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Snow !!!!!

February 22nd 2008 11:44 am
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I got up this morning and everything was all fluffy and white outside. I couldn't wait for mom to get up and let me out to investigate this wonderful stuff. Mom put my warm-up suit on and my coat and let me out the door into the yard. I eagerly ran into the lovely fluffy stuff and stopped short, my face and body hit this cold wet stuff. I turned and ran back into the house, I remembered this stuff from last year. I don't think I like snow so much. I think Yorkies aren't meant for the snow. I think we are just to look cute in our warm-up suits and coats and not actually supposed to go in the snow. Maybe I need boots to go with my cute outfit, yeh that's it boots, then my feet won't get wet and cold.


This is some crazy weather !!!!!

February 7th 2008 3:36 pm
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This weather is just crazy, it was in the high 60's for 2 days now it's cooling down and it will be in the teens on Sunday. Not to mention the bad weather in the south that is causing so much problems. The shelter that I came from had a kennel destroyed that had 30 or more dogs in it, they have no where for the dogs to go until it gets rebuilt, it's a sad thing . Plus we had less than a inch of snow in January, but I think mother nature will get us before winter is over. I love being able to stay outside longer without a coat, I can't wait for spring to get here. Plus the squirrels are starting to run around more and more and I am hoping to catch me one. Well gotta run now, there is someone at the door and I need to bark at. Woof for now.


A very sad day !!

January 20th 2008 6:35 am
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It is a very sad day for me, I just found out my new pup pal Maddie has gone to the bridge yesterday. She was such a little pup only 2 months old, not much time in this world. I am sure the short time she was here she knew she was loved very much. My mom is very sad about this and has cried many tears, I just sit on her lap and give her kisses, she is sad for Maddie's mom too.. I am sure Maddie is happy and without pain at the bridge with Max. I think that is a comforting thought in all of this. We are keeping Maddie's mom in our prayers and sending her hugs.


Don't you love this weather?????

January 9th 2008 3:47 pm
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I just love this weather, I can stay outside for a long time and not be cold. I can chase all the squirrels and birds that come in the yard, it's great. It's not going to last I'm sure , 'cause that would be great. I'm getting groomed this week, Betty's bark and bath is coming and then I have to go to the vets and get my shots so I can get my license. Not something to look forward too, but needs to be done so I might as well get it over with. Not too much going on, putting away Christmas stuff, taking down the lights, company gone, life is boring again. Will bark again later, maybe I'll have more to say. Woof.


It's been awhile !!!

December 31st 2007 6:14 am
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Boy have I've been busy, The paintings finished, Christmas is over and I am ready for the new year. My Aunt and Gigi were here for Christmas with my cousins Nook and Amy. It was very crowded with 4 dogs and Nook was huge and Amy was small just like me. It took awhile for Amy and me to get along, but by the time she left we were friends. I got a lot of goodies for Christmas so I guess Santa Paws knew I was good. I spent a lot of time with mom, she's been in bed sick with a cold so I had a lot of cuddling time with her. I like spending time in bed with her, but wished she wasn't sick. She's getting better now that it's almost to go back to work. I'm getting excited though, I will be in my forever home almost a year in January. I am such a lucky girl to be here were I am truley loved. I hope more dogs find their forever homes like I did. that's my wish for the new year. I hope everyone fur or not have a safe and Happy New Year. Woof


I had a Romeo for 12 hrs.

December 9th 2007 6:38 am
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well I had me a Romeo for about 12 hrs, and poof now he's gone!!!!At 10:30 on Friday night we got a phone call. It seems that a yorkie followed my dad's grandson home, they couldn't keep it at their house, because of their dog and it had no collar on. The police were going to take it to the pound. Of course my mom wasn't going to let him go to the pound, so dad drove over and picked him up for the night. He was a cutie.not shy at all, it was certain he was someone's pet. I think he was older than I am. it was hard to tell, but I know he wasn't a pup. So he had a nice meal and went out and did his stuff and jumped in bed with us. Needless to say I didn't like him sleeping with my mom so I chased him over to dad's side where he stayed. In the morning we ate breakfast and I showed him around the yard, he didn't want to play with me so I went off to chase squirrels by myself. At 12:30 the phone call came, his name is Nugget and his family was looking for him. So I said goodbye and dad took him home. It seemed his family let him outside to do his thing and they went to the movies and FORGOT him. After I heard that I was sorry that dad took him back, how can you let a yorkie outside and forget that he was out there. Oh well, but that's how I had me a Romeo if only for a very short time. I just hope his family doesn't forget him again. Well I have to get off, mom needs to get dressed and go to the store.


