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Starting A Better Life

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My Heart is Broken

January 16th 2014 6:34 pm
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We just got the news that dogster will be no more. We are without words, we have met so many pups and their families there. We have so many friends and lost so many on dogster,mom has been given such good advice and help for all her problem with as, and there has been a lot of that............We are broken hearted that we will be losing our many friends. When mom first got me, dogster was a huge part of our lives and even more when we got Romeo. We made so many friends that became part of our lives and even after we didn't come as often, we stopped into see how every one was doing. We have so many facebook friends that we started out with here. I just don't want to loose touch with every one. I just don't know what to say.........................



September 7th 2013 12:23 pm
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It's my birthday and mom and dad's 39th anniversary. I am hoping they are going to get me some goodies. I've been pretty good and haven't picked on Romey too much.....Mom says she has to get new pictures of me and Romey on our pages too. Well take care everyone and thanks for the birthday wishes.


Oh Boy,What a summer we had

August 17th 2013 6:17 pm
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It was bad enough that we had to make the trip to Kentucky and back for my mom's nephews funeral,but after we got home the trouble began. We got home late Saturday night and Sunday was uneventful, mom did the wash and put stuff away from our trip. Early Monday morning the troubles began. Dad got up to use the bathroom, and when he didn't come back mom looked to see where he was. She opened the door just in time to see dad fall on the floor, he was having a seizure.Mom ran in and got him before he really hit the floor,but on the way down he hit the bathtub. Mom ran and got the phone to call 911 as she came back into the room dad had another seizure that was longer. After she called 911 she ran us down stairs and in the family room behind the gate, that was so the EMT's could come in the house without us bothering them. They were here a long time and carried dad out on a long funny thing. Mom called our furless brother and then told us to be real good and she will be back later. She got in this truck like thing that made a lot of noise and left us. She didn't come back for a long while and Romey got real upset. He made a big, big mess, he tore up all the newspapers he could find, pulled the pillows and cushions off the sofa, dumped all his toys out of the toybox and dragged his crate in the middle of the floor. Mom didn't come home until that afternoon she said dad was in something called ICU and had tubes down his throat. She laid down and took a nap with us and when she got up she said she was going back to see dad and we had to be good. That meant Romey because I'm always good. When she came home again she said dad was really sick and had to stay in ICU for awhile, she stayed home from work for a few days, but not with us. She would get up and go stay with dad in the hospital, this made Romeo really mad. He tore up the house when mom was gone, got up on the kitchen table and knocked everything off and made a big, big mess. Mom was not happy at all. It ended up dad was in the hospital for 11 whole days and then went to a place called rehab. for 7 more days. Mom was a wreck, she had to go to work, come home and let us out, feed us, and then go to see dad. She didn't sleep well without dad being there and she was very worried about him. Then after what seemed a long,long time mom left as usual but when she came home she brought our dad back home. She said we had to watch over him while she worked, that was our new job. We sit on his lap and make sure he doesn't do too much. We are so glad to have our dad back safe and sound. Now mom is on vacation until school starts up again we have her home for 12 days until she has to go back to work. We can't wait until she retires after school is over next year. WE hope this is all the excitement we have, we can't handle too much more...... I hope you all had a great summer.


another sad time for my family

July 14th 2013 5:11 pm
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On the 5th of July my mom got a devastating phone call from her sister.Her 0nly child. mom's nephew was kayaking the Big East Fork of the Pigeon River on the 4th of July with several other kayaking friends. The river flashed and he was swept away, his friends went after him but could not get him. They found him the next day.....he was 36 years old and has been kayaking this river for over 10 years. They brought him home to Lexington, KY. his friends found him. He was a Staff Sargent in the Army and was buried with full military honors. It was an awesome ceremony and his kayaking friends were there with their kayaks. Mom rented a van and mom, dad, Romy and me drove to Ky with my mom's cousins, It was a very long ride, but we got there. Romey and I got to see Amy again and play with her, but we still were sad. It was a fast trip, one day to get there, one for the funeral, and one day to come home again, Our heads were spinning, it was a long time in the car, 12 hours there and 12 hours home, We were very tired when we finally got home, but we made it safe and sound, Mom needs to go to work tomorrow and she isn't looking forward to that either. This is her last year, she says she will retire next June. We can't wait............. love Juliette


Oh my dog, it's been a long time........

