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The patrol's after us!

April 10th 2007 5:11 pm
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So I wouldn't say we were "lost" but I guess Chufee and I followed the waterway behind our house a little too far, and someone called the animal patrol on us! My dad said it was ok to play with our neighbor's kids, but then they went away and didn't let us back into our house! We hightailed it for home, and just in time too! Daddy had gone out for a short bike ride around the neighborhood, and he was just getting home when we got home! He let us in just in time because in a few more minutes the cops were knocking on our door. Thank goodness they only gave us a warning because they hadn't actually seen us in the river... Mommy was pretty annoyed at daddy for trusting the neighbor's kids (8 and 10 yr olds) to let us back in the house after they had to go home.



April 5th 2007 4:22 pm
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Well not quite, but mommy cooks for us now. I LOVE IT. I eat everything in my bowl, including the vitamins she mixes in, and even the broccoli and celery. She puts funny oils like cod fish and flax seed in it, but it makes the carrots, oatmeal and chunk of meat extra tasty. My bowl was so clean... I was sad cause Chufee's bowl wasn't clean but she wouldn't let me have her veg either! Mommy said it was ok to pick out of Chufee's bowl when she walked away, but by then all the veg were cold, boo!


At the vet's...

March 28th 2007 4:07 pm
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I don't get it, we've been to the vet twice in a week, but no one ever pays attention to me...? Why do we have to wait for Chufee to get shots? So boring! At least Dr. Randy gives us treats while I'm waiting.


Skate park...

March 21st 2007 1:57 pm
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So the other night we went to the skate park where mommy and daddy were fooling around on thier bike and skateboard. I was already tired from running around the mountain bike trails so I didn't want to do anything! But NOOO Chufee had to be all eager and then daddy made us to run around the big bowl. It was great!... until I had to get out. Our friend Brody figured out to run really fast and jump out of the bowl, but I tried and went back in! I was so freaked out by that I didn't try again and I made daddy come back in to push me back out. Stupid Chufee wanting to chase the BMX bikers...


At the office...

March 15th 2007 5:52 pm
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I'm SOOOO bored at daddy's office, but I don't feel like doing anything but stare at daddy as he does work. We went mountain biking with daddy and boy, I think I need to sleep for the next day or so. I don't even feel like annoying my big sister. At least the air conditioning feels really nice...

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