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Captive Canine

Day at the Farm

July 2nd 2007 7:31 am
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Oh goodness this was a great weekend. I got to go to the farm again with mom. I met the other dogs on the farm and mom said I was a little bad cause I growled at them. But I stopped as soon as she told me to... i can't help it I thought they were going to take the bone mom had for me. There was a big grey hound that got scared and wouldn't come near me after I growled. There was also two chinese crested dogs one had no interest in me and the other started growling and coming at me. Mom made me sit and she stepped in front of me so that she was between me and the little dog. They were very well trained cause when their mom called them back they went right back to her... thank goodness don't think mom would have wanted me to have to fight the little guy off. Anyway, I made sure to be very good after that. I had a great time chasing the flies and trying to eat them. Mom put me in Sunny's stall while she groomed him. I ran around the stall chasing away the flies. Then mom put Sunny outside to graze in a paddock. So, mom and I ran around chasing flies and Sunny got excited and ran along side the gate with us. Mom brought me close to him cause he was sticking his nose out to sniff me. This time I didn't shrink I sat close while mom gave us both a cookie. He is so nice he didn't mind sharing his all natural cookie with me. When i got hot mom put me back in Sunny's stall so I could stay cool and drink out of his water bucket... i continued to chase the flies... don't want those pesky things bother my brother. When mom brought Sunny back in I sat like a good girl outside his stall and waited. Then mom brought me over one more time to see him and we touched noses. I got a cookie for doing that. Mom says that he likes me and that with more time i hopefully won't be as scared of him. I did get a little scared when we were walking down the isle and an even bigger horse stuck his head out to sniff me. Oh my goodness this one was big... i got nervous and hid behind mom. Before we left mom took me for a walk around the farm. We saw a funny sight... a beagle was being chased by a deer. Mom tried to call to the beagle but it ran into the woods with the deer following it. It sure was making a lot of noise. A few minutes later it came back and we guess it ran home. Mom tried to call it but it didn't seem to have any interest in us. I sure had a good time. I like going to the farm and mom says she will keep taking me when the weather is nice.


Visiting My Little (BIG) Brother

June 12th 2007 11:42 am
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This weekend was great. Mom took me too see my little brother Sunny… more like a BIG brother (in size). It was a little scary cause there were so many other horses that were even bigger than Sunny and they all came to the fences to see me when mom took me around the property. I had fun eating the grass they couldn’t reach… yes I think I am part horse too…BOL The best part was I found a pile of horse poop to roll in. What a great way to cool down. Mom was not too pleased with me… I don’t know why she didn’t join me? It was soft and mushy and it smelled wonderful oh boy I had a great time rolling in it. I guess mom and I haven’t different ideas when it comes to cooling down. She put me on the cross ties (kind of like a leash but they are connected to the walls) and gave me a sponge bath. Oh it was terrible I couldn’t stop shaking (did I mention I don’t like water?) even though mom used warm water to take away the poo. Then she got some warm water and put some oatmeal stuff in it and sponged me with that to give me a nicer smell and to make my fur soft. I smelled like those yummy cookies mom gets some times. I smelled so good I couldn’t help licking my paws. BOL

After my bath we continued our walk on the property and I got to check out Sunny’s stall. It was much cooler in there plus it has all these fresh woodchips for me to rest on. Mom didn’t have me on the leas and I found his stall all by myself. I followed mom back and forth as she got ready to work with Sunny… I didn’t even chase the chickens when they ran by the barn door… they sure looked plump (yum yum). Mom brought Sunny in and I sat outside his stall while mom groomed him. He tried to sniff me but I ran away cause I’m still a little scared of him. I made sure to sit out of his reach, but close enough so I could keep an eye on mom. When mom took Sunny into the indoor ring to work with him I sat in his stall until they were finished. It was a great day. We stopped at a farmers market on the way home and I got lots of attention there. Then we got home and I passed out from exhaustion. I hope the weather is nice enough for me to go with mom next weekend. I heard mom say she might take Mango next time. Not sure I like that. Maybe if I’m really really good this week she will take me instead


We were robbed...okay we moved

May 31st 2007 8:43 am
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Oh goodness these last few days have been stressful. Mom and I moved in with Grandma last weekend and we haven't fully settled down yet. The week before I stayed with mom in the apartment to help her keep an eye on stuff (especially my toys) while she packed. We also got some nice long walks at the doggie park and around the neighborhood. Then on Saturday these two guys (who gave me lots of attention) came and took all the stuff... even my toys... they were so quick I didn't notice they were gone until it was too late. So mom and I jumped in the car and followed them. No we were not gonna let them get away with stealing my kong. It was so weird they stopped at Grandma's house. I guess they wanted to steal Mango's toys too. So I ran into the house to check on Mango's toys but they were all there. I sat on a chair and watched these men take everything out of their truck and guess what they took out? That's right they gave me back my basket of toys. I took everything out of the basket just to make sure they didn't keep anything. Fortunately everything was there... now I must come up with a plan to keep all my toys away from Mango.



May 30th 2007 6:33 am
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I have been tagged by my good pals King and Tucker. Now I am it and have to choose 7 of my pals to tag.


Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Seven fun facts about me (Kindra)

1. I love my mom and the rest of my pack

2. I love to play fetch and eat grass (catch a few balls sit down snack and play again BOL)

3. I like to steal mom's seat when she gets out of bed and off the couch.

4. I like to snuggle under blankets and moms arms.

5. I do a celebratory run through the house when mom gets home.

6. I do not like to share my toys... i like to horde them all and then sit on them so Mango can't get at them BOOOOL (evil laugh hehe)

7. I love road trips that involve hikes and food.

1. Mango

2. Sadie

3. Hannah

4. Jake

5. Bailey

6. Tucker

7. Sienna


SUN and lots of SUN!

April 19th 2007 12:52 pm
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Oh my gosh have you seen the new layout for my page? Mom's spent these last few rainy days working on my dogster page. Make sure to check out Mango's page too I know mom worked on hers too. Not much to do in this icky weather. But today she is taking me to the park when she gets home. We haven't had a really good walk with all this cold weather (bothers my arthritis) so I am so excited to get out. Mom came home during lunch and opened up the blinds so that I could have one of my naps in the Sun... boy does that feel good. I gotta go rest up some more Mom will be home soon and I need to rest for my big walk...can't wait to see where she takes me today. I'll bark back later.


Dogster Plus

March 30th 2007 9:33 am
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We just joined the Dogster Plus group... wow there is so much to do. Mom is trying to set up my page so my dog pals have fun when they come to visit me. Did you see my game? That 15 is my score. Mom says i'm a smart pup... lets see if anyone else can beat it? If you do make sure you let me know... cause that sure deserves a rosette. Anyway, make sure to pet my little brother Sunny... you can also give him an apple. Oh it is so exciting to have all this great stuff. Can't wait to see what else mom does to my page.

Not only did we join Dogster Plus I got to go back to mom's apartment too. I've been staying with my sister Mango cause mom said they are doing maintenance in the building and she didn't want people in the apartment when I'm home by myself. She was going to put me in the crate, but she figured I would have more fun staying with Grandma and Mango. So true, Grandma let me sit outside with Mango in the sun in the front yard... but it is so much better being with mom. Plus there is no other dog around to have to share my toys with BOL. Okay, gotta go take a nap. Mom will be home from work soon and I have to be ready to do my welcome home dance.

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