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August 27th 2009 12:22 pm
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Guess what, mom says I am morphing. I am not sure what that means but she says I am doing it. You all know that I have skin allergies and tend to drop my hair a lot at times. When this happens, mom puts me on prednisone and that clears up the issue. Well it has been a gazillion degrees here lately and by the way, I am thinking of issuing Mr. Fan his pink slip as he is really slaking on the job. He is not even putting out any cool air anymore. I thought I was going to be just a papillon puddle yesterday and its going to be hotter today, so he had better watch his blades or he’s out of here.

Sorry, got off the track, back to morphing. Mom says I am turning into a Chinese Crested. I know mom’s eyes play tricks on her sometimes, but really mom a Chinese Crested. Please don’t any of your cute little crested be upset by my being upset that mom says I am looking like a Crested. I am a papillon, you know lots of hair, long ear fringe and lots of tail feathers plus lots and lots of attitude (still have that). Just look at my newest pictures. I have hair. Not only that but now she says that my piddies are looking like chicken feet (um, mom that is your job to keep them trimmed into pretty little piddies). I can’t do everything around here. Mom said she is thinking of creating a new breed called “pappycrestedchicken”. Sounds more like something to eat if you ask me.

Well last night I got my piddies cut now all I have to do is get my thick coat back, which I simply can’t wait to do in this heat. Mom did you ever think maybe I am just HOT, HOT, HOT and don’t want to wear a winter coat.

Well guys, am going to go sit in front of Mr. Fan and see if he is doing his job, which I can assure you he is not.

Love and hot pappy kisses, Gizmo the pappycrestedchicken



July 29th 2009 1:18 pm
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First of all I want to tell all my friends that I havn't dropped of the face of the earth, my mom has been of vacation for the last 2 weeks and she said she hurt all of her fingers and couldn' type. But for some reason they didn't brother her when she went to do anytbing else. Sounds fishy to me.

Yep, you guessed it, I got skunked, The other night mom fell asleep on the couch, which is normal. She woke up aroung 1:00 a,m, and let me out potty. She just reaches aroung the drapes and opens the door and I go potty and come back in. Not the other night. I come back in and start rubbing my face and nose on the carpet and then the skunk stink hit mom.

She ran in the kitchen and grabbed a wet rag and washed my face and then started rumaging through the cupboard. MOM, now it not the time to start cooking. I STINK, get it off of me. Well she didn't have any tomato juice but she found a can of crushed tomatoes. She's going to make spaghetti, I love sphegetti, but not in the middle of the night.

She graped me up and put what would fit of me in the sink and started pouring the crushed tomatoes all over me, seeds and all. She rubbed it in real good (oh my dog, I am going to be part of the spaghetti sauce). I kept waiting for her to add the gatlic and other spices but she stopped at the tomatoes, (pretty bland spaghette sauce if you ask me.

She wanted to rinse me off, but as I said only half of me will fit in the sink. So she grabbed me up seeds and all and ran to the bathtub and poured some more tomators on my chestie feathers. Lo and behold, I turned pink. Mom, I don't want to be a pink dog, get it off of me. Well she finally started to rinse me off. All of the little seeds stuck in my fur and she culdnt get them out and worst of all, I was still pink. What kind of a boy dog is pink? She got the shampoo and started washing me and little by little I started turning white again, but those pesky seeds were a real problem getting out.

She was finally satisfied that she had done all she could do at that time of the morning even though I still smelled like skunk. She dryed and brushed me real good.

As I said this started around 1:00 a.m. and by now it was 2:25 and mom said she wasn't tired after that ordeal (did I mention that mom started back to work that day).

We finally got to bed around 2:45 and boy was mom a grouch in the morning and my head still smells like skunk.

Mom called the animal control and had to leave amessage. She is hoping that she can get a trap and catch the ole stinkey skunk. She said they would have to pick it up if she caught it as she wasn't going to get near the thing.

Well guys, I am going to take a little nap before mom gets home. She calls me her little skunk head. Whatever.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



July 6th 2009 7:41 pm
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Well, I guess I had better give every pup an update on my black and white kitty. He’s ALL GONE, that right, all gone, kaput, smell not there, nothing nowhere, he simply disappeared. Maybe, he simply got tired of mom yelling at me to “get in the house” and wanted a quieter home, or he got tired of mom and her flashlight shining in his eyes and decided to move to a quieter location. Sure takes the fun out of running around the yard trying to find him. I just know that if I had of found him, mom would have let me keep him as she is such a softie for animals. Possum season is up next, maybe I can catch one of those, only their teeth and nails are really long and kinda scary, plus they always seem to run along the fence and I can’t reach that high plus there is always the “Gizmo, get in the house” call again.

