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The Life and Crimes of Bebop

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How's The Life?

September 2nd 2009 7:15 am
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I know, I know it has been over a year! But we've been busy ok. So where to start?? We finally moved into a house with a backyard and everything! We have 6 rooms to our own entertainment. Since moving in here I haven't torn up anything ... well...we'll discuss that later teehee. Me and Murphy are no longer restricted to a pen when mom and dad go to work all night.
Mom and dad don't keep pet rats anymore. They got rid of all the cages and all the equipment. Doris and Tip were sold to some kid at the local pet store. Lewis died of bumblefoot and I think it really bummed everyone out.
They did however get a kitten. She's so mean too! She just runs and jumps on me for no reason! Or if I try to cuddle in the middle of mom and dad during bedtime or a nap she'll crawl right up in between us. She is evil in a fur coat. Lastly! Where we live got a dog park and if I'm lucky maybe me and Murphy will get to go today. *wink wink at dad*

Gotta go for now.



Pond Disaster

August 2nd 2008 10:33 pm
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Me, mommy, and daddy all went to grammy's today!! I got to play with Patches and Penny. I had so much room to run that I actually became exhausted.

Mom and dad wanted to take me out back to get chased around with, with the hose. Now, grammy has this really fun looking pond out back. Problem is -- they haven't really cleaned it in a LONG time, so the top of the water looked like a green slimy platform. It wasn't a platform at all!

I fell right into this slimey ooie gooie mess. It was disgusting!!! Dad and mom had to give me a bath right there on the spot. I smell fantastic now, but my head still rots a bit.


Bebop -- more pics coming soon!


Rats are Grown and I'm Bald

July 5th 2008 3:46 pm
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The baby rats have all grown up and mom and dad kept one. They call her Tip Toes because she got a toe stuck in the cage and she had to have it amputated.

As for me, I'm naked. Dad had me shaved but my hair is growing back and it's itchy. Murphy is naked too.

Last night there was all kinds of scary noises going on all night. It was so scary and me and Murphy cuddled all night. Dad found us shaking when he came over to check on us. Mom and dad said they would take us to work next year.

That's all for now.



Preparing for Kits!

January 31st 2008 12:31 am
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Tonight mom and dad started preparing for Doris, in case she is pregnant. They separated half the cage with the shelves in it. They're both lonely but mom knows it's for the best. Anyway, mom and dad have been checking up on her all night long. So far, nothing. We're all hoping soon. Mom just wants the wait to be over. I just can't wait to see new babies!!!

Mom's teaching me new tricks too!!! So far I know: beg, dance, sit, stay, lay down, come, "tell him" which is speak, "whisper" which is speaking but quieter and also kisses. I'm learning how to put my head down when I lay down on command and to shake hands. It's so much fun learning new things!

We're supposed to be getting more snow which sounds like fun!! I love snow!



New Rat

January 29th 2008 2:47 pm
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Mom and dad came home with a new rat about a week ago! Her name is Doris and mom said that she's a dumbo and may have rex hair. Mom says it's her most exotic yet. Mom has owned quite a bit, so that's really big for her. Problem is, Doris turned out to be sick so mom and dad had to go get her medicine. She didn't like it at first, but now she's willing to stick out her whole body to get after the eyedropper.

Mom and dad says she might even be pregnant!!! Which means more babies for me to play with and take care of. They wouldn't know what to do without me!!

Woof Woof.


It's My Party!!!

December 22nd 2007 11:35 am
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Today was my first birthday party! I got a cake from Bark N Bites, tennis balls, a HUGE GIANT bone, and a frisbee! I love everything. When dad showed me my bone, I dropped my other and ran straight to the new bone.

After the bones. We moved onto my cake. It was so goooooood! Mom and dad gave me and Murphy our own plates and party hats. Then we got to lick the knife when we were done with our pieces.

After we ate our cake, (while mom flashed the camera) Mom pulled out my presents. She gave me a few throws of the frisbee then I found the bag. So I graciously stuck my head in there and pulled out my other presents....TENNIS BALLS! Then mom played a game with me and Murphy. She slammed the balls down on the ground and when they popped up, me and Murphy had to grab at them.

Also, we got to play with balloons! I didn't like them though. I chased and ran circles around them barking and growling.

Well guys, I gotta get back to my mammoth bone!!!



More Snow You Say?

December 15th 2007 7:39 am
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It snowed even more last night!!! I love this stuff!! It's light, fluffy, fun to chase, and cold. Mom and dad took me out and we got to play for awhile. Even though I did have an accident in the house. =( I didn't mean too. I guess they weren't too mad though.

Birthday is in less than 10 days!!! On a Saturday! I'm going to get my cake and toys. Then even more toys on Christmas!


What's All That White Stuff??

December 6th 2007 4:19 pm
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Today it snowed! It's the first time I've ever seen snow in my life. It was so much fun too!! I had all kinds of fun hopping and running through it. Mom laughed whenever I tried to eat it as it fell. Murphy didn't seem affected by it at all. -Sticks out tongue-

Hopefully mom puts up my pictures and videos today.


Bad Times at Grammy's

December 3rd 2007 2:49 pm
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So the family took a trip down to grammy debbie's house. We introduced Murphy to everyone there. He kept trying to lay on the couch with grampy. Heehee. Well, Patches (grammy's dog) wouldn't quit trying to hump poor little Murphy. After tons of "no's" dad decided to put him in the crate they had there. That's when that lil @%#$*^% bit dad!!! He bit him real hard too, and dad was bleeding. After that we had to leave because Patches was being a mean dog and mom and dad didn't want us getting hurt.

Other than that, it was pretty fun. Murphy, Patches, Penny, and me go to run around the house chasing each other! Fun! Andddd grammy got me a new frisbee! But I can't have it until Christmas....-.-' Parent's ruin everything.

Few days ago I made a new friend!!! She's a little beagle and lives right behind us. She's always outside and whenever I come outside she'll climb through a hole in the fence and we try to play, but you can only do so much when you're on a chain. =( Poor little beagle.

Lastly, my birthday's coming up!! Tomorrow mom and dad are going to talk to the pet shop lady about my cake. Yum. Hopefully they'll give Murphy a bath sometime soon.


I Smell Cake!

November 24th 2007 7:16 am
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My first birthday is only a month away!!! Can't you feel the excitement?!?! Mom says that I'm going to get a birthday cake and is going to try to talk to the lady real soon about when it needs to be done by. Mom and Dad are going to get us all some party hats too! ^_^ -hops- It's going to be so fun! Also they're talking about Christmas?

I don't understand this Christmas though. I was trying to listen to mom about stockings and treats and toys...but then I got excited and pictured treats and toys and blocked her out. What is a stocking??? Well if it holds treats and toys it can't be too bad right? RIGHT.

Last night; mom and dad took Murphy to get his claws trimmed and when they came back, they had these delicious bones with them! They were so wonderful; even though Murphy didn't like his, which means MORE FOR ME!

Anyway I gotta go. I have GOT to catch up on my sleep before we go to grammy's later on today for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope I can get some leftovers. And, I'll get to play with Patches.

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