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I've been tagged by Cosmo

September 26th 2009 9:36 am
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I have been tagged by my pal Cosmo!!!

This is what I have to do. Answer all questions, post them in your diary, then tag 6 friends by sending a rosie or pmail.

1. What color is your collar? - Blue with pawprints.

2. What kind of food do you eat? Home cook food of chicken, fish, puree vegetable, rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Mom also makes me meatball and I get liver once in a while.

3. What are your favorite treats - Dry chicken jerky. Mom's pumpkin bake.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Nope. Mom doesn't like virtual relationships. She thinks it's weird.

5. Do you get table scraps? - Yep! All the time. More than I should. BOL.

6. What is your favorite toy? - Kiki. We play chase. I don't play with toys.


Mommy and Me - Mother's Day 2009

May 2nd 2009 4:41 am
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I got into a fight
and got poked in the eye

My mommy stayed up for nights
just to make sure I am all right

I rubbed my face in poo
and rolled my neck in pee

My mommy just smiled
and sprayed a hose on me

I ran away from home
and stayed away 2 nights

My mommy cried and cried
and hope people will be kind

What would I do without my mommy
to hold me, kiss me and clean after me?

What would mommy do without me?
Smilin’, snugglin’ and kissin’ away her tears

Furever I am her baby
Furever she is my mommy

Together furever and ever
My mommy and me….


Yay! My cutie furiend Shelby tagged me!

January 31st 2009 5:34 am
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Hey all. I've been tagged by that cutie pie Shelby. So here are 7 random furfacts about me.

1. Mom calls me a "mule" cuz sometimes I will not come in from outside when she calls me or refuse to go back to the car after my walk in the park.

2. We are rooting for the Cardinals in the Superbowl because Mom likes Kurt Warner. He is nice as he is handsome. :)

3. Mom named me after Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers, not Kobe beef :)). One of the suggestions mom's nephew suggested as a name for me at the time was Bling Bling. Ewwww, I am glad she did not name me Bling Bling. He he.

4. I get to go to work with mom everyday and all of her customers love me cuz I am the friendliest dog in the world.

5. Mom takes me and Kiki into a school yard on the weekend and let us run off leash. We love it.

6. I love the meatballs mom make fur me.

7. When mom scratches my back, I'd stretch my legs in the back like frog legs.

I am going to find 7 furiends to tag now.


OMD. I've been tagged by Bear Bear!

November 5th 2008 6:37 pm
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OK. I've been tagged so I will post 7 random facts about my furry little self and tag 7 more pals. Here is a little sumting about moi:

1. Every year I get in trouble. Last year, I got into a fight with a friend's Chihuahua mix and almost lost my left eye. This year I was lost for 3 days and drove everyone crazy. I don't know what I will do next year for an encore.

2. I am a picky eater. Mom has to cook for me everyday.

3. I LOVE people and will run up to any strangers asking to be patted and love. I am a very friendly dog.

4. Besides my mom, I love my Grandma and she loves me.

5. I am a little chicken, I still cannot jump up to the bed or couch. I need the doggie steps.

6. I like watching the LA Lakers with Mom and her friends. When they scream "Go Kobe!" I'd run around all happy and excited cuz I think they are cheering me on.

7. I get to go to work with Mom every day and everybody loves me.

Here are the 7 pals I am tagging. Sparky Winker Bean, Bailey, Pokey, Sophie, Foxy, Teddy, and Sammy (to get back to Bear Bear for tagging me. He he).



August 2nd 2008 9:24 pm
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There is a vet office right next to Mommy's store where I escaped from the yard. This afternoon, a man called the vet office and said that he had found an orange color Pom. The vet told him to bring the dog in. His wife then came over to tell Mommy that someone found a Pom and is bringing him in and Mommy's heart fell out of her chest. Since she already had her hope up once with the scam, she did not want to be disappointed again.

Mommy and Kiki then sat looking out the front window waiting for the man to come. As a car pulled into the parking lot next door, Mommy can see my face looking out the car's window. She came running out into the parking lot screaming. The man opened the car door and I was sitting on his lap. Mommy reached inside the car to hold me and hugged the man when he was still sitting in the car. Good thing his wife was not there. BOL

The man told mom that he found me on the street about 1 mile from where I was lost and that I had no collar on. I have been staying with him, his wife and their German Shepherd. He said that I was a joy (but of course) to be with. He called the shelters and vet offices today and this office told him about me. Mommy offered to give him some money but he refused to take it. We have his phone number and plans to call him tomorrow and if possible, bring him and his wife some gifts.

The strange thing is why I did not have my collar on and was so far from my lost place. I am a big chicken and would never in a million year cross the street by myself. Mommy tried to cross the street with me a few times before but I always got scared and would run back into the sidewalk. She had to pick me up and carry me across the street every time. I would have had to cross many streets to get to where the man said he found me.

