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My first Halloween costume

October 15th 2007 9:52 pm
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Well diary, Summer time is over and it's time for something called "Halloween". I don't know what that is but guess what? Halloween means you have to wear something called a "costume". Mom says we are going to the Dachshund meet up this Sunday and all the Dachshunds are supposed to wear these things called "costumes". I am not a Dachshund but mom says she wants me and my brothers to wear our "costumes" too. Mom made us all try on our costumes, I am a "biker". I don't know what that is but I have this black jacket to wear and this thing that goes on my head called a "hat". OK, I don't mind the jacket, but that hat thing.......I don't like it one bit!! Mom was trying to take my picture but I kept taking that hat off, I think she was getting a little annoyed with me. It took a lot of treats but she finally got her picture and then she let me take that costume off. I hope she forgets to bring it to the meet up.......hee hee! It's time for bed Diary so good night and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone! JoJo


JoJo's First Vacation

August 31st 2007 3:58 pm
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Dear Diary, Yesterday I just got home from my first vacation. Mom and Dad said we're going camping, I didn't know what that was and I was kind of scared. So many new things have happened to me, some were nice things and some wern't so I didn't know what to think about "vacation" and "camping". Well it turned out to be not so bad except I had to be on a tie out, as dad called it. that means I had to be on this long leash all the time unless mom or dad took me walking on my regular leash. I went for lots and lots of walks in new places that I've never seen. One day mom took me and Toby up a lot of steps, mom said we are going to the top of a sand dune. It was a long long way up and a long way back down. Toby and me were really tired that night! Then one morning dad and mom took me and my three brothers for a boat ride, it was so much fun!! It was my very first time on a boat. Dad made the boat go FAST!! I tried to get up on the edge of the boat so I could sit there so when mom was looking the other way I started to climb up there, when she looked back and saw me she said I almost gave her heart failure. She jerked on my leash so hard I fell right off the seat. At night I had to sleep in my cage next to mom and dads camping bed, I had to share my cage with my brother Cory and he thought it was just his cage so he tried to make me get out. Mom and dad came in and straightened him out about that and we slept there fine the rest of the night. Before bedtime was a special time when mom and dad sat by this big fire and I sat on moms lap and she gave me hugs and I fell asleep. Speaking of sleep, I think I'll go see if it's bed time yet because I'm still tired from camping! good night diary..............JoJo


A Fun Weekend!

July 22nd 2007 6:22 pm
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I am really tired out tonight, I had a really fun weekend! Yesterday, on Saturday, our moms sister came over with her two doggies. They are my cousins and I finally got to meet them for the first time! Their names are Casey and Dante and I'm told by my brothers that they used to live here before I was adopted. Casey and I look a lot alike except I'm a little taller than him and he's a little darker than I am. It was fun having visitors to play with. We started our playdate by sniffing each other and then we all took turns going potty in the same spot. We had a barking contest to see who could bark the most and the loudest! Not sure who won. Then we did get around to running and playing and mom followed us all over the yard taking about a thousand pictures. Then a guy came over to work on the tv's and Casey and Dante helped us bark at him. He wouldn't come in the house until mom and dad made us go out side, he told dad he doesn't like dogs. WELL! Can you imagine? How can anyone not like us? We showed him! We kept sneaking back in the house when ever a door opened and we went right in there by him and barked our heads off! Mom and dad weren't happy with us. Today we got to go away with mom and dad in the car! We were all so excited because we thought we were going to our favorite dog park but this place was taking a long time to get to and we were getting restless. Finally we looked out the window and there were a lot of other cars and lots of people and DOGS! We were really excited then! There were 5 of us because mom and dad took our friend Tinker along. We got out of the car and got our leashes all tangled up together. When we were finally able to walk to the place where mom and dad were taking us we pulled and pulled because mom and dad are so slow and we just could hardly wait to see where we were going. We walked down..down.. down a long wooden walkway that lead to a lot of sand and a big big pond, lots bigger than the pond at the dog park. Mom said here we are, this is called a "Doggie Beach" . The pond had a name too, mom called it Lake Michigan. She took off our leashes and said "go ahead, you can go play". We had a lot of fun! There were a lot of dogs there to sniff, and we checked out the big pond but decided we didn't like the way the water chased us. We were looking at the water and all of a sudden it came right after us! Mom took us for two long walks down the beach, taking a million pictures of us, as usual. It's a really fun place, and guess what! Mom said we might get to go back next weekend! I can hardly wait. If you ever go to the Doggie Beach I think I should warn you, even though it's a fun place, be very careful of that's sneaky and it will run after you if you get too close! Well, I am very tired so I'm going to go see if mom and dad are ready for night nights. Good night Diary!