September 5th 2012 4:33 pm
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It's been over a year since I last stopped by, I can't believe it's been that long. Not much has happened either, but I will be having a birthday on Friday, 6 years old. I do have a boo-boo though. Three weeks ago I was so happy my mom was home from work I jumped off the sofa too hard. I hurt my foot, so mom took me to the vet, turns out I broke my foot. Now I have a cast on my foot, I am hoping my birthday present will be getting it off tomorrow !! We did go on our yearly trip to Kentucky to visit my aunt and cousin Amy for Easter. That was a long week!!!! Mom did rent a van so we had a lot more room this trip that really helped too. Our backyard flooded from all the rain from the hurricane and we sat in the basement for a half an hour yesterday because we had a tornado warning. They did have a tornado touchdown about a mile from us and we did see it in the distance. Scary things like that doesn't happen in NJ, but we did have an earthquake last year. Mom was thinking she would like to foster some pups, but I quickly squashed that idea. Romeo and I have had some big arguments so mom didn't think it would be fair to add another one or two pups into the mix. Mom didn't realize that I wanted to be the only dog when she got Romeo. I am the Princess, there is no other. I will try to write more often and not wait over a year again........Juliette


My mom is sad

June 18th 2011 4:27 pm
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My mom is sad and a down right mess, Romy and I are doing our best to cheer her up, but it's not working. Her mom crossed the rainbow bridge for humans last week. She has been busy doing stuff on the computer and on the phone. We are waiting for her sister to come up from Kentucky with our cousin Amy, she's a yorkie too. Mom will be done school on Monday and will have some time to spend with us until she goes back after the 4th of July. She said that after school is done in August we will make that trip to Kentucky again to help our aunt sort things out. Romy and I don't like to go there, it is such a long trip for us, mom too. Mom says it has to be done though and we need to keep Aunt Karin company for a while. It has been a crazy year and as you can see mom hasn't been hanging on Dogster that much. We do miss all our friends though and mom says she will have to come by more often. Love and kisses Juliette


It's my birthday, sort of.....................

September 7th 2010 5:56 pm
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Mom doesn't know my real birthday 'cause I'm a puppy mill rescue so we celebrate it on mom and dad's anniversary . So today is my birthday 4, we think and mom and dad's 36 wedding anniversary. They went out to dinner and I had steak. Of course I was nice and let Romeo have some too. Tomorrow mom is going to get me special cookies from the dog goody store so tomorrow will be special too. I have been doing nothing special. Mom had the nerve to go back to work, something about school starting and if I want to eat, she needs to work. Oh well, we did have her home for 10 days before school started. Well that's all for now, I will try to be a better friend and write more often.


I can't believe it has been this long!!!!!

July 11th 2010 12:02 am
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Hi all my Dogster friends, I am so sorry that I haven't been around in so long, I guess I really haven't been much of a friend. I miss my friends so much though and sadly quite a few have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Such a sad time!!!!!! Mom is done with school, she made it to the end alive and sane, but just barely. She is hoping her next student will be a lot better than this last one was. We are looking forward to Yorkie Day in Reading in a few weeks, we get to meet other yorkies and their pawrents. It is given by Save A Yorkie Rescue and this will be the 3rd time we went. I think we will have a great time. Romeo is doing good, we have our moments "cause a get jealous and can be quite a witch when I want to be. He is quite a big boy now and is very playful and can be quite a handful. Well I got to go now, it is late and mom says we need to get some sleep. I promise I will not wait months to write again. Take care my friends, Juliette


It's been a long time since I wrote in my Diary!

January 10th 2010 9:06 am
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I haven't written in a long time, mom has been busy and of course I need her to write for me. Mom has been very stressed out with her job, her new student is a royal handfull. She was used to a nice quite deaf boy for 4 years and was quite unprepared for this new one. Two bites, one tetnus shot and both arms scratched up is a big adjustment, but we are getting there. Hopefully it will be a fast school year and she won't be stuck with him next year. It has been a very cold winter so far and before Christmas we had 23 inches of snow. I didn't like the snow at all, but Romey did and he liked to play in it, as for me, heck no. Romey and I are getting along, but I do have my whichie moments when I and quite nasty and jealous. after all I was here first!! Well mom says it is time to go shopping for a new coat for Romy and we get to go along. I promise to write more later.


Mom had the nerve!!!!!!!

September 29th 2009 1:22 pm
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Mom went back to work yesterday, I can't believe she did it. It was really nice having her home the last couple of weeks. She mentioned something to the effect if we want to eat, have toys, and go to the groomer, she needs to work. I really liked having her home, except for the 3 days she was in the hospital. Then dad took care of us and my fur-less brother checked up on dad to make sure he remembered to feed us. Then mom came home and things were good again. Crazy mom is thinking about putting us in the Halloween parade this year, I'm going to be a bumble bee and we think Romy maybe a spider. Romy will prabably ride in his stroller and mom will carry me. She is worried about all the noise though. Well mom has to go and babysit her grandkids, I'm just glad they aren't coming here, they are way too noisy!!!!!

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