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Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 1-10 lbs

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April 12th 2003

Any thing that resembles playing, catching balls and toys and his cousin, Trinquette and his full sister, Sassy.He loves to be brushed and dryed with a hair dryer. He also loves to have his teeth brushed if you can believe it.

Will not walk on wet grass, or eat dog food out of a dish! WATER on his feet and Football games on TV, he goes and hides behind the toilet.

Favorite Toy:
Stuffed racoon, on his fourth one so far, stuffed toys so he can unstuff them and squeakie balls and more squeakie balls, there are never to many squeakie balls. He still has his very first racoon which is his uggy toy and that is his all time favorite

Favorite Food:
Fruit Loops, pepperini, cheese, anything sweet, he really has a sweet tooth, oh and also the insides of his stuffed toys.

Favorite Walk:
Since Giz and I got attacked by a big dog, he is scared to go walking.

Best Tricks:
Are you kidding- - breathing in and out. He does know everyone of his toys by name and will get them for you. Dunking for ice cubes in a glass of water. Will stick his whole head in.

Arrival Story:
I always wanted a Papillon but most of the breeders are back east. One day I noticed a ad in the paper for puppies in San Diego. Went to see them and guess what, fell in love with Gizmo and he came home with me. He was only 8 weeks old but oh soooo smart.

Gizmo dosn't ride in the car much as he gets really gets car sick. I give him Dramamine when I do take him. He is such a loving fur person. He never leaves my side other than to play. Did I say he loves to play. He dosn't bark, he screams and squeals. He is very ticklish on his tummy. Always picks up loose socks that happen to be left within his reach. Loves to bird-jack the birds his cat catches! Loves his cousin, a 5 lb chihuahua, Trinquette. They are the best of buds. They have sleep overs all the time. Only Gizmo dosen't sleep. He sits by her bedroom door all night waiting for her to get up. He is the love of my life. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x UPDATE: Giz is now 4 years old and I love him even more than when I got him. He never leaves my side, he's like a third apendage. He no longer gets car sick and loves to go bye-bye. He never did like dog food so when the dog food scare came I started him on a home made diet, chicken, chicken livers, carrots, green beens, cottage cheese and missing link. No problem getting him to eat now. His favorite thing ever, other than his uggy toy and his bestest ball is Fruit Loops. He does have terrible algeries so is on a extremely mild dose of predisone. He loves to have his picture taken and will pose non-stop. Ever time I get the camera his just stops and looks at me. I can place him anywhere and he will just stay there until I take the picture. I really have a time getting a candid picture of him.

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The best of Gizmo


August 27th 2009 12:22 pm
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Guess what, mom says I am morphing. I am not sure what that means but she says I am doing it. You all know that I have skin allergies and tend to drop my hair a lot at times. When this happens, mom puts me on prednisone and that clears up the issue. Well it has been a gazillion degrees here lately and by the way, I am thinking of issuing Mr. Fan his pink slip as he is really slaking on the job. He is not even putting out any cool air anymore. I thought I was going to be just a papillon puddle yesterday and its going to be hotter today, so he had better watch his blades or he’s out of here.

Sorry, got off the track, back to morphing. Mom says I am turning into a Chinese Crested. I know mom’s eyes play tricks on her sometimes, but really mom a Chinese Crested. Please don’t any of your cute little crested be upset by my being upset that mom says I am looking like a Crested. I am a papillon, you know lots of hair, long ear fringe and lots of tail feathers plus lots and lots of attitude (still have that). Just look at my newest pictures. I have hair. Not only that but now she says that my piddies are looking like chicken feet (um, mom that is your job to keep them trimmed into pretty little piddies). I can’t do everything around here. Mom said she is thinking of creating a new breed called “pappycrestedchicken”. Sounds more like something to eat if you ask me.

Well last night I got my piddies cut now all I have to do is get my thick coat back, which I simply can’t wait to do in this heat. Mom did you ever think maybe I am just HOT, HOT, HOT and don’t want to wear a winter coat.

Well guys, am going to go sit in front of Mr. Fan and see if he is doing his job, which I can assure you he is not.