Also, if the collar fell out, it would have been where I snugged under the metal fence. Once I am already on the street, why would the collar slip out? My collar was not in the parking lot where I ran away and was not on me when I was found either. Mommy thinks that someone did take me, took my collar off and for some reasons decided to let me loose on the street. Maybe it's because I am such a picky eater and would not eat dog food. BOL. Mommy always cooked for me and furget it if you give me kibbles.

Afterward, mommy got Kiki and me microchipped. It only cost $40 each and oh so worth it. The collar can't be relied on so pawlease microchip your fur babies. They are too precious to us to risk losing.

Anyhow, what happened on my 2 1/2 days adventure will remain a mystery that only I know. I am in somewhat of a shock and have been hiding under the bed since I came back. Mommy is going to bring me out from under the bed and hold on to me with dearlife from now on.

Thank you so much everyone for you love, supports and prayers. Mommy can't tell you how hard it was the last 2 nights looking over and I am not there. She wondered what I had for dinner, where I slept but most of all, she wondered if she will ever see me again. We are very touch at how much love we received from our pals on Dogster. If we give back every dogster gifts I received Mommy would go bankrupt. He he. We love all our Dogster furiends and so happy that we belong to such a wonderful community of animal love.

Hugs, smooches and wags from Kobe



August 1st 2008 9:01 am
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Kobe got out of the yard at his Mom's work in the City of Stanton, Orange County, California early Thursday morning 7/31/08. He was lost at the corner of Katella and Dale (between Magnolia and Beach). There is a mobile home park near by and I walk him there all the time so we think he went inside there. We have been posting flyers all over and checked the main OC shelter in Orange. We also posted on Craiglist and He is very friendly so we think someone must have picked him up already. His tag has a current address but not a current phone number.

Yesterday I got a phone call from an unlisted number from a man claiming to have Kobe and demanded $5,000.00. I told him I will give him $500 and went to the street corner to meet him but he never showed up. We think it is just a scam and he never had Kobe.

Please help me praying that he will return home safely and soon. It was very hard last night not knowing where he was, what he had for dinner and where he slept. Kiki, his playmate, has been sad and depress and refused to eat since he is gone. I am devastated and has not eaten either. Please help to bring my baby home!

If you have a friend who lives in Southern California, please send them a email with the link to Kobe's craiglist ad

Thank you so much for all your help.


I've Been Tagged For Valentine by Steaky

February 7th 2008 7:56 pm
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I've been tagged for Valentine by my friend Steaky. I am to make 5 wishes and tag another 5 furiends.

Here are my 5 wishes for Valentine:

1. For healing to the tornado victims and animals

2. For the return of all lost pets especially our friend Tigger

3. For chicken, chicken and more chicken

4. For love and peace to all my furiends on dogster on Valentine

5. For mommy to scratch my back every night

Here are the 5 friends I am tagging:

1. Bella Paige

2. Bella Luna

3. Scrappie Dew

4. Vic

5. Cody


I've Been Tagged For Valentine

January 31st 2008 7:21 pm
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Wow. I feel sooooo loved. I've been tagged for Valentine by 3 of my furiends, Tallulah Barkhead, Precious and Kobe NPC (same name with me). Thankie so much. Now Mommy really has to start a diary fur me. The rule is for each tag, I am to make 5 wishes and tag 5 furiends. So for each friend I tag, they would have to make 5 wishes and tag another 5 furiends.

Since I have been tagged three times, I will make 15 wishes and tag 15 furiends.

Here are my 15 wishes this Valentine Day:

1. For Love and Joy to all my Dogster furiends especially those who loved and cared so much for me when my eye got hurt. Woof woof.

2. For going to the park and being petted by everybody I meet

3. For running outside off leash and chasing cats

4. For Andrew Bynum to get well and get back playing for the Lakers soon. We need you man!

5. For all the dry pig ears I can eat

6. For all pets to find furever homes

7. For ending of all animal cruelty

8. For visiting grandma more often and spending time with her

9. For my cousin Ito who went to the Rainbow Bridge recently to watch over us and know that we love him and miss him very much

10. For good health to all furs who are sick

11. For mommy to take me and Kiki with her everywhere she goes

12. For mommy to have more time to play with us and take us on walks

13. For the rain to go away tomorrow so mommy can take us to the park

14. For Peace and Love to Sunkist who bit me in November while fighting over some food and now he cannot see me anymore. I still love him and miss him very much.

15. For never ending food bowl and belly rubs

These are the 15 furiends that I tagged:

1. Sophie

2. Jordan~Rivers

3. Bella Luna

4. Dash

5. Diesel

6. Cooper

7. Sweet Caroline

8. Shamus

9. Angel

10. Mia

11. Tobi

12. Eddy

13. Mitch

14. Twister

15. Athenas Orrio Cookie Boy

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