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Brody's Barkings

Today is my Birthday! I'm 2!

March 26th 2005 9:07 am
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I started my Birthday off by sleeping it...hey, after all, it is MY Birthday! Then mom gave me a yummy Birthday cake from the doggy bakery and 2 peanut butter buster treats too! We went for a long hike in the snow, boy was I pooped, but mom pulled out another Birthday present for me...a Zanie frisbee! We played with that for awhile outside it was such a nice day and the driveway is nice and muddy too! Well, it's time for a nap and then maybe some more Birthday goodies! Thanks for spending my Birthday with me!


Losing weight isn't much fun...but I get to play in the snow- a lot!

March 14th 2005 5:26 am
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Ever since mom took me to the vet last summer, I've been on a diet. That's healthier food, less treats and my favorite MORE EXERCISE! Mom is feeding me 3 cups per day of this "light" dog food, it tastes ok, but I would like more of it. She has cut down my treats, I know, can you believe it?! But the best part is I get to play in the snow for hours everyday. Mom and I take short hikes that last 1-2 hours around the mountains where we live before she goes to work. I am so pooped after but I love running on the trails and smelling all the tracks from lots of different animals. If I run ahead, but come right back when mom says, "Brody Come", I get a treat....of course it is a "light treat". Mom has been trying really hard to get me to listen, because I love to be off leash when we are on the trails. I think she took some pictures of me on the trails last week and put them on my webpage at dogster, so check them out (and leave me a bone too please.) It's almost time to go outside again...I can't wait I love snow! Have a great day. Love always, Brody


What a weekend...I'm Pooped!

February 1st 2005 10:14 am
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Everyday since Saturday, Mom and I have hiked on some of the best snowmobile trails around. I got to run off leash for almost 10 miles of trails over the last 4 days. I hate snowmobiles though, Mom gives me a treat everytime I run to her when I'm scared. I LOVE TREATS! I know mom is trying to get me in shape, but geez 10 miles is a lot for my 4 legs to handle.

I went shopping with mom yesterday after our first hike and then we had a nap. Afterwards, she took me for a second short hike before we made dinner. I went with Daddy down to the Pig barn and we fed the pigs. Boy, they sure are getting bigger!

I tried a new dog food yesterday, Science Diet Adult Large Breed Light, and I love it. I ate my whole bowl full today and even dropped some on the floor. I can't wait to eat more of it. Mom says it's good for me and that it will help me lose a "few pounds." We went to the vet's last week and he said that he should be able to feel my ribs when he moves his hands along my sides...but I'm happy like this!

Well, (yawn), it's nap time...I'm sprawled out on the bed almost drooling. Talk to you soon, (yawn), Brody.


It Snowed...Finally!

December 8th 2004 4:43 am
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I am so excited that it snowed! I have been playing and rolling in it all week! The bad part is, Mom and I went for a walk yesterday, but I walked on the ice on the brook, even though Mom told me not to, and I fell in! I'm ok, but I had a frozen tail for a little while.

I can't wait for the moving reindeer on the front lawn to be put away. I sometimes look outside and think they are dogs like me.

Well, I have bows to eat and Christmas wrap to shred, so until next time, Happy Howlidays!


It's Been a Paw-Packed Fall...Already!

September 28th 2004 9:26 am
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This dieting stuff is terrible! Mom switched my food to a weight management food and even cut down on how much I can have. I go back to the vet's next week to be reweighed. Mom has kept me very active as you can see by all of my pictures.

Last week we climbed a local mountain, it was very rocky and my paws were tired but I loved it at the top and Mom even packed me a lunch and lots of water. We usually walk about 2-3 miles everyday. There are great views of the mountains at the top of our hill and I love to meet other dogs on the way.

I have 3 new friends that I love to play with. They are piglets. Dad wanted a new hobby, so he is trying farming. I love my new pals, and I especially love their food, but don't tell Mom.

In the mail the other day I got a new hunting vest. It is bright orange and it keeps me warm, but I'm not sure if orange is my color. I look better in brown. I go off leash in the woods though and the other day I chased after some turkeys...Mom thought I'd never come back! This way if I wear the vest, the hunters won't think I'm a bear cub.

We just came back from a long walk, it is raining, but I don't mind. I love to get muddy after and watch Mom clean me up. Then I run in to her bedroom and roll around her bed...she just laughs at me!

I had a "Lab Sleepover" the othernight at daycare. It was a lot of fun. There were 2 yellow colored labs and 2 brown labs like me. There was even a golden retriever. We had so much fun, but boy was I ready for a nap the next day when Mom came and picked me up.

Speaking of nap, that rainy walk made me sleepy...time for a nap.

Until next time, sweet dreams......

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