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Starting A Better Life

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My Trip to Reading

July 13th 2008 6:51 pm
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Yesterday I went to Reading, Pa to the Save A Yorkie Mardi Paws. OMD did I ever have a good time I never saw so many Yorkies in one place at the same time. They were all different sizes and colors and all so cute! I was in 2 parades, one for Queen of Mardi Paws and the other for being a rescue dog. There were so many things to see and buy. I rode in the car for almost 2 hrs., mom said I was so good, it was my longest ride sine I came up from AR. Mom said we will probably go again next year.


Tagged again!!!!

June 24th 2008 7:24 pm
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OK My friend Dot tagged me and I'll give it a try again. First name 4 jobs you have had. 1. guarding the house 2. chasing the squirrels out of the yard 3.keeping dad's chair warm 4. taste testing many different brands of dog food and not liking any of them. 4 places that you have lived. 1. horrible puppy mill 2. Beebe Humane Society in Beebe Arkansas(they saved me) 3.NJ my forever home 4. that's all 4 places I have been 1. Halloween Parade 2. Cutter's Mill 3. mom's son's house 4. my swimming pool (i don't like it at all) 4 places I rather be 1. in the yard chasing squirrels 2. in mom and dad's bed 3. in my bed 4. back in the yard chasing squirrels. Now I get to tag 4 friends. 1. the Jersey Boys 742551 2. Zoee' 517757 3.Sugar 41522 4.Chloe 519055


It's Been Awhile

June 21st 2008 9:55 am
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Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote, not all that much has happened though. The best thing is that yesterdays was mom's last day of school until August. Last night was graduation this was the 16th time that mom has graduated , it was very exciting because action news was there and we were on tv. Her school is celebrating it's 125th anniversity mom says she has only worked there for 100, just kidding. it just feels like that she says. She is taking the whole summer off, 3rd time is 17 years so I am a lucky girl to have her all summer. Mom bought me a pool but i REALLY don't like the water at all. Mom is hoping that I will get used to it,but I don't think so. Mom is going to sign me up for some kind of school, she says I don't come when she calls me and I need to learn some manners, what ever they are,but I will get to spend time with mom so I am excited(I think). I will let you know how I do!!!!!


Great Big Squirrel?????

May 6th 2008 8:38 pm
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It was a beautiful day and I was doing my job, patrolling the yard to keep the squirrels out. I heard this loud noise and the tall grass was moving behind the shed. So naturally I had to go and see what was going on, after all it's my job. I saw the hugest squirrel I ever saw, I couldn't believe how big ( I thought it was steroid Stan). I started barking, and barking to tell mom this big thing was in the yard. Mom came out in the yard, she thought I cornered a cat again and didn't want it to scratch me. Boy was she surprised to see my "squirrel" and of course I had to show her how brave I was and charged at it. Mom almost had a heart attack on the spot, she picked me up real quick. It seems it wasn't a big squirrel after all it was a huge, huge groundhog. Mom picked up the hose and squirted it and it ran away. I kept going back behind the shed to make sure it was gone. All in all it was quite an exciting day.


I've Been Tagged!!!!!Work Tag

May 6th 2008 8:05 pm
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I've been tagged by my friend "dot" Name 4 jobs you have 1. rejecting all the dog food that's "good" for me. 2. barking at all the neighbors. 3.licking mom's toes. 4. fearless squirrel chaser. Name 4 places you have lived. 1. Horrible puppy mill.2. Beebe Humane society in Beebe AK (they saved me). 3. My happy ever after home. 4. and that's all. Name 4 places you have been. 1.PetSmart in Lawnside 2.Cutters Mill 3.My big back yard. 4. the car. Name 4 places you would rather be. 1. Mom and dad's bed 2. in the yard chasing squirrels. 3. My bed. 4. in the yard chasing squirrels Here is who I tagged 1. Lord Pippen 399796 2.Bridgette 585527 3. Shadow 4. P J Pasquale


Beautiful Weather !!!!!

April 27th 2008 1:11 pm
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Wow the weather has sure been beautiful, I have been driving mom crazy 'cause I want to be out all the time. Besides I've been helping mom out in the garden. I watched her plant flowers and kept the squirrels away. They keep going in mom 's rock garden and I run after them, I can't help it if I knock over her gnomes. What she wants with those funny looking things is beyond me. I can't help it if they get in the way, the squirrels are more important , it's my job to keep them out of the yard!! Besides all those dumb gnomes do is stand there, they don't chase the squirrels away like I do. They even let the birds in the birdbath, they are useless in my opinion. Well mom is getting ready to come in to make dinner, I have to go supervise , she may drop something and I'm the self appointed clean-up person.


Some sad news

April 16th 2008 3:36 pm
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We are sad here, my older sister Pookie (14) crossed over the bridge Monday. She was sick for a week or more and wasn't getting better. The vet said they couldn't do anything more for here. So Monday night she crossed over the bridge and we are hoping her sister Sassy was waiting for her. Sassy crossed over the bridge last year before I came. So now they are together again and I am the only dog now. I'm not sure that I like being the only one, but mom said maybe we will get another sister for me but not now.


Hoping to post new pictures

March 24th 2008 4:23 pm
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Mom is hoping to post new pictures of me soon,my mom's daughter in law is coming over this week to take the pictures off the camera . They haven't been downloaded for a year!!!! You can see how much I've changed and hopefully my new clothes. I had a good Easter, but my mom and dad went to Lancaster and left me home alone, well not quite alone my sister Pookie was here, but that's almost being alone. Pookie doesn't bother with me though, I think she is too old to play with me she's 14 and grumpy all she wants to do is sleep.


It's Been Awhile

March 22nd 2008 7:42 pm
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It's been awhile since I last wrote in my diary, not that I've been busy or anything. Mom took me to PetSmart yesterday to get dog food. I'm eating blue buffalo now and mom warms it in the microwave for me. I got 2 new coats for the winter, they were on sale, that's why I got 2. One is a pink down vest and the other is leopard which I think I look hot in. Mom also got a dress for me,but dad doesn't like it, I'm not sure that I do, I like my pj's better they keep me warm. I just wanted to wish all my furpals out there a very Happy Easter and hope the big bunny is good to them


It's sure been boring

March 8th 2008 3:45 pm
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It's been pretty boring around here lately, maybe that's a good thing though. It's been warmer and I have been able to play outside longer and now that daylight savings is here even longer still. I got groomed on Friday, but that wasn't exciting either. Like I said it's boring,boring,boring. After Easter, mom will be home from work for a whole week, something called spring break. What will be nice, cause we can go for walks if the weather stays nice. Mom did tell me that this summer i'm going to go to school to learn some manners. Why I need this I don't know, maybe because I run away when she calls me, I jump all over her when she comes home, do you think that's it? Well maybe things will pick up some and it won't be so boring!!!!

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