If you have checked my page you will notice a little rat of a dog originally named Dexter, but now renamed TAZ. He belongs to my sister. Let me tell you he is not afraid of anything. I don’t think I like him very much. His tail looks like a piece of spaghetti. He has no hair like us papillons so nothing to grab on to. But he sure likes to go after my tail, which, by the way is OFF LIMITS. And talk about sharp teeth, I think he is part shark.

He goes running right into the middle of my toy stash which is also off limits and tries to get a hold of everything I own. Mom keeps telling me to be nice cuz he’s just a baby. Um, mom I thought I was your baby and there is not enough room for two babies in my house. I don’t care if he is the size of a mouse, he’s not getting my toys and as long as he is in my house he is no baby. Guess who won that round.

So now there is Trinquette, Sassy and Taz that come over to visit me. Gets very nerve racking at times, um, which is most of the time. Hopefully he will slow down so I can sniff him to see exactly what he is cuz he just can’t be a dog.

Well guys will keep you posted on the Tasmanian Devil and any other things that happen to come into my house.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



June 30th 2009 12:42 pm
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Well guess I better let everyone know about Skunk update #1.

After mom left for work last week after she had seen the black and white kitty, I heard her drive away and ran like the wind out the doggie door to look for that sneeky, smelly kitty.

I hunted everywhere, high and low (well as high as I could get, which isn’t to high) and nothing. Where is he. I can faintly smell him. I know he is here somewhere. I finally traced the smell to the shed which I can’t get to, but I know he is there, yep he’s there. Oh, if only I had listened to mom and lost a lot of weight (another story).

Let me tell you its really hard work being a search and recover dog. My hat is off for all those doggies that do that all the time. After about 2 hours trying to fine him, I was to pooped to continue. I drug myself back into the house for just a little nappy time. I woke up when I heard mom come home (so much for little).

Mom came in the house very carefully with her nose way in front of her, sniffing the air. She looked like a bloodhound. She was very happy that I stilled smelled good and the skunk hadn’t gotten to me. She went and got her flashlight again and looked between the shed and fence and saw a hole that went under the shed. Mom figures that is probably where the skunk’s home is and know what, there is to way for us to get to it None, Nada.

That night, sure enough I smelled and heard him again. I ran to the kitchen door by the trash cans and it was closed so I ran out the patio door around to the side of the house. He was there, I could hear him and smell him. Would you like to know who was out of the house like a bolt of lightning right behind be. I will give you three guess and they all start with “M”. She grabbed me up and threw me back in the house and shut the screen door. Oh no Mister Gizmo, your staying in the house. This is not at all fair. Something that we don’t want gets to stay outside and I, Gizmo have to stay in the house. Figure that out.

So we have a dilemma around here. There is a hole with a skunk in it that we can’t get to. Mom thinks there is a mommy skunk and babies in that hole . I can’t go outside when I want to and now have to ask mom if she will open the screen door to let me out. This can’t go on much longer. Something has to go and believe me its not going to be me.

Can somebody please help me?

Love and pappy kissess, Gizmo


Black and White!!!

June 26th 2009 10:56 am
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Guess what happened this morning. Go ahead, guess. OK then, I will tell you.

Our trash cans are on the side of the house by the kitchen door. There is cement there and a small shed. It is fenced in so no one can get in from the front of the house and I can’t get in from the back yard, you would think mom would trust me by now and know that I wouldn’t get in any of the trash, but no, its fenced. Well last night my bro took out the trash for pickup. I always get to go out with him so I can smell all the goodies that are going to that noisey gobble up truck, what a waste of good smells.

Last night a different smell was out there and it was coming from the space between the shed and the fence which is only about 6 inches. I tried to squeeze my dainty little body between the remaining trash cans so I could see what was behind the shed but no luck (maybe I should of went on that diet). Mom yelled at me to come in (she is such a spoil sport), soooo being the good dog that I am, I made her come and get me.

This morning I ran to the kitchen door so that I could go outside where the trash cans are kept and mom let me out. I immediately ran to the side of the shed and tried to see what was there. Now mind you I can’t get between the shed and fence so I sniffed and barked and jumped up and down and barked some more. Finally mom went and got a flashlight so she could see what was there.