Love and hot pappy kisses, Gizmo the pappycrestedchicken



July 29th 2009 1:18 pm
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First of all I want to tell all my friends that I havn't dropped of the face of the earth, my mom has been of vacation for the last 2 weeks and she said she hurt all of her fingers and couldn' type. But for some reason they didn't brother her when she went to do anytbing else. Sounds fishy to me.

Yep, you guessed it, I got skunked, The other night mom fell asleep on the couch, which is normal. She woke up aroung 1:00 a,m, and let me out potty. She just reaches aroung the drapes and opens the door and I go potty and come back in. Not the other night. I come back in and start rubbing my face and nose on the carpet and then the skunk stink hit mom.

She ran in the kitchen and grabbed a wet rag and washed my face and then started rumaging through the cupboard. MOM, now it not the time to start cooking. I STINK, get it off of me. Well she didn't have any tomato juice but she found a can of crushed tomatoes. She's going to make spaghetti, I love sphegetti, but not in the middle of the night.

She graped me up and put what would fit of me in the sink and started pouring the crushed tomatoes all over me, seeds and all. She rubbed it in real good (oh my dog, I am going to be part of the spaghetti sauce). I kept waiting for her to add the gatlic and other spices but she stopped at the tomatoes, (pretty bland spaghette sauce if you ask me.

She wanted to rinse me off, but as I said only half of me will fit in the sink. So she grabbed me up seeds and all and ran to the bathtub and poured some more tomators on my chestie feathers. Lo and behold, I turned pink. Mom, I don't want to be a pink dog, get it off of me. Well she finally started to rinse me off. All of the little seeds stuck in my fur and she culdnt get them out and worst of all, I was still pink. What kind of a boy dog is pink? She got the shampoo and started washing me and little by little I started turning white again, but those pesky seeds were a real problem getting out.

She was finally satisfied that she had done all she could do at that time of the morning even though I still smelled like skunk. She dryed and brushed me real good.

As I said this started around 1:00 a.m. and by now it was 2:25 and mom said she wasn't tired after that ordeal (did I mention that mom started back to work that day).

We finally got to bed around 2:45 and boy was mom a grouch in the morning and my head still smells like skunk.

Mom called the animal control and had to leave amessage. She is hoping that she can get a trap and catch the ole stinkey skunk. She said they would have to pick it up if she caught it as she wasn't going to get near the thing.

Well guys, I am going to take a little nap before mom gets home. She calls me her little skunk head. Whatever.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo



July 6th 2009 7:41 pm
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Well, I guess I had better give every pup an update on my black and white kitty. He’s ALL GONE, that right, all gone, kaput, smell not there, nothing nowhere, he simply disappeared. Maybe, he simply got tired of mom yelling at me to “get in the house” and wanted a quieter home, or he got tired of mom and her flashlight shining in his eyes and decided to move to a quieter location. Sure takes the fun out of running around the yard trying to find him. I just know that if I had of found him, mom would have let me keep him as she is such a softie for animals. Possum season is up next, maybe I can catch one of those, only their teeth and nails are really long and kinda scary, plus they always seem to run along the fence and I can’t reach that high plus there is always the “Gizmo, get in the house” call again.

If you have checked my page you will notice a little rat of a dog originally named Dexter, but now renamed TAZ. He belongs to my sister. Let me tell you he is not afraid of anything. I don’t think I like him very much. His tail looks like a piece of spaghetti. He has no hair like us papillons so nothing to grab on to. But he sure likes to go after my tail, which, by the way is OFF LIMITS. And talk about sharp teeth, I think he is part shark.

He goes running right into the middle of my toy stash which is also off limits and tries to get a hold of everything I own. Mom keeps telling me to be nice cuz he’s just a baby. Um, mom I thought I was your baby and there is not enough room for two babies in my house. I don’t care if he is the size of a mouse, he’s not getting my toys and as long as he is in my house he is no baby. Guess who won that round.

So now there is Trinquette, Sassy and Taz that come over to visit me. Gets very nerve racking at times, um, which is most of the time. Hopefully he will slow down so I can sniff him to see exactly what he is cuz he just can’t be a dog.

Well guys will keep you posted on the Tasmanian Devil and any other things that happen to come into my house.

Love and pappy kisses, Gizmo

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