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Kisa's Story

New house!

May 4th 2007 3:36 pm
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Now I'm all moved in to our big new place! I have a yard, and soon I'll have a fence to run back and forth across! Mom and Dad have me out of the kennel a lot more, because I learned to go potty right away outside. They were so proud! I'm learning fetch, although I'm not really very smart so sometimes I get distracted and forget to bring it back.
I like the new walks in the neighborhood and all the space to roam. My new hobby is chasing the cats down the stairs. Both my ears started to stick up a couple of weeks ago, and Mom thinks I'm even cuter now than I was with the floppy ones!!! My grammy and uncle Alex are visiting this weekend, so I'll have even more people to play with!


March in the new house

March 28th 2007 8:09 pm
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This last month was a doozie! I came home to Mom and Dad and my sister and brother kitties. At first I just slept, ate, played and pottied... they're trying to get me to potty in the same place... it's going OK. My favorite is when Momma drags herself out of bed every day at 6am, tries to feed us all, and stumbles out for a walk! I am always good on my walks and go on the left side, and I only try to herd Mom occasionally. I always try to herd the cats, though.
I sleep with Mom all night and with Dad all day, and life is good! Every time I walk I get a special peanut butter treat, handmade by Auntie Michelle. I love them! And I'm the only one that gets to eat them.
After Daddy wakes up, we walk and play together A LOT... he can hardly wear me out now that I'm growing up! I don't seem to be getting much bigger, but I'm just right for picking up, carrying around, and still smaller than the cats. At the vet two weeks ago I weighed 4.2 pounds.


Home at Last!

March 12th 2007 3:52 pm
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This weekend I came home and met my mom and dad! My mom came to get me with her friend Michelle (who has a very comfy neck to lay on). I was so excited when they took me out of my cardboard box and let me play with them in the car! It was a really long day, and I slept a lot. I was a good girl and when I got home, I went potty outside and even walked on my leash! Momma was so proud. I cried when Michelle left, but I realized Mom was still there and I would be OK. That night, I visited my grammy and grampy and their dog Buster! He is a mini-dachshund, and he was scared of me! I showed him, all right. I didn't growl or anything, but he's really submissive, so he mostly ran away from me and didn't want to play. That night I slept really well next to Mom and Dad on the bed. I was quiet and slept through the night. In the morning, I had lots of energy!
Later yesterday, I visited my auntie Heather and uncle Jeremy. Auntie Heather is a vet tech and she clipped my nails for the first time... they were like long talons that had never been trimmed. I barely noticed she was doing it, and it wasn't as bad as the other dogs say it is. I'm not scared of anything yet! I got to meet their dogs Quila and Henry... Henry was really excited and annoyed me a little. He's a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix and I think he was worried and wanted to make sure I was OK. Quila is a big beautiful collie and acted like SHE was my momma! We sat together and I know everyone thought I was cute, because I was only as big as her tail!!!
Yesterday I was really good the rest of the night, and I'm starting to let Mom and Dad lay me down belly-up. I guess they really are the alphas! I hope Mom takes me on a walk tonight. I usually sleep with Daddy all day, so when he gets up we're going to play a lot! Once I get used to my routine, it will be a lot better. I was kind of mad when Mom left me in the kennel to go to work, but I didn't realize Dad would be home in just an hour. Everything was OK after that. I don't make a lot of noise and I don't bark at all, but I cry sometimes when I can't see anyone in the room. My brother Guinness the cat comes and tells me it's OK, but he's just a cat, so I'm not sure I believe him yet.


Coming Soon...

March 6th 2007 5:25 pm
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Today I learned that my mom is coming to pick me up with a friend (probably!) on Saturday! I'm really excited because that person is my buddys' mom. She even knows how to make yummy dog treats! I'm going to try the peanut butter kind in my Kong when I get home. Only four days until I get to come home!!! The weather will be really nice, too. I can't wait to get my picture taken!!! Then you can see what I look like, and pick me out of my whole family.



March 2nd 2007 5:40 am
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Today, I saw lots and lots of snow. The first time I saw a lot of snow was just last week! I'm a winter baby, and it seems that since I've been born it's been very cold and snowy here. I hope the snow stops so I can go to my new mom and dad next weekend. And I know they'll have to shovel the balcony so I can go potty outside! See, I'm too small to make it all the way downstairs.

I just learned that I'm going on a trip soon after I arrive! I'm going to visit the cold and beautiful North Shore a week after I settle in with Mom and Dad. There'll be lots of new people to meet and a really big dog, and two more cats, too! I'm going to be getting used to those feline furballs, I suppose. But if they give me trouble... they'll have to watch out for my instincts!

I know that Mom is looking forward to the spring when she can walk me outside more easily. I hope it comes too, because I've never seen anything but winter!


Waiting... waiting...

February 27th 2007 2:12 pm
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We are going to pick up Kisa next Saturday, 10 March. We're going to drive about two hours and meet the breeder halfway; we are so excited to see her and get to know her personality! It's a little scary never meeting her before we adopt her, but I feel we can handle anything and I'm not too worried!

Last Sunday, we went to PetSmart to buy all her doggie supplies! I asked my husband which colors he thought we should buy, and surprisingly, he insisted on pink! He said she would be so cute, and that she was his little girl now. I think one of our cats, Mia, will be jealous! We got a pink lead leash, pink collar, pink retractable leash, doggie bone bowls, pink toys, chewy bones, and a wire kennel and soft sheepskin blankie and bone pillow. I hope she feels like her den is just perfect! I think I'm going to make a pink doggy polarfleece blanket to go over her cage at night and keep her warm and secure. It may be a tough first week, but we're going to give her all the love and support we can!

I've been reading "Puppies for Dummies" and learning about housebreaking, socializing, and training techniques. She will grow up with our two adult cats, Mia and Guinness, and will visit other family dogs (Buster, Quila, and Henry). I'm not too sure where we're going to find some children and babies, but perhaps there is a nearby park I can bring her to. I'll have to check the city regulations.

I can't wait until she gets grown-up enough to walk/jog with me! It'll be a while until her bone structure is OK, and then we'll go out! That's OK for now, because we have 13 inches of snow and another 6-12 coming this week. By the end of March, I think, it will be clear, and then I can wait for her.

I'm glad we came up with a good idea for housetraining... we're on the 2nd floor of an apartment. We are going to put pee pads on the balcony and have her do her business there, since it's a tiny, useless balcony, until she's big enough to make it downstairs! I think it will be better than newspaper indoor training, since it will be outside. I hope she understands!

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