She pulled the trash cans away and put the flashlight there and she jumped a foot. She was looking in the eyes of a skunk (it’s better than looking at the other end, don’t you think). She YELLED at me to get in the house. I really don’t know what all the commotion was about, its just a little black and white kitty. She wooshed me up and litterly threw me in the kitchen and then, being the smart mom that she is, she went to get another look, only this time it was the other end she was looking at. She sure came in that door in a hurry.

Well if the skunk runs out the other end he will end up in the back yard with me, GIZMO, THE SKUNK HUNTER. Come on out you chicken so I can chase you out of my yard. Well here comes the spoiler again and wooshes me in the house again and shuts the screen door so I can’t even go in the back yard. Sometimes moms are so rude, they won’t let you have any fun.

Mom finally had to go to work and leave the doggie door open. Um mom, do you think I am going to stay in the house with that black and white kitty out there somewhere. I don’t think so. Stay tuned for the final end to this story. Sure hope its not a stinky ending. I just know Mom is at work thinking the worst.

Must run and see what end I run into.

Love and pappy (Hopefully not smelly) kisses, Gizmo



June 22nd 2009 12:14 pm
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Oh my gosh I have been tagged by soooo many dogsters I guess I have better get busy and tag some fur friends too.

What kind of Ice Cream would I be.

I would be yummy vanilla, carmel swirl with touches of hot fudge, lots of whip cream on top, and oh yeah, mom said I had to add lots of NUTS on top.

So I am going to tag SCOTTER, (Psst on the left, MISSY (Psst on the right), GIZMO, and HARROD.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo (minus the nuts on top)



June 9th 2009 11:15 am
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As most of you know, I live in San Diego, California and this summer there is a water shortage. Yep, you heard right, a water shortage due to some dumb fish up north. We are on water rationing. Can only water the lawn for 10 minutes on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Mom is having a cow. All my plants are going to die, the yard is going to look awful. If you could see our yard you would know there are all kinds of plants, plus lawn.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, personally, I think it is great. No watering means no more wet piddies I HATE wet peddies. No more having to go potty on wet grass (like I do that anyway, I just potty on the patio, which doesn’t make mom very happy). I think we should import more of those smart fishies and then we wouldn’t get to water ever.

Speaking of yards, mom and I were working in the yard Sunday and we both spotted this thing at the same time. It was one of those giant lizard thingies that break into pieces and keep right on going. You know, they loose their tail and it keeps wiggling and the front half of it goes running off leaving its back side behind. I digress. Mom and I are looking at this thing and mom yells Giz, NO. Well she went to get up from the dirt and since I was already standing, guess who made it there first. Yup, me and oh yeah, Pookie. Lets forget about Pookie. I grabbed him first and he is all mine, don’t know what I am going to do with it but it’s mine. Mom told me to put it down and naturally being the good dog that I am, I IGNORED HER. She finally caught me (well a dog can’t run fast when he has a mouth full of lizard. I finally dropped it and as I stated, it came apart. The tail on one part of the dirt and the rest of him on the other. Mom grabbed him and scolded me, UMPH. What's she yellling at me for, I still have my tail attached. She put him in some bushes where her would be safe from the fearless Gizmo. Then she went to get a paper towel to pick up the tail which was still wiggling. By the time she got back the tail was gone. I tried to tell mom that it grew legs and ran off but I don’t think she believed me. Don’t look at me mom, I didn’t take it, Pookie did and I not telling where she took that thing.

I love summer and fun creatures. It’s a contest between me, mom, the cats, the birds and lizards.

Talk at cha later.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



May 19th 2009 12:33 pm
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All gone. Yep, Gypsy is all gone. Just when I had gotten used to her (don’t tell mom, but I really liked her and she like me), guess what, mom found her owner. She lived across the street from mom’s work and had been out of town for a week. Soooo she is no longer with us.

Last Sunday was a blast. Mom and I worked outside all day cleaning up under the bushes and trees (mom said I didn’t have to help, as a matter of fact she wished I wouldn’t). Hey, there is nothing more fun than rolling around in dried leaves and dirt. They stick to your fur and no matter how hard you shake they just stay there. Mom looked as bad as I did, only I can shake better than her.

She said she was going to plant me and see what came up (probably a weed). Well if she thinks I’m the only one with leaves and seed pods on them she should look at herself in the mirror (not a pretty site).