My First Grooming

May 31st 2007 9:45 am
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Hi Diary, I've been busy since the weather warmed up, we spend a lot of time at the dog park, that's my favorite place to go. We also went to a lake but that wasn't much fun because I had to have a thing called a tie out hooked to my collar and I couln't run around. Mom and dad took us for a walk in the woods though, I loved that! I really really love going for car rides, we almost always end up somewhere fun. But sometimes we end up at places that aren't so much fun, like the doctors office or like yesterday mom took us to a place called the groomers and dropped us off in the morning. Those people there made us have a bath and they cleaned our ears and cut our hair, now that is one place I don't care to go again. My brother Toby and I played a trick on mom when she came to pick us up. On the way to the car we both got our collars off, mom called us but we were busy sniffing things and wouldn't come. She told us she had treats but we knew that was a trick! She finally got us and she was not happy about what we did, but she gave us kisses and hugs anyway. That was the only fun part about going to the place called groomers. Well, that's about it diary, it's a nice day so I better go outside and bark at people walking by our fence, bye for now!


One Month In My New Home

March 30th 2007 9:40 am
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Well Diary, I have been in my new home for one month now. I've decided I like it here and I will stay. It is fun with my new brothers and my human sisters dogs Skyanne and Tinker. I love them all and we all play together but I think my favorite is Tinker and my other favorite is Toby. Tinker plays with me at the dog park and Toby lets me sleep next to him in the big bed. One night toby got off the bed and slept on the floor. I was worried about him being all alone so I slept on the floor with him. Mom woke up and was worried because Toby and I weren't in bed, she found us both on the floor and put us back in bed.
My favorite place to go is the dog park, we all love it there and mom and dad take us there a lot. They laugh at the way I run because I hop. I am learning how to run fast, fast, fast though, just like Toby! I love to run. I have met some nice friends at the dog park, one is a little white dog named Toby.
I like going shopping for dog food too because when mom pays for it, we get treats! I didn't like treats much when I first came here but I like Charlee bears now, and dried liver. I love cheese and sometimes I like bananas. We had some cake for Skyannes birthday but I didn't care for that so I let Toby have mine.
Mom took me, Sammy and Toby for a walk on our leashes. I never had to have a leash on before but mom said I did real good, even better than Sammy and toby because I didn't pull her, I just walked nice right by mom. She said she is very proud of me!
I like all the toys, we have lots of them! My favorite is still my rooster that I brought with me from my foster home. So....Diary, I am very happy and I am very loved, I am glad mom and dad picked me!
Love, Joey Jo