beauty in 45 minutes !!!!

December 7th 2007 6:44 am
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I am beautiful and it only took about 45 minutes !!!! Boy was mom surprised, I got a bath,dried,nails done,teeth done and groomed in my driveway for 64.20. You can't beat that with a stick mom says, and I didn't have to leave home, mom is very happy with this, and I didn't have to be crated at all. And then mom fell on the ice and hurt her back, mom says she is getting tired of this falling stuff. None of it is her fault, first she fell off the ladder, then she stepped in a hole in the sidewalk at work, and now she fell from ice in the street. She said that it's 3 things and now she's done. She has too much to do to stay in bed!!!!! of course I do like it when she's in bed 'cause I'm there with her all cuddley and warm. But she has to shop, shop, shop for Christmas, we need to find a Hannah Montana guitar for her granddaughter, they seem to be in scarce supply! so we have to scout about for that. Well I better go mom says it's time to go out and then eat breakfast. Woof for now


the painting is almost done!!!!

December 3rd 2007 12:42 pm
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The painting is almost done and things will be back to normal I hope. Everything is scattered all over the place, I have to hunt for my bed and toys !! Guess what I didn't have to go to the groomers, the groomer is coming here on Thursday. I won't have to leave my house, well she will be in the driveway! I'll get a bath, trimmed and groomed all pretty , then I'm going to see Santa. Mom is trying this out to see if we like it, it will be easier for her if this workes out. Is everyone getting ready for Christmas, mom has been busy on-line. She bought me a whole bunch of stuff yesterday, but I have to wait until Christmas to get it. Mom did buy me a stocking though, and I got to see that. Well mom says we got a lot of thing to do so I better go. Woof


Thanksgiving's Over

November 24th 2007 6:02 am
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Thanksgiving is over and mom and dad are home, I missed them while they were gone, even though it was only a couple of hours. Then a bad thing happened and mom got sick. She was sick all night and all day yesterday, she couldn't do any Christmas shopping. I stayed in bed with her to help her feel better, she didn't even get up to eat and i had to depend on dad to feed me. I did get to stay inbed and snuggle with mom, so I guess that made up for her leaving me on Thanksgiving. Mom said she will never eat turnips again, I don't know what they are, but I won't eat them either! Mom is feeling better today though so I guess we won't be staying in bed (darn) but i'm happy she is feeling better. I do want to say I am so thankful for my good friend Dorthy "Dot" Louise , and Cocoa and Layli and all the rest of my pup pals and I hope they had the best Thanksgiving ever ! Woof



November 22nd 2007 5:17 am
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It's my first Thanksgiving and mom and dad are leaving me alone! They are going to our cousin's house and leaving me home alone, well not quite alone, Pookie's here but that's almost like being alone! I guess it will be like when they go to work, but shorter. I haven't met most of the family yet, but I think that's a good thing as I'm rather noisy when I meet people I don't know. This weekend I'm getting a bath(ugh) and looking pretty to have my picture taken with Santa. I never met him either so it should be exciting. Then I get to go to Petsmart and look at all the goodies, mom says I have too many toys now, but I want toys. I've been a good girl, honest,well there were a few times I missed the pee pad, and l think I chewed a few things that wasn't supposed to, but other than that I've been good I think. I'm sure mom will fill Santa in if I haven't, but I did try. Well it's time to go out and let the squirrels who's boss, I don't want them to get any ideas. woof

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