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Friday March 23, 2007


May 11th 2007 12:56 pm
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my mummy has been walking us lots more in the last few weeks. We went for a walk yesterday evening. Man was it ever hot!!...we had fun though. Then...guess what we went for another walk again this morning. We have been walking lots more and mummy says i am losing weight. whatever...mummy says i am squeezy and that I am the cutest dog in the world...she says silly stuff, like how much do I love you...let me count the ways. i love my mummy...gotta go something is out there...gotta kill it... :-)



March 27th 2007 10:43 am
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last night we went to the pet store to buy a new bowl for guess who? william wallace my 'lil bro'...ok so whatever...i picked out a new squeaky toy. dumb dumb wilmo tore it up (the rope came apart easily) so I finished it off by tearing the rest of the rope human mommy cut off the rope...she said it was a mess but I didn't start it. ends up william wallace tore it up after the rope was taken out of the toy...know where it is now??? in the trash can...we were having fun tearing the stuffing out of it, but no we couldn't keep doing it...something about we might swallow some of the stuff and choke on it...we don't want to eat it, just wanted to finish killing it....not sure why my human mommy had to spoil the fun. well until next trip to the pet store....and that is all i have to say...for now.



March 23rd 2007 7:30 am
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my humans have left me home once again. not sure why we haven't taken a walk for two WHOLE days now. last night my humans went out to eat, whatever that means. this puppy that they call my brother william wallace is getting on my nerves. he goes in the garage and wants to play all of the time. i am learning to share the love, but it is tough sometimes. gotta go...someone is outside.

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