My First Week in My New Home

March 5th 2007 9:00 am
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Hi diary, well, today I have been in my new home for one whole week. Mom and dad were right I think, I am not very scared anymore! It was a busy week, on Friday we went to get my dog liscense and I got a shot in my back, mom said it's a micro chip. I didn't like that too well but I was a good boy. And on Saturday I got to go shopping for my own dog food! We went to a store, all of us, me and mom and Sammy, Toby and Cory and my human sister and her dog Tinker. Shopping is fun, there were lots of new things to smell and see. Mom said she was very proud of me for being so good. But Sunday was the specialest day of all! Mom and dad and my human sister took all of us to a place called a Dog Park. It was the funest thing I have ever done! First I had to go inside so mom and dad could help me join the park. I had to have a temperment test. I don't know what that is but mom said I passed it. then we went outside and there was a BIG BIG place to run and play! There were other dogs there too and I think they liked me. My human sister, Amy, brought her dog too and Tinker got to join the park with me. Tinker lives with my brothers and me so she is like my sister. I think Tinker is my favorite of all the dogs in our house. We play outside together everyday and I chase her all around the yard! This place called Dog Park is Way Way bigger than our yard so we ran and ran and ran! I have never been able to run so much in my life, it feels good to run! I accidently started following some other people and mom and dad kept calling me, I was kind of confused about who I was supposed to be following but Tinker saw me with the wrong people and came to get me, she is so nice to me. Oh, I almost forgot, I have decided to sleep in the big bed, I can get in bed all by myself and I sleep by my brothers. I've decided I don't want my own bed on the floor, it is nice in the big bed, it is warm and we get lots of hugs from mom and dad. Well diary, I have had a fun and exciting week, I am learning so many new things. I think maybe I will like it here after all!


My First Day In My New Home

February 27th 2007 7:41 am
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Hi Diary, I have been in my new home for 24 hours now. I am still scared and I get worried when someone tries to pick me up. I run away, I'm still so unsure about this whole adoption thing. I'm doing better though, my tail is wagging a lot more. I like going outside but I don't want to go alone. If my new brothers are going out I will go with them but if they don't want to then mom or dad has to go out with me. today I saw a squirrel and dad opened the door for me and I ran out and chased that squirrel away! I tried to climb the tree but I guess dogs can't do that like squirrels can. I will have to watch for that squirrel from now on. Mom and dad said they are so proud of me, I haven't had even one accident in the house, that's because my foster mom taught me that it is bad to go potty in the house. Where I used to live we always went potty in the house, I didn't know that it was a bad thing to do. I am learning so many new things. My new brothers are starting to be nice to me, Toby tried to play with me this morning but I'm still kind of scared and I don't feel like playing right now. Cory still takes things away from me but he does that to all our brothers so it's not just me, even he is starting to be nicer to me. Sammy is quiet but he isn't mean to me. I think he's a little sad because mom has another dog to pay attention to now. Mom is Sammys special human. Mom told him she loves all of us boys, and she still loves him as much as ever. Dad says I've come a long way in just 24 hours. My tail is not tucked between my legs so much and I know where the door is to go outside. I know if I jump up on the door mom or dad will open it for me. I still have a long way to go though, I haven't been eating very much and mom and dad are worried that I am too skinny already. I promise to work on that. Oh and I slept in the big bed with mom and dad and Sammy and Toby and Cory last night. I didn't want to, I kept getting down on the floor but mom kept picking me back up. I finally fell asleep with moms arms around me and I layed my head on her. They told me if I don't want to sleep in the big bed they will buy me a bed of my own and put it on the floor next to the big bed. They told me to try the big bed a few more times though. It's kind of nice here, I like the new mom and dad and I'm starting to like all my brothers but I'm still scared and I miss all my brothers and sisters from my old home. There are other people here too, my new human sister and her husband and their daughter live here too, they have a dog named Tinker. I kind of like Tinker. Skyanne lives here too, she is Tinkers sister. She doesn't pay much attention to me. Well diary, I think my brothers are taking a nap so I think I will join them.
Joey Jo


ADOPTED! 2/26/07

February 26th 2007 9:53 am
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Hello Diary, I was adopted today. I have only been in my new home for two hours. I am very scared. I don't know why I am here and where are the people I lived with since I was born. this is all so confusing. I don't know this new mom and dad. They are very nice to me and I think they really like me a lot. My new mom lets me sit on her lap and gives me lots of kisses. I have a new name, a new place to live, a new mom and dad, new brothers, there are 3 of them. Sammy Jo, Toby Jo and Cory. I don't think Cory likes me, he growls at me and doesn't want me to have any toys. Sammy and Toby are ok but where are all my brothers and sisters I used to live with? I miss them. My new mom and dad tell me not to be scared, everything will be alright. I want to believe them but everything is new and I'm so scared. Diary, do you think it's true? Do you think everything will be alright? Will I stop being scared? I better go now, there's more exploring to do.

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