
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My sweet Bobbie it's been went to Rainbow Bridge and i miss you so much.But i know you are in a better place..your well running free with Phofer,Spookie,Moocher ,Boomer Brown Dog,Sassy,Ninnie Tommy Winkie.So Happy Birthday my love and one day we will all be together again...Lick & wet sweet aussie boy.Mommy.


Splatter's bridgeday

October 19th 2010 3:31 pm
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One year today oct 19th 09 Splatter left us at 6:00pm and i have thought about him all day and cryed just knowing he will never get to run and play and be a dog.Bobbie Mommy & the vets tryed we couldn't save you baby but you where so bad your body was so tired of sezing and when you licked me i knew you where ready to go.I know your not suffering and in a better place and when you left us i know i had lost my best friend and love.Today i done the balloon release and they was your beatiful blue color and on them i wrote you messages on them....I hope you seen them when i let them go,In your memory. I love you so much & miss you my sweet aussie boy.Splatter- Patch I will never forget my red merle Boy.xxxxx♥♥♥♥


Timberlinekennel- BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

September 25th 2010 9:29 am
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Anyone wanting to buy a australian shepherd ,BUYERS!BEWARE on timberline kennels website.....sick puppies &..Maggie J Bullock is her name.Just read about my aussie i've been fighting her since i had my Splatter -Patch...March 16,07 pup had cocidia and girardia and a week later they done a Bile Acid,Pre& Post,that is a test for toxin in the liver and he had water contamation that was in his system since before i got him.I just purchase him in march 10- 07 and he was so ill he just about died,and she had the nerve to lie and tell the Mo,Attorney General that i made him sick and didn't water or feed him,he started having seziures at 9weeks two day after i got him.He was sezing for two years and every two weeks 24 hour care.And on Oct 19 Splatter Lost his fight for life,and i lost my sweet Spatter-Patch AKA(((Bobbie))).Please do not buy a dog from her kennel or puppy mill is the truth ,she will not let you see where she lives (red flag),or as(( Maggie)) says.... no one can come on my property.That after she has taken your money and you have spent hours driving to pick up you pup,it's the old SCAM trick...So many nice breeders across the state and that how i found out about Maggie J bullock ,i called and talk to about 5 to 6 breeders and they all had heard of her kennel and they said i'm so very sorry you lost your pup I didn't evey tell them about my dog? A sad aussie mom♥


My sweet Splatter

August 8th 2010 7:27 am
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It's been ten months.... Splatter since you left us my Bobbie.I's every day that i'm thinking of you and i have these crying waves that comes over me.Its not fair your no here with mommy .I'm so sorry my boy that the vets could not save you but its the breders that cause this .She had sick puppies and sent them home anyway to people and its all about the money not the precious pup.We miss you so much,i just can believe your not laying beside my bed at nite...on your bed just so cute and beautiful sleeping and dreaming.I know your not in pain now.Today is mommy's birthday 8-8 1955 and all i want is you back and well and being a furkid ,playing and enjoying your self... that was taken from you because of the seziures every two weeks .Just as you get over the bad days it's no time there back again.I will never get over your lost my boy and we will get justic for you.I promise.Cory& mommy love you so much.

Bobbie was my nickname♥♥


SPlatter has left us .

June 14th 2010 5:01 pm
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Splatter.....had pass away he was very ill on oct 15 2009 he was having clusters seziures and the vets tryed all day to stop them and they just could not.God love them ...they work so hard to save Splatter but he was so tired and it was his time to leave .I was with him and i had some time to love and hug and whisper in his ear that i'm so sorry that mommy cant help you .He raised his head and licked my face ,and that something Splatter didn't do was lick.Dr nickles ,John & I was there and it was so hard to see him pass.We just couldn't believe he was gone,I layed my head on Splatter and cryed so hard ....that was my broken angel aussie.Are vets office all love him he was just a big sweet boy.he was wrap in his favorite blanket ,,we call holey moley.It was Cory new blanket that Splatter eat holes in it.And we come home with are sweet baby boy for the last ride. He is burried under the apple tree with all my aussies babies that has left us .This aussie had so much love while his short time on earth and he will never be forgotten,i love you my sweet Bobbie and i miss you so much,and Mommy &Cory keep you in are heart for allways and forever.You are at rainbow bridge..and you are well and running and playing with Phofer.


Sad news .

September 3rd 2008 5:02 am
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Splatter ,is back to having more seziures ,it started this early spring he had one in may and is still having them even on meds and i'm so worried i have been up with him this morning at 4:40 he was having a seziure and he has had two more since then .I'm so scared he is not going to live very long at this rate,he so precious to us after lossing Phofer my aussie that pass in july 14-06 .I has six aussies in my life and all were in great health ,as you know when they get older they start have thing wrong with them.but splatter had thing wrong with him as we brought him home . he is twenty months old and has seziures since he was 9 weeks old .My sweet bobby ♥ He is so cute and just the silly as can been ,please god dont take him away for us .


Splatter start!

February 1st 2008 12:35 pm
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I was looking at puppy's one day ,after i lost my love of my life ,Phofer my beloved aussie ,he was pts 7 -14 -06 .It was about six months before i could even think of getting another aussie .I just was looking at aussie's sites and seen the breeder page so i was just looking at the pup's that they had and i seen one i thought was so cute ,so i call and talk to the breeder for awhile and that was that .So i keep looking at him and i was so drawn to him for some reason .I had my hubby come in and look at this pup and he said he was very beatiful ,so i call the breeder back and he was still for sale ,so i told her i wanted this pup ,and we give 750.00dollars for Splatter _Patch and we went to El Dorado Springs MO to get him .That was 8 1/2 hours there and 8 1/2 hours back and when we get there they wouldn't let us see his birth place the breeders husband meet us at a BP and has the pup & papers with him.We was very shock ,because we was expected and we was not happy that this happened .The Breeders husband ,said you guy's have the most layed back pup in the bunch .And on the way home i told my husband John this pup isn't acting right he was drinking so much water ,more then a pup should. We get home about midnight and very tired and this puppy was so strange acting he just didn't act like a pup .So this was saturday the 10 of march 07 and he went to the vet on the monday the 12 and my vet told me that this pup was not a healthy pup he was running a fever and has mites on him so he check him all over and then we took him home and the end of the week ,on friday he started having seziures and he just about died ,my son Cory started blowing in his nose and we rushed him to the vet and they took him back to the room and started working on him ,the vet told us that she would call me in a while ,so about two hours she called and told me if the medican didn't work we would lose him .He had two iv's one in his neck & leg .they found out he had Girardia worms& and he had drunk contaminated water .They done test on that and he has drunk it before we got him,so he was very ill and we fought sezisures for two months and they put him on meds for that and in march they took him of the seziures medican and he was fine we just waited for something else to happened .In may we had splatter fix just in case he had a genetic problem ,and again we had problems ,but all is well now and he is very healthy thanks to the vet& god and he just had a birthday jan 10 -o7 .he is one now and very full of life and energy.And is a very happy boy now ,so that is Splatter _Patch story .But in june Splatter started having seziures again and has been put back on meds again ,it not stoping the seziures.They are getting very bad every time he has on ,they last one to ten or more ,and can last one day or three.he is not long for this earth.

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