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Life According to Bubba!

On my travel...

April 10th 2009 2:08 pm
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It is with sad heart that we have to share with you all our friends, that our Bubba made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge this morning... When mom got home last night, he ended up throwing up, it looked like all his breakfast...then outside later, he walked and walked and walked but didn't poop, and peed (or tried too) a lot. He didn't want dinner, and went to sleep about 6, early this morning he cried at mom's side of the bed, and she put him in bed with her...he didn't want breakfast but mom had already decided to take him in to see Dr. Jeri...they got him right in, he had lost 1/2 lb from his yearly appt last Saturday, but wasn't constipated, so they wanted to run some tests and told her they would call her in a little bit... when they called, Dr. Jeri told her he had prostrate cancer which was why he couldn't poop or pee and was in mom went back and stayed with him till they gave him the shot and he passed...we will miss our little, poop eatin' long dawg (as Max calls him), he was loved, well taken care of and lived a great life...he would of been 15 in August Mom told Grandpa he was coming, so now Grandpa will have his little buddy to sit on his lap while they watch football in heaven! Mom is sad, but we all piled up on the bed with her, giving her lots of licks and love!
We love you all, and tell all the angels he is coming...
He has a Rainbow Bridge address if you want to visit him page there... ent.htm

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Old Man and the sleep!

July 31st 2008 3:45 pm
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Ok, now if you look at my page, you can see I am an old man, the king so to speak! Well, I gets no respect! I mean I am almost 14 in dog years, gotta a birthday coming up Aug. 9th and that is like 98 years in peep years! So...I have this annoying habit, every day, twice a day, I want food! And when I want it, I bark...quite loud and persistently. Now mom says the 5 p.m. one is fine, it is the 5 a.m. she is having a problem with...cause sometimes I start with the barking at like 4 a.m. or 3 a.m. sometimes even earlier...I mean, that is what I look forward too, FOOD!!!!!! Dinner and Breakfast, but I guess sometimes I want to break the fast a little early! So, one Dr. Mavenstein suggested keeping me awake after dinner, can you believe that??? So now, she is making me stay awake after dinner, no more snoozes under the bed, where it is nice and quiet! I have to stay awake! But she says, it is worth it because 2 days of staying up after dinner, and I am sleeping in later in the morning...hehehehe, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks????

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