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Starting A Better Life

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My Birthday !!!

September 7th 2009 7:11 am
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It's my birthday today, well not really, but it is the day that mom decided to make it my birthday. Since I am a rescued puppy mill dog we don't know my real birthday so mom wanted to make my day special. She chose September the 7th because that is mom and dad's anniversery . So today is my 4th birthday we think and mom and dad's 35 anniversary . I am such a lucky dog to have such a great family, a great place to live and eat every day. I wish every dog could be as happy as I am and have a great family.


Holy Cow, I"m Dog of the Day

August 24th 2009 6:23 am
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Mom is so excited, she told me I"m Dogster's Dog of the Day, little ole me. I am so honored to be chosen!!!!! I go so many presents from my friends, it was so nice, especially since I haven't been on dogster that much lately. Mom has been busy lately and hasn't been doing alot of things ,so she needs to catch up. Thank you all for being my friend. hugs and yorkie kisses


We got haircuts!!!!!

February 23rd 2009 6:58 pm
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The groomer came on Saturday and we both got haircuts. I got my regular haircut, but Romy got scalped . Mom said he went out the door a puppy and came back a young man. His birthday is next month and he will be 1, he's growing up fast. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up, it has to happen sometime soon . I can't believe that February is almost over, it went really fast. Well got to go for now Wiggles n Wags


Finally, New Pictures

February 15th 2009 3:06 pm
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Mom just got around to adding some new pictures, this time most of the pictures she took were of Romey. She said she had to fix up his page, his pictures were from when he first came here. She said his page is a work in progress, mainly because she has to 'member how she did mine. That may take awhile, she has messed mine up and had to have my furless brother help her out. She almost lost my stuff off my page!!!! Mom has a 4 day weekend and we are having a great time. We got to sleep late and play in mom and dad's bed for awhile. I won't like it when mom goes back to work, but mom says I should be grateful she has a job. But that means she will have money to get me and Romey groomed!!!!! That's all for now........


It's my second gotcha day!!!!!!!

January 26th 2009 8:15 pm
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Tomorrow, January 27 is my second gotcha day. I can't believe that it has been 2 whole years that i have been in my forever home. I am a happy, lucky pup and very grateful to have a forever home. I am forever grateful to Jaxie and Beebe Humane Society for rescuing me from the puppy mill, they took good care of me there until my mom and dad adopted me. Here on dogster I have made so many new friends and my mom has learned many new things and gotten helpful information . She has also made many new friends here too.


It's Been Awhile

January 3rd 2009 7:02 pm
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Our company is gone and quiet reigns again. My Gigi and Aunt Karin came 12/19 and left on sunday 12/29, it was a very busy 10 days. My Gigi and Aunt live in KY. and basically come to visit once a year. They came on Friday night and then had a viewing and funeral to attend with my mom and dad on Monday. Then there was all this visiting to be done and cooking, cooking, cooking and cleaning, wrapping pressies and more visiting. They also brought my cousin Amy, who is a real whoose and not that friendly, she is ascared of everything!! She didn't like being alone with us, go figure, she's a yorkie like us, what's her problem? Christmas mom put her back out and suffered for a few days until it worked it's self out. Santa paws was good to us, we got toys, treats and clothes too. Romey and I must of been good pups. Mom goes back to work on Monday, we were spoiled having her home all this time, now we have to get use to her being out most of the day. She's going to have a 3 day weekend for MLK day so we will have to wait until then. I want to wish everypup out there a joyous,wonderful Happy New Year. I hope that 2009 is a better year for everyone.


OMD It's been awhile.

November 22nd 2008 8:01 pm
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Well my brother has been here almost a month n ow and needless to say we have been getting along. We have been running around the yard and I am teaching him to bark at all the neighbors and to raise a fuss. We run all through the house and wreck havic , roll all over the floor and just have a good time. When I have enough fun, I just nip his ear and I"m done. I am playing with more toys and eating treats that I never ate befor and that makes mom happy. He hasn't been upstairs in my bed with mom and dad yet, I don't think I'd like that , but I guess it's bound to happen one day. We do sleep together on the sofa though. But mom's feet belong to me and only me. Mom has been running around getting ready for the holidays, her mom and sister are coming from Kentucky for Christmas and she has so much to do. Then there is the horror of shopping, but we're not going there. If I don't get back to my diary before Thanksgiving I hope everyone has a great one. If I could have one wish for Thanksgiving it would be that KM gets Hope home.


He's finally here.........

October 25th 2008 12:21 pm
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Well my new brother is finally here, he's been here 11 days. I guess he's ok, but it's going to be some time until I' m used to him. He's a cute pup and wants to play all the time. I think it will be fine once he realized that mom is MINE all mine. He can get close to her but she belongs to ME, ME, ME. Go figure, they named him Romeo, I guess that is supposed to be cute, Romeo and Juliette, he's my brother for pete's sake. Romeo just turned 7 months this week so he is just a pup still, mom calls him galump because that's how he runs, galump,galump. He has big feet and is 9 pounds now, mom hopes he doesn't grow into those feet. they said he won't grow bigger than he is now, we shall see !!! He is very laid back where I am very hyper, when he bothers me I give him a little nip to set him straight and he does let me jump all over him. I will let you know later how things work out. Mom says he's a keeper though.


Now I've done it,

October 13th 2008 4:44 pm
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Now I've really did it this time, mommy is really mad at me. On Saturday I had my first kill, I killed a vole and mom snatched it away and put it in the trash. Well tonight as mom was making dinner, I was doing my usual, patrolling the yard before I had to come in for the night. All of a sudden mom heard me screaming and ran out of the house to see what happened. Well I got a squirrel and was killing it and it bit my foot, the nerve of that squirrel!! Mom almost had a heart attack on the spot, she yelled for my dad and he came running too. Mom grabbed me as I was trying to get at the squirrel again, she was holding me and dad said I was bleeding. Mom took me in the house to check me out and dad put the squirrel in the trash can with my other kill, the vole. I got mom all bloody and she called the vet to see what to do, and how current my rabies shot was. The dirty rotten squirrel bit my foot, just the pad though , but it bled a lot. The vet said I just got my rabies shot in January and I was good, and just wash the foot good and put hyodren peroxide on it and later neo sporen and I should be fine. Mom is not thrilled with what I did, she said she hoped I learned my lesson, now she has to keep an eye on me in the yard. Do you think the squirrel has family and do they want revenge?? I will has to keep my eye open from now on when I'm out in the yard.


Diary of a killer.............

October 11th 2008 11:21 am
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I made my first kill today and mom is not happy, me on the other hand, I'm quite proud of my self. As you know it is my job to keep my yard free of pesky squirrels,chipmunks and other critters so I was just doing my job. In the beginning mom thought it was fun watching me jumping all over the place growling and pulling up the ivy, I guess she didn't think I could really catch something. Well did I fool her, I caught something and tossed it up in the air so mom could see. But she didn't say "good girl" or even "good job" she screamed at me and came running. So I had to snatch it and run around the yard a few times and give mom a run for her money and then I calmly dropped it in the grass. I looked at mom so she could praise me and I look ed again and my prize was gone . Mom got the pooper scooper and snatched it away and put it in the trash. Mom said it was a vole, I think she was relived that it wasn't a chipmunk. I thought I did a good job even though mom didn't. Next time I'm not going to let mom see!!!!!!!

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