Finally, about 4:30 she said she was done for the day and called me to come in. Ummm, mom, here I am right next to you. You probably didn’t recognize me as I look like a walking compose pile.

I bet none of you can guess what happened next. Mom had to brush all the seed pods and leaves out of my fir and then, BATH TIME. Can’t wait until next week when we can do it all over again as there is a lot of things that we didn’t get around too.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



May 8th 2009 12:33 pm
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For the past week there has been a lot of mumblings goings on around here. Mom would come home from work and start mumbling about “it’s lost and so beautiful”, “It’s hungry”, mumble, mumble. “It is sooo lovin”, “it’s going to be eaten by a coyote”, mumble, mumble. “Can’t bring it home, to many CATS”. “It has a tag with the name Gypsy on it”, mumble, mumble.

Well when you mumble and somewhere in that mumble is the word CAT, I tend to pay a little more attention.

Come to find out THERE IS, let me rephrase that: “THERE WAS” a lost cat at mom’s work. It had been there for over a week. It is silver and white and has a lion cut, a black collar with a tag, the name Gypsy and an address that does not exist in San Diego and she just wants to come in mom’s office and lay on her desk. It definitely was an indoor cat. Mom did everything she could think of, calling the animal shelters, checking on Craig’s list everything, but no luck. She tried to find someone that wanted this cat. But mom is such a softie about animals, especially one’s in need.

Well need I say more. Last night when mom came home from work she came in as usual with me barking and bouncing as I was so glad to see her. She let me out potty and when I came back in she shut the screen door. Usually we sit and play ball until she gets tired. But yesterday things were different. She went to the car and brought in a large file box that was moving and making strange noises. She put it on the floor and took off the lid and guess what was in the box. Well that’s a no brainer.

I don’t know what mom was thinking but that lovin cat had the most horrible growl I had ever heard. Lovin, yeah, right. I barked and she ran growling all the way. Mom yelled at me to stop. Hey, I’m not the one growling. Gypsy ran in the corner and just sat there staring and growling at me. I must get to know this girl. I tried to sniff her to no avail. Growl.

Finally mom and I left the room so she wouldn’t be so scared. Then all of the rest of the pride of cats had to check her out. More growling.

Long story short we now have a cat named Gypsy. She is not so afraid of me now, I can go and sniff her without the evil growl. Mom says she hopes she will get used to all of us. This morning she came out into the front room and I must say I am proud of myself as I didn’t chase her away. Mom said I was such a good boy. Just wait until she gets used to the house and then, let the chase begin.

Sure hope mom finds her owner but if not, I will just have to get used to her and she had better get used to me and I am the alpha animal around here.

On a more lovin note, I just want to tell my mom how much I love her and hope she has a Happy Mother’s day. She is the bestest mom in the whole world (minus cats). I also want to wish all by fur friends who are mommies a Happy Mother’s day, (little Gadit) and all my friends Mommys too. You guys are the bestest.

Well I had better go and sit by the closed door where mom keeps Gypsy when she is at work to make sure she don’t claw here way out.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



May 1st 2009 1:13 pm
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Yesterday mom came home from work and said there was mail for me. I was so excited. Then she told me it was from the V-E-T. I froze. I don’t want anything from him, nothing, nada.

She read it and told me that it said I should come in for my “SENIOR” yearly exam. I beg your pardon: SENIOR, SENIOR. Who are they talking about. I just turned 6. Mom started laughing, she thought it was funny too.

Oh my dog, does that mean that I am getting old, noooooooo not Gizmo. Does that mean that I have to get a cane and glasses (would probably help mom though). I am so upset.
How could that be. Mom still calls me her little “puppy”, “puppy” butt, “baby” boo.

Then I decided to weigh the difference between being a puppy and a senior.

First: Puppies must come when mom calls as she know you can hear her. Senior: ignore her calling as senior’s can’t hear as well;

Second: Puppies must always go potty outside or be expected to hold it until you turn blue. Senior: being able to go potty in the house as seniors can’t seem to hold it as long, plus it take them so long to get there.

Third: Puppies can eat dog food. Seniors: Ground chicken and things that are sooo good and yummy.

I must admit there are advantages to being a senior, but I think I will scratch them as seniors can’t chew bones, can’t run and run and run, never get tired of playing. Nope I think I will stay mom’s puppy.

Personally, I think the V-E-T is the SENIOR and he certainly has dementia.

Well guess I will go and take a nap (SENIOR moment).

